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Action Alert

New Jersey: Urge Legislators to Protect Animal Cruelty Victims!

A critical bill (A-4840/S-3322) that would protect animal cruelty victims is pending in the New Jersey legislature. We need your voice to ensure this bill becomes law!

Please send a polite message to bill sponsor Assemblywoman Annette Quijano and Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin letting them know that you support this bill and ask them to post it in the Judiciary Committee on December 9th.


A-4840/S-3322 would create a Courtroom Animal Advocate Program (CAAP). CAAP laws allow advocates — supervised law students or volunteer lawyers — to advocate for dog and cat victims in criminal cruelty cases. Volunteers appear in court and assist the judge by drafting briefs, conducting research, gathering information from veterinarians, animal control officers, and law enforcement officials, and making recommendations on behalf of the animal victim’s interests. These laws are critical to giving abused animals a greater chance at justice.

In 2016, Connecticut passed a successful CAAP law. Let’s make New Jersey next!