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New Jersey: Protect Animals From Extreme Conditions In Motor Vehicles!

This action is for New Jersey residents only.

Every summer, as temperatures rise, so does the danger of companion animals dying because they are left in a hot car. Even though it is currently illegal to leave an animal unattended in a vehicle in New Jersey – if there is risk of injury or death – no one has the authority to intervene and immediately rescue the animal.

You can help change that.

Your voice is needed to urge your state legislators to support and co-sponsor A.4540/S1175. This lifesaving bill provides civil and criminal immunity to persons who in good faith enter a motor vehicle to rescue an animal if the person reasonably believes that the animal is in immediate danger.

The bill also requires that appropriate rescue personnel are contacted and a reasonable attempt to locate the owner or operator of the motor vehicle is made unless urgent circumstances make it too difficult to do so.

Please use the form below to send an email to your state legislators today to ask them to support and co-sponsor A.4540/S1175.

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