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Live animal markets refer to facilities where animals are both slaughtered and then sold direct-to-consumer onsite, regardless of size and number of species. A wide range of animals are killed in these markets—from farmed animals like chickens and goats to turtles and frogs.

Terrified and often confined to tiny, filthy cages, animals in live markets suffer terribly before they’re killed. But these markets aren’t only cruel, they’re a major threat to public health. Experts believe that COVID-19 likely originated at a live market in Wuhan, China.

To help protect animals and public health, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is working to develop comprehensive food and safety policies. But we need your help identifying the locations of live animal markets in the United States.

Use the submission form below to tell us about a live animal market in your community. Please do not include markets outside of the U.S.

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