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Florida: Urge Legislators to Protect Orcas in Captivity

This action is for Florida residents only.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is fighting for orcas suffering in captivity at marine amusement parks.

Held in tiny tanks and forced to perform for our entertainment – for an orca, life in captivity is no life at all. We’re working to make this generation of captive orcas the last.

Help make this goal a reality by sending a message to your state legislators urging them to support legislation to end the use of orcas for entertainment purposes, ensuring that those orcas already held in captivity would only be displayed for truly educational purposes, while prohibiting any future breeding or transferring any further orcas into or out of the state.

Protect Captive Orcas in Florida

If you’ve ever felt a sense of the great vastness of the ocean, it is truly to chilling to consider the life of a wild orca versus that of one in captivity.

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