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The Border Wall: Disastrous for Wildlife

September 14, 2017
The federal government wants to replace the San Diego border wall with a staggering 30-foot wall, threatening the lives of animals living in habitats that transverse the U.S.-Mexico border.

A Big Win in Our Battle Against Wildlife Services’ Tax-Funded Killing

August 21, 2017
Superior Court Judge Lydia Villarreal found in favor of a coalition of wildlife protection groups, including the Animal Legal Defense Fund, in its challenge to Monterey County, California’s contract renewal with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services.

Wildlife Services is a Taxpayer-Funded Killing Machine – We’ll See Them in Court

July 12, 2017
It’s time for Wildlife Services to either retire its program entirely or otherwise rely on science-based methods that take the well-being of animals and the environment into account.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Offers $5,000 Reward in Case of Bald Eagle Shot in Northwest Oregon

July 11, 2017
Bald eagles are protected under federal law and it is a violation of Oregon state law to hunt them.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Sues USDA for Denying Tony the Tiger is an “Individual” Protected by FOIA

July 11, 2017
The Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a lawsuit against the United States Department of Agriculture for refusing to recognize a captive tiger as an “individual” whose physical safety is at risk and refusing to expedite the organization’s public records request.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Puts Texas Canned Hunting Operations in the Cross Hairs

June 28, 2017
National Nonprofit Urges U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to Deny Permits to Hunting ‘Ranches’

Animal Legal Defense Fund Case for 57-Year-Old Elephant Heads to Trial

June 14, 2017
The San Antonio Zoo must now defend its treatment of Lucky in a full trial after federal judge denies zoo’s attempt to dismiss lawsuit.

World Oceans Day Highlights Lack of Protection for Sea Life

June 8, 2017
World Oceans Day, June 8th, is a global day to honor, help protect, and conserve the world’s oceans.

Act Now to Protect Animals in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuges

March 6, 2017
Alaska’s wildlife is under attack and we need you to be their voice.

Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Lawsuit Aims to Put an End to Coyote Killing Contest

January 31, 2017
Last week, the Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a complaint on behalf of a Wyoming resident in an attempt to stop an upcoming coyote-killing contest.

Defend the Endangered Species Act

January 23, 2017
Our mission to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system, as well as the very survival of entire animal species, depends on the continued strength of the ESA.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund Files Lawsuit to Advocate for Wildlife Welfare

May 18, 2016
In allowing hunting dogs to tear through the wild spaces of California beyond the control of hunters, the Fish & Game Commission has effectively authorized hunters to harass wildlife, which the law prohibits.

Mendocino County to Perform Environmental Study on Lethal Animal Program

April 21, 2016
County settles second lawsuit with animal protection coalition over controversial Wildlife Services program.

Freedom at Malheur

February 9, 2016
For the militia, freedom means using the public lands at Malheur and the surrounding area for ranching, logging and mining.

Despite Repeat Animal Welfare Violations, Dirk Arthur Show Proceeding at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

August 19, 2015
Animal Legal Defense Fund and local celebrity, Stephen Sorrentino, offer help to end use of big cats in Vegas magic act

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