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The Animal Legal Defense Fund Files Lawsuit to Advocate for Wildlife Welfare

May 18, 2016
In allowing hunting dogs to tear through the wild spaces of California beyond the control of hunters, the Fish & Game Commission has effectively authorized hunters to harass wildlife, which the law prohibits.

Mendocino County to Perform Environmental Study on Lethal Animal Program

April 21, 2016
County settles second lawsuit with animal protection coalition over controversial Wildlife Services program.

Freedom at Malheur

February 9, 2016
For the militia, freedom means using the public lands at Malheur and the surrounding area for ranching, logging and mining.

Despite Repeat Animal Welfare Violations, Dirk Arthur Show Proceeding at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino

August 19, 2015
Animal Legal Defense Fund and local celebrity, Stephen Sorrentino, offer help to end use of big cats in Vegas magic act

Government Documents Reveal That Killing Cormorants Won’t Help Columbia River Salmon

August 13, 2015
Despite findings, federal agency authorized killing more than 10,000 cormorants.

Hearing Tomorrow on Cricket Hollow Zoo License

August 5, 2015
Federal Court orders hearing on Animal Legal Defense Fund’s lawsuit under Endangered Species Act.

ALDF Petitions to Revoke Dental License of Cecil the Lion’s Killer

August 5, 2015
Animal Legal Defense Fund files complaint seeking Minnesota board of dentistry investigation of Walter James Palmer.

Mendocino County Renews Controversial Contract with Wildlife-Killing Program

June 17, 2015
County will pay wildlife services to kill millions of wild animals each year.

Students Speak Up for Tony the Tiger

May 8, 2015
Animal lawyers aren’t the only ones roaring about cruelty to captive animals like Tony the tiger. Kids care too.

5 Reasons to Eat for the Planet This Earth Day, 2015

April 22, 2015
Here are five reasons all animal lovers should eat for the planet, starting today.

Lawsuit Filed to Stop Cormorant Slaughter By Federal Agencies

April 20, 2015
Thousands of native birds blamed for salmon declines caused by Corps’ mismanagement of the hydropower system.

Mendocino County Suspends Contract with Rogue Federal Wildlife-Killing Program

April 13, 2015
County will review tactics of Wildlife Services, which kills millions of wild animals annually.

Breeding Facility Forces Illegal, Gruesome Surgeries on Pregnant Monkeys at Florida Compound

April 2, 2015
In experiments that sound straight out of the dark ages, Hendry County, Florida’s Primate Products, a monkey-breeding facility supposed to be restricted to breeding monkeys, has instead been performing crude surgeries on pregnant animals for profit.

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