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The Animal Legal Defense Fund Calls on OSHA and USDA to Impose Maximum Penalties in Palm Beach Zookeeper’s Death

April 15, 2016
Death could have been prevented with appropriate safety measures.

Animal Protection Groups Urge Dirk Arthur to Retire Big Cats From Las Vegas Magic Show

March 29, 2016
The Animal Legal Defense Fund and Keepers of the Wild Sanctuary offer assistance in rehoming big cats.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Sues Animaland Zoological Park Over Endangered Species Act Violations

March 9, 2016
Lawsuit also charges neglect under state regulations.

ALDF Scores First Victory in an Endangered Species Act Lawsuit on Behalf of Endangered Animals in Captivity

February 11, 2016
Sets precedent for captive endangered animals around the country.

Legally Brief: Exotic Animals and the Law

December 14, 2015
States that do not set even minimal safety and animal welfare requirements for private ownership of captive wild animals are playing a dangerous game that too often results in tragedy both for the animals and for people.

Animal Protection Groups and Sanctuaries Challenge Zoning Permit for Pahrump Tiger Exhibitor

November 23, 2015
Illegal exhibition of tigers at Big Cat Encounters makes permit issuance legally improper.

ALDF Praises County Commission Unanimous Approval of Exotic Animal Ordinance

November 18, 2015
Ordinance balances needs of responsible exotics owners and public safety.

Cricket Hollow Zoo License Suspended

July 2, 2015
ALDF has learned that the United States Department of Agriculture has suspended the Cricket Hollow Zoo’s license to operate.

Students Speak Up for Tony the Tiger

May 8, 2015
Animal lawyers aren’t the only ones roaring about cruelty to captive animals like Tony the tiger. Kids care too.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Files Lawsuit against Louisiana for Violating State Constitution with New Tony the Truck Stop Tiger Law

June 25, 2014
Governor Jindal’s signature on SB 250 draws national controversy and courtroom showdown.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Sues Iowa Zoo over Endangered Species Act Violations

June 11, 2014
Manchester’s cricket hollow zoo faces lawsuit over cruel, illegal conditions.

Louisiana House Passes Bill to Keep Tony the Tiger Captive

May 30, 2014
On May 30, 2014 the Louisiana House passed SB 250, a bill that subverts the intent of a 2006 state law prohibiting the importation and possession of big exotic cats.

Legally Brief: ALDF’s Case to Free Tony the Tiger

May 22, 2014
Playing fast and loose with the law is unacceptable, no matter how deep your pockets or how tight your political connections.

OSHA Enforces Against G.W. Exotic Animal Park After Animal Legal Defense Fund Complaint

April 24, 2014
Federal agency fines Oklahoma animal park for violation of worker safety laws.

Truck Stop Tiger Could Be Denied Legal Protections with New Louisiana Bill

April 22, 2014
Special exemption would keep tiger at Gross Tete truck stop; advocates urge immediate action.

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