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Appellate Court Rules University of Wisconsin Must Disclose Public Records Related to Invasive Primate Studies

October 24, 2017
These controversial experiments terrorize baby monkeys by exposing them to stressors like snakes and threatening human strangers.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund Files First Brief in “MonkeyGate” Appeal

March 3, 2017
Standing for Government Transparency and Animal Protection

Animal Legal Defense Fund to Appeal “Monkeygate” Ruling

August 8, 2016
Animal group alleges Hendry County violated procedure in approving breeding facilities.

ALDF Case Challenging Hendry County’s Approval of Primate Breeding Facilities Going to Trial

January 13, 2016
Trial will determine legality of closed-door approval process for facilities.

UW-Madison Evasion Hides Public Records and Details of Infant Monkey Experiments

November 16, 2015
Today, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) filed its final brief in support of its motion for summary judgment in a case that has pitted animal welfare and public records advocates against the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW).

Animal Legal Defense Fund Calls on the USDA to Protect the Psychological Wellbeing of Primates

September 1, 2015
Animal Legal Defense Fund alleges that the USDA has failed to protect primates under the Animal Welfare Act.

Primate Breeding Facility Failing to Provide Proper Veterinary Care

July 16, 2015
Animal Legal Defense Fund files complaint against Primate Products for veterinary misconduct.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Amends Lawsuit after County Approved Second Monkey Breeding Facility in Violation of State Law

May 28, 2015
Facility for monkeys known to carry Ebola, other diseases approved in violation of state public accountability law.

Mobile Billboard Protests Controversial, Secretive “Terror Tests” On Baby Monkeys

May 11, 2015
Animal protection groups send billboard through Madison to raise awareness of University of Wisconsin’s archaic, cruel experiments.

Breeding Facility Forces Illegal, Gruesome Surgeries on Pregnant Monkeys at Florida Compound

April 2, 2015
In experiments that sound straight out of the dark ages, Hendry County, Florida’s Primate Products, a monkey-breeding facility supposed to be restricted to breeding monkeys, has instead been performing crude surgeries on pregnant animals for profit.

ALDF Sues University of Wisconsin over “Maternal Deprivation” Experiments on Baby Monkeys

October 14, 2014
Animal protection group asks court to compel university to share public records on controversial, taxpayer-funded primate studies.

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