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Legally Brief: Protecting Pets from Domestic Violence

December 30, 2014
Last week, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed SB 177 into law, which authorizes judges to include companion animals in orders of protection from domestic violence.

Legally Brief: Legal Victories for Animals in 2014

December 19, 2014
The Animal Legal Defense Fund has helped to achieve victories in some tough legal battles for animals this year, which wouldn’t have been possible without our members and supporters.

Legally Brief: NYC Considers Ban on Carriage Horse Industry

December 8, 2014
In his first year in office, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is making good on his campaign promise to ban NYC’s horse-drawn carriages.

Legally Brief: Ban Coyote Killing Contests

November 7, 2014
Is it really any wonder that our planet has lost nearly 50% of its wildlife in just the last 45 years?

Legally Brief: Animal Law Conference

October 21, 2014
Last weekend, ALDF and the Center for Animal Law Studies hosted the 22nd annual Animal Law Conference.

Legally Brief: FBI Takes Animal Cruelty Seriously

September 25, 2014
At the Animal Legal Defense Fund, we are often asked for statistics about animal cruelty crimes, which for too long have been unavailable until now.

Caught in the Trap: LA Bans Snare and Body Gripping Traps

September 11, 2014
Every year, millions of animals like coyotes, wolves, mountain lions, bobcats, and beavers are caught by trappers in the U.S.

Legally Brief: A Step Toward Victory in Idaho Ag Gag Case

September 4, 2014
Tremendous news today in one of the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s most important lawsuits!

Legally Brief: Animal Bill of Rights

July 3, 2014
Each Fourth of July in the United States, we celebrate our freedom and our independence, our legal “rights” are a point of pride.

Legally Brief: the U.S. Must Ban Cosmetic Testing on Animals

June 5, 2014
Some good news may be coming for animals! The Humane Cosmetics Act was just introduced by Congressman Jim Moran.

Legally Brief: ALDF’s Case to Free Tony the Tiger

May 22, 2014
Playing fast and loose with the law is unacceptable, no matter how deep your pockets or how tight your political connections.

A United Front against Ag Gag

May 8, 2014
What issue holds the power to unite a coalition as broad ranging as animal protection organizations, labor unions, civil rights groups, national journalism syndicates, and environmental watchdogs?

Every Animal Matters: the 4th National Animal Cruelty Prosecution Conference

April 24, 2014
The Animal Legal Defense Fund is proud to be the exclusive sponsor of the 4th National Animal Cruelty Prosecution Conference.

Building Bridges: Animals, the Environment, and Fighting Climate Change

April 10, 2014
Animal agriculture is harming our planet. The fact is, our industrial-scale consumption of animals is one of the leading contributors to climate change.

Legally Brief: Felony Laws are a Victory for Animals

March 27, 2014
Felony penalties play a crucial role in the criminal justice system when it comes to fighting animal abuse.

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