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Landmark “Ag Gag” Lawsuit Fights Threat to Freedom of Speech

July 21, 2013
In Salt Lake City, the Animal Legal Defense Fund and PETA are filing an historic lawsuit that challenges the constitutionality of “ag gag” laws.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Sues Cal Expo and University of California for Mistreating Pigs at State Fair

July 18, 2013
Illegal Confinement of Farrowing Pigs without Adequate Exercise Triggers Lawsuit

U.S. Horse Slaughter Rears its Ugly Head

June 28, 2013
It is with great disappointment we learned today that the USDA has issued a permit for a Horse Slaughter plant to open in Roswell, New Mexico––with permits for two more plants in Missouri & Iowa apparently to follow next week.

Humane Standing: A Step Forward in Case against Hudson Valley Foie Gras

June 26, 2013
Yesterday, the Animal Legal Defense Fund achieved another victory moving forward in our case against Hudson Valley Foie Gras—the largest remaining U.S. producer of force-fed foie gras.

Ag Gag Legislation Exposed

March 7, 2012

She is nameless. Only a yellow plastic tag piercing her ear identifies her as "5489." A dairy farm worker brutally hits her over the head with a metal pipe. Then…

California Residents: Adoptive Homes Needed for Chickens Left to Starve

February 24, 2012

An estimated 50,000 chickens were found starving on a Stanislaus County farm after they were left without feed for over two weeks. Homes are needed for surviving hens, who will…

Advocating for Animal-Free Options in School Meal Programs

April 27, 2011
The Animal Legal Defense Fund files comments regarding the USDA's proposed modifications to the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program which intend to offer healthier food choices to our nation's children.

Want to Help Lower the Costs of Healthcare In This Country?

March 22, 2010
Adopt a vegan/vegetarian diet.

Planting Seeds

December 7, 2009
Just a short while ago, we gathered with loved ones to celebrate Thanksgiving. In commemoration of this holiday, my daughter's kindergarten class had a collaborative soup day where each child brought in a vegetable that they then prepared and added to a class soup pot.

Putting An End To Tail Docking In California and Illinois

March 25, 2009
There is a little-known practice in the dairy industry called "tail docking." According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), tail docking is a procedure by which a dairy cow's tail is either removed or partially removed.

A Dangerous Season for Horses

October 30, 2008

Horses and livestock haven’t had an easy year. Last year, as gas prices soared to record level highs, reports of animals starving because their owners could no longer afford high…

Down on the Farm

May 12, 2008

Last weekend I had the privilege of going to Farm Sanctuary’s Country Hoe Down at its Orland, California sanctuary. The Hoe Down is an annual event at which participants have…

Petting Pigs & Brushing Bellies

April 23, 2008

Mending fences and scratching pig bellies were just a couple of the activities University of Florida law students participated in at Rooterville, a pot-bellied pig sanctuary in Florida. Members of…

Easter Is No Fun for Rabbits

March 19, 2008

Here comes Peter Cottontail Hoppin’ down the bunny trail Hippity hoppin’ Easter’s on its way ― Steve Nelson & Jack Rollins Yes, Easter is just around the corner, bringing with…

Our Holiday Party Is Better Than Your Holiday Party

December 24, 2007

ALDF recently had our office holiday party, and the standard warnings (don’t snag the Secret Santa gift your boss has her eye on; don’t keep hitting the eggnog ’til you’re…

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