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The Animal Legal Defense Fund Mourns Candy the Chimp’s Death

April 21, 2017
Candy is well known as ‘the loneliest chimp in the world’

Landmark Lawsuit Filed to Free Candy the Chimpanzee from Decades-Long Solitary Confinement at Louisiana Amusement Park

November 17, 2015
Park violating Endangered Species Act by isolating and neglecting endangered chimp.

Court of Appeals Upholds Citizens’ Right to Challenge Animal Cruelty

July 8, 2015
North Carolina court revives lawsuit against inhumane roadside zoo.

ALDF Opens New Frontier for Animal Personhood as Scientists Create Human-Animal Chimeras

May 15, 2015
What are the legal implications for splicing human cells into nonhuman animals?

Advancing the Law for Great Apes: Legal Personhood

April 29, 2015
On April 20, animal law made an historic leap forward with the case of two chimpanzees, Hercules and Leo, who are being held captive for use in experiments by Stony Brook University.

Rest in Peace, Archie

January 15, 2015
The responsibility for Archie's death lies with those who held him captive, but still the questions linger.

Is a Chimpanzee Entitled to Legal Rights?

December 2, 2013
The legal vehicle Wise and the Nonhuman Rights Project have chosen is a petition filed today with a New York court, demanding the issuance of a writ of habeas corpus for Tommy, a chimpanzee detained "in solitary confinement in a small, dank, cement cage in a cavernous dark shed…"

ALDF Encourages FWS to Build on Progress of Chimpanzees Rights

August 19, 2013
In June, we shared the momentous news that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) had reversed its stance on the practice of “split listing” chimpanzees under the Endangered Species Act.

NIH to “Substantially Reduce” Research on Captive Chimpanzees

June 26, 2013
Today, the National Institutes of Health announced its intention to substantially reduce the use of chimpanzees in NIH-funded biomedical research and to designate for retirement most of the chimpanzees it currently owns or supports.

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