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This Land is Our Land – Not Militant Ranchers’

February 1, 2016
The group that is currently occupying a national wildlife refuge is part of an industry that causes the destruction of wilderness and the slaughter of native wildlife – all in the name of profit.

Victory: Dangerous and Cruel Bull Run Vows Never to Return to California

March 10, 2015
'The Great Bull Run' settles animal-protection groups' lawsuit alleging violation of California laws.

Animal Groups Sue California Rodeo Salinas for Underreporting Animal Injuries

December 17, 2014
Animal groups document severe animal suffering, legal violations at Salinas rodeo.

Canceled: Dangerous and Illegal California Great Bull Run

July 31, 2014
L.A. County Fire Department refuses to grant permit; advocates warn of ongoing injuries, cruelty during such events.

Demand Labeling to Prevent Superbug Crisis

July 14, 2014
Did you know that nearly 80% of the antibiotics sold in the U.S. go to animals on factory farms before they’re even sick?

Court Says Okay to Proceed with Animal Legal Defense Fund, PETA Lawsuit to Stop Illegal California Bull Runs

June 9, 2014
Animal protection groups call bull on dangerous and cruel “extreme sporting” events.

Love animals? Volunteer at a Sanctuary!

June 3, 2014
Do you like spending time with rescued animals? Volunteer at a farmed animal sanctuary!

Animal Legal Defense Fund, PETA Sue to Stop Dangerous and Illegal California Great Bull Runs

March 13, 2014
Animal groups warn of ongoing injuries, cruelty during “extreme sporting” events.

The Great Bull Run in Texas Was Exactly What I Expected

February 7, 2014
I attended the Great Bull Run in Baytown, Texas, on Saturday, January 25, because I wanted to be a witness to the event and the treatment of the bulls. What I saw was exactly what I expected: people scaring animals for their own entertainment.

Veterinary Association Supports Meat and Dairy Producers Drugging Confined Farmed Animals

January 17, 2014
The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is lobbying for continued use of antibiotics on farmed animals who are not yet sick.

Why Local Activists Protest the Great Bull Run

December 26, 2013
As the cruelty of the Pamplona, Spain bull run has become more contentious, two American lawyers, Rob Dickens and Brad Scudder have brought the bull run to America.

Advocates Stand Up for Animals in Landmark “Ag Gag” Lawsuit

December 10, 2013
Today, national nonprofits ALDF and PETA filed a response to the state of Utah’s motion to dismiss the landmark "ag gag" lawsuit filed earlier this summer in the U.S. District Court of Utah.

Showdown with Animal Advocates over Texas Bull Run

December 3, 2013
Today, the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) called on Chambers County Judge Jimmy Sylvia to prohibit a "running of the bulls" event scheduled for this Saturday, December 7, at the Royal Purple Raceway.

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