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Hawaii Poised to Become the First State to Ban Wild Animal Entertainment Acts

May 12, 2015
Could Hawaii the first state in the U.S. to effectively ban wild animal entertainment acts?

Ringling to Phase Out Circus Elephants!

March 5, 2015
On March 5, 2015, we all woke up to historic news that may not have been believable had it not been reported on virtually every major news network across the United States: Ringling Bros. announced that it is finally eliminating the use of elephants from its circus by 2018.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Warns Iowa Zoo over Endangered Species Act Violations

March 6, 2014
Manchester’s Cricket Hollow Zoo could face lawsuit over cruel, illegal conditions.

ALDF Calls For Shut Down of North Carolina’s Horrific Roadside Zoos

February 3, 2014
Federal Inspection Records Expose Tar-Heel State’s Law-Breaking Animal Exhibitor

Animals Were Harmed – the Suffering of Animals Who Entertain Us

January 3, 2014
The entertainment industry makes a lot of money displaying animals for our amusement. That’s why animals appear regularly in movies, commercials, amusement parks, even remote truck stops or pitiful roadside zoos.

Why Local Activists Protest the Great Bull Run

December 26, 2013
As the cruelty of the Pamplona, Spain bull run has become more contentious, two American lawyers, Rob Dickens and Brad Scudder have brought the bull run to America.

Look, Don’t Touch

October 25, 2013
Dozens of facilities across the United States advertise what seems like a fun and harmless activity: allow members of the public, including children, to handle and play with exotic animals.

Ban LA Elephant Bullhooks!

October 22, 2013
On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, the Los Angeles City Council will be voting on a recommendation to ban the use of sharp, steel bullhooks, and other repugnant devices on elephants in any public performance.

Animal Legal Defense Fund calls for Cancellation of Unlawful Georgia Bull Run

October 10, 2013
Today, the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund sent formal letters and a white paper to Georgia officials, calling for the prohibition of a running of the bulls event at the Georgia International Horse Park by the Great Bull Run Company.

Blackfish: The Movie SeaWorld Doesn’t Want You to See

July 26, 2013

Sign up now to follow ALDF’s work fighting for justice for these innocent orcas! Many people look back on their childhood and remember places like SeaWorld with fondness. They think…

USDA Seeks to Revoke License of Notoriously Cruel Jambbas Ranch

June 24, 2013
Action Follows Lawsuit by PETA, ALDF Against Agency for Rubberstamping Animal Exhibitor's License-Renewal Applications

Victory in ALDF’s Tony the Tiger Case!

April 26, 2013

Yesterday the Louisiana Court of Appeal issued its long-awaited opinion in Animal Legal Defense Fund v. State of Louisiana, holding that Michael Sandlin is ineligible for a permit to confine…

The Chilling Effect of Ag Gag, a Roar for Tony, and Lolita Making a Splash at Last!

April 26, 2013

This Just In… The Animal Legal Defense Fund had a great week in our fight to protect the lives and advance the interest of animals! On April 24, 2013 the…

Feds Grant Approval for Legal Efforts to Free Lolita to Proceed

April 25, 2013

For immediate release Contact:Lisa Franzetta, Animal Legal Defense FundDavid Perle, PETA Miami — The National Marine Fisheries Service has found that the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), PETA, and the…

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