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Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Upholds State’s Right to Protect Ducks from Cruelty of Foie Gras

September 15, 2017
In a monumental victory for ducks, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals revived the state’s landmark law banning the sale of foie gras.

Victory for Wild Horses: Another Chance for Devil’s Garden

August 28, 2017
A lawsuit by the Animal Legal Defense Fund has blocked the federal government’s plan to remove protections for the wild horses in Devil’s Garden.

Tell the USDA to stop rubber-stamping Animal Welfare Act licenses

August 24, 2017
The USDA is considering changes to the way it grants Animal Welfare Act (AWA) licenses, and now you have the opportunity to weigh in on the issue.

Oregon Becomes 11th State to Pass “Good Samaritan Law” to Protect Dogs Left in Hot Cars

August 23, 2017
The new law provides that anyone may enter a motor vehicle to remove an unattended child or domestic animal as long as certain requirements are met.

A Big Win in Our Battle Against Wildlife Services’ Tax-Funded Killing

August 21, 2017
Superior Court Judge Lydia Villarreal found in favor of a coalition of wildlife protection groups, including the Animal Legal Defense Fund, in its challenge to Monterey County, California’s contract renewal with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services.

Animal Coalition Pledges to Appeal Dismissal of USDA Animal Welfare Blackout Lawsuit

August 15, 2017
The lawsuit charges that the USDA’s removal of tens of thousands of animal welfare records violates both the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Administrative Procedure Act (APA).

Is SeaWorld Secretly Fighting to Protect an Orca Breeding Program?

July 28, 2017
Representative Altman backtracks on support for Florida Orca Protection Act.

Prince Edward Island Jumps to Top Spot as Canada’s Best Province for Animal Protection Laws

July 17, 2017
The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s annual study ranks laws across the US and Canada.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Offers $5,000 Reward in Case of Bald Eagle Shot in Northwest Oregon

July 11, 2017
Bald eagles are protected under federal law and it is a violation of Oregon state law to hunt them.

Los Angeles: Help Us Ban Exploitation of Animals for Entertainment

April 20, 2017
The Animal Legal Defense Fund is urging Los Angeles City residents to speak up in support of a new ordinance.

Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Response to the USDA Removing Online Animal Welfare Reports

February 6, 2017
Revoking longstanding means of public access to these documents makes it more difficult, time-consuming and expensive for the public and animal protection groups to track compliance with federal law or to become aware of serious and repeat offenders.

Wins for Animal Protection in the 2016 Election

November 15, 2016
While much of the nation’s focus has been riveted on the outcome of the recent election, voters in a handful of states also decided important ballot measures related to animal protection last week.

Animal Legal Defense Fund Proposes Clarifications to Strengthen Federal Animal Welfare Act

July 19, 2016
Animal Legal Defense Fund submits petition for rulemaking to the USDA proposing amendments to the AWA.

Hormel Sued for Deceptive & Misleading Advertising of So-called ‘Natural’ Products

June 30, 2016
A coalition has filed a joint lawsuit in the District of Columbia Superior Court against Hormel Foods, alleging the company is misleading consumers through the advertising of its Natural Choice® brand of lunchmeats and bacon.

2015 Canadian Animal Protection Laws Rankings

July 7, 2015
A new in-depth study released by the Animal Legal Defense Fund confirms the wide range of disparity that currently exists across the country in terms of provincial and territorial animal protection legislation.

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