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Idaho’s New Felony Animal Cruelty Law Lacks Teeth

April 18, 2012

On April 3, 2012, Governor Otter signed S 1303 to create Idaho’s first felony animal cruelty law. The new law makes Idaho the 48th state to establish a felony animal…

Missouri Rep. McCreery Offers Legislative Counter-Attack to So-Called “Ag Gag” Laws

April 18, 2012
First-of-its-Kind Legislative Strike Against Laws that Chill Whistleblowing on Farms

A Volunteer’s Agenda

April 9, 2012

I recently began volunteering at the local animal shelter as a dog walker/trainer. My friends and family have praised me with thoughtfulness and compliments of which I have completely denied.…

Buying the Right to Abuse Animals

March 26, 2012

By now there is no serious dispute that producing foie gras, a delicacy only the uber-rich normally eat, equals animal cruelty. In order to produce foie gras, factory farm workers…

Bill of Rights for Dolphins, Porpoises, and Whales Proposed

March 23, 2012

Because dolphins, porpoises, and whales are so intelligent and should be regarded as "non-human persons," a group of scientists, ethicists, and animal welfare groups has proposed a bill of rights…

ALDF’s Million Member Facebook Cause Challenge

March 20, 2012

ALDF’s Official Facebook Cause, Abuse an Animal, Go to Jail!, is almost one million members strong! We are just 5,000 members away from reaching this important milestone. Abuse an Animal,…

Protect Your Food from Corporate Greed

February 27, 2012

Food safety risks, animal abuse, and illegal working conditions are rampant on factory farms, and the corporate agriculture lobby is attempting to pass so-called "ag gag" laws–laws which would make…

Share Your Rescue Story

February 22, 2012

Today’s daily action for National Justice for Animals Week is: share your rescue story. The Animal Legal Defense Fund is delighted to have Teagan as the mascot of our 2012…

Don’t Just Read the News — Make It!

February 21, 2012

Today’s daily action for National Justice for Animals Week is: don’t just read the news – make it! Letters to the editor are short by design, and one of the…

Thousands Say a Last Goodbye, Good Riddance, to Horse Diving in Atlantic City

February 17, 2012

Atlantic City’s Steel Pier recently came under heavy fire for plans to revive its famous diving horse show. The show, which ran from the 1920s through the 1970s, involved forcing…

Good Samaritans Rescue Hibernating Snakes

February 15, 2012

Chris Kubic, a high school social studies teacher, and his wife, Jennifer, recently noticed construction going on at a decommissioned nuclear power plant in Lake County, Illinois. Kubic, who is…

“Beefing Up” Compassion

January 30, 2012
I consider myself a compassionate person. Yet, I know that there are situations in which I have let myself and others down, where the limits of my compassion have been reached. With that knowledge, I'm working on enlarging and strengthening my own compassion.

California: Protect Homeless and Lost Animals

January 25, 2012

In an attempt to reduce California’s deficit, Governor Brown has proposed a substantial weakening of the Hayden Act, including sections that require shelters to care for homeless and lost companion…

World’s Youngest Animal Lawyer?

January 10, 2012

I just got back from Washington D.C. and a productive visit at the 2012 Association of American Law Schools (AALS) Annual Meeting. For those of you unfamiliar, the AALS is…

Fur Is As Cruel As Ever

December 29, 2011

December in New York City and the winter is nothing like I remember growing up here as a kid. It’s not even that cold at the moment! Although winter jackets…

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