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Freedom of speech is an integral part of protecting animals. Check out our feature on ag gag for an overview of the issue.

Ag-Gag: Outlawing Voices Who Speak for the Voiceless

February 2, 2016
Agribusiness leaders want to hide the suffering of the animals they kill and of the workers who kill and butcher them.

Coalition Sues North Carolina over Constitutionality of ‘Anti-Sunshine’ Law

January 13, 2016
Law challenged on First Amendment, Equal Protection, Due Process Grounds.

Court Enjoins Enforcement of Unconstitutional Ag-Gag Law

November 12, 2015
Today Judge B. Lynn Winmill issued the final judgment declaring Idaho’s Ag-Gag law unconstitutional and enjoining the state from enforcing the law.

Idaho “Ag-Gag” Law Ruled Unconstitutional in Federal Court

August 3, 2015
Victory for animals: District Court rules anti-whistleblower law violates U.S. Constitution.

Hearing in Public Interest Coalition’s Constitutional Challenge to Idaho’s Controversial “Ag Gag” Law

April 27, 2015
Advocates ask court for judgment in suit against law that silences industry whistle-blowers.

Legally Brief: 5 Ways ALDF Is Challenging Factory Farming of Animals

April 23, 2015
Here are 5 ways the Animal Legal Defense Fund is challenging factory farming’s free ride:

Save the Date for Speak Out for Farmed Animals Week!

February 17, 2015
March 29 - April 4, 2015, is the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s first annual Speak Out for Farmed Animals Week!

Public Interest Coalition Asks Court for Judgment in Lawsuit Challenging Idaho’s Controversial “Ag Gag” Law

November 18, 2014
Coalition presents constitutional challenge to law that silences industry whistle-blowers.

The Role of Journalists in Protecting Animals: Interview with Will Potter

November 4, 2014
ALDF sat down with award-winning investigative journalist and author Will Potter recently at the 2014 Animal Law Conference.

Legally Brief: A Step Toward Victory in Idaho Ag Gag Case

September 4, 2014
Tremendous news today in one of the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s most important lawsuits!

Court Rules in Favor of Public Interest Coalition, Denies Idaho’s Motion to Dismiss Ag Gag Lawsuit

September 4, 2014
Case moves forward to challenge state law that silences factory farm whistle-blowers.

Animal Groups in Court to Oppose Utah’s Motion to Dismiss Ag Gag Lawsuit

August 6, 2014
Groups challenge constitutionality of state law targeting factory farm whistle-blowers.

Heroes and Criminals: Reporting Animal Abuse in 2014

July 3, 2014
Two boys, ages 12 and 17, watched their neighbor from their second story window bludgeon a defenseless cocker spaniel with a pipe-like object.

Public Interest Coalition to Oppose Idaho’s Motion to Dimiss Ag Gag Lawsuit

June 24, 2014
Groups in court to challenge state law targeting factory farm whistle-blowers.

A United Front against Ag Gag

May 8, 2014
What issue holds the power to unite a coalition as broad ranging as animal protection organizations, labor unions, civil rights groups, national journalism syndicates, and environmental watchdogs?

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