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California: Urge Your Senator to Vote Yes on AB 485

September 5, 2017
AB 485 would require that all cats, dogs, and rabbits sold in stores come from rescue organizations, not commercial breeding facilities.

Stop a New Ag-Gag Bill – Contact the Arkansas Tourism Bureau

March 14, 2017
National Action: Tell the Arkansas tourism bureau you won't be visiting their state if the Ag-Gag law passes.

Arkansas Residents: Stop the Ag-Gag Bill

March 7, 2017
Arkansas Residents: Contact your state senators to stop a proposed new Ag-Gag bill.

Act Now to Protect Animals in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuges

March 6, 2017
Alaska’s wildlife is under attack and we need you to be their voice.

Act Now to Fight a Dangerous Bill Pushed by Dairy Industry

February 27, 2017
We need your help to defeat a dangerous new bill in the U.S. Senate.

Californians: Permanently End Cruel Pig Exhibition at the California State Fair

February 9, 2017
The Animal Legal Defense Fund needs California residents' help to end the cruel exhibition of pregnant and nursing pigs in farrowing crates at the California State Fair.

We Stand Against Senseless Cownose Ray Killing Contest in Chesapeake Bay

January 30, 2017
Marylanders should urge their legislators cosponsor bills HB 211 and SB 268 and ban cownose ray killing contests in Maryland once and for all.

Defend the Endangered Species Act

January 23, 2017
Our mission to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through the legal system, as well as the very survival of entire animal species, depends on the continued strength of the ESA.

Sign Now: Tell the SEC to Stop Tyson Foods’ Lies

January 9, 2017
We’re working hard to hold Tyson accountable and we need your help as we urge the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to expedite their investigation of Tyson’s deceptions.

Take Action: Help Stop 2 Coyote Killing Contests on Federal Land

January 4, 2017
We need your help today to stop two massive coyote killing contests, one of which is scheduled for this Saturday. These two contests are set to take place in Wyoming, partially on federal property, and they don’t have the necessary permits for these killing sprees.

Dogs and Cats Need You-Take Action Today

December 15, 2016

Not all animals have homes for the holidays. In fact, in some places, there aren’t even shelters to help animals looking for home. The Animal Legal Defense Fund needs your…

Michigan: Wolves Need Your Quick Action Today

December 15, 2016
Actively ignoring the will of the people, the Michigan Senate passed SB 1187, which would label wolves as a game species to be hunted and trapped. Michigan residents: urge Governor Rick Snyder to veto Senate Bill 1187 in the almost certain event it passes the Michigan House.

Attention Michigan: A Call to Save Michigan’s Wolves

December 7, 2016
The Animal Legal Defense Fund urges Michigan residents to take action once again to save the state’s wolves.

Attention New Mexico: Urge Santa Fe County Commissioners to Restrict Trapping on Federal Public Lands

November 22, 2016
UPDATE: Victory! Thanks to advocates' great efforts - the County Commission unanimously adopted the resolution pledging the County’s help in restricting cruel and indiscriminate trapping on federal public lands.

Call to Keep Gray Wolf Protections in Place

December 4, 2013
We need your help to protect gray wolves today!

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