Confronting Animal Neglect – An ALDF Report on Current Law and Future Possibilities

By Stephan Otto, ALDF Director of Legislative Affairs

One of the principle dangers facing animals in America today is neglect. According to ALDF’s National Cruelty Case Database, “neglect” is among the most common forms of animal abuse reported. Whether it is a case involving a single animal or one involving dozens or even hundreds of animals, the net effect of such abuse on each individual animal is often staggering and irreparable. While cases of sadistic cruelty to animals often snag the headlines, the suffering of the neglected animal deprived of the most basic care–shelter from the elements, food, even water–can be even more appalling.

ALDF has issued a report reviewing the status of the laws of each state in the country by chronicling both their statutes and caselaw as they relate to animal neglect. The report then makes recommendations of statutory options that have the potential for reducing the tragic incidence of neglect in the future.

Download a copy of the report here. (PDF)

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