SALDF Project Ideas

SALDF chapters can apply for grants from ALDF to support animal law projects that advance ALDF’s mission.

Top Priority Projects

Speak Out for Farmed Animals Week

Participate in Speak Out for Farmed Animals Week, which is dedicated to raising public awareness about the lack of meaningful laws that protect farmed animals from cruel treatment. Check out some suggested events!

SALDF Program Guide

Each year, ALDF provides resources to help SALDF chapters focus on a specific priority issue. The Program Guide contains an overview of the issue and ALDF’s involvement, suggested activities, film screening suggestions, a reading list, and a speaker list.

Animal Law Class Advocacy

If your school does not currently offer an animal law course, your chapter can petition the law school administration to add one. We have instructional materials, including an animal law casebook, which we can offer to interested faculty members.

Conferences & Competitions

Conferences and competitions, such as the annual Animal Law Conference and the National Animal Law Competitions, are great educational and networking opportunities. Check our website for a list of upcoming animal law events.

Vegan Advocacy, Meatless Mondays, & Cage Free Campaign

Advocate for Meatless Mondays or plant-based options in your cafeteria or at law school events. Use ALDF’s Farmed Animals and the Law brochure, which provides an overview of the lack of laws that protect farmed animals from abuse. Contact us for free brochures. Two other popular leaflets are Fresh and Your Choice.

Work with your school’s dining service to discontinue its use of eggs from hens confined in battery cages. Contact the Humane League for more information. Check out Farm Sanctuary’s Compassionate Campus: The College Guide to Animal Advocacy for more ideas.

Education & Outreach

Organize an information table on campus to raise awareness about animal protection issues. Some schools allow literature stands to put on campus that you can stock with educational materials. ALDF can provide you with free tabling materials such as brochures, newsletters, and stickers.

Guest Speakers

Host speakers, panels, and symposia on current issues in animal law. If you are looking for ideas, check out our tips on finding speakers.

Collaborate with other student groups when organizing your event. For example: the Environmental Law Society for factory farm and water or air pollution issues, the National Lawyers Guild for issues involving civil liberties and animal rights activism, the Women’s Law Society for domestic violence and animal cruelty, the Human Rights/Immigration Law Society for slaughterhouse issues and human rights abuses, the Criminal Law Society for issues involving animal cruelty prosecution, activist defense, and the AETA, the American Constitution Society for ag gag issues, and the International Law Society for wildlife issues.

Film Screenings

Screen documentaries or movies. Check out our list of animal protection related films for ideas.

Legislative Activities

Draft and lobby for animal protection bills and against those that are harmful to animals’ interests. Choose a local animal welfare issue, such as horse tripping or tethering companion animals, and draft a bill that better protects animals. ALDF has a collection of model animal protection laws for your reference. See how your state’s anti-cruelty laws measure up by checking ALDF’s U.S. Animal Protection Laws Rankings (and the Canadian Animal Protection Laws Rankings for those in Canada.)

Write letters and phone your representative about pending local, state, or federal legislation. Check city and state government websites to stay up to date on current legislation, or contact us to see if there is pending legislation in your area.

Other Projects

Visit or Volunteer at an Animal Sanctuary

Help local animals and educate your chapter members by volunteering at a farmed animal sanctuary or humane society. You can pair this visit with a discussion about the miniscule legal protections for farmed animals or issues of companion animal overpopulation and puppy mills.


At the administrative level, you can submit written comments when the US Department of Agriculture, Fish and Wildlife Service, or other agencies when they change their rules and regulations. Stay up to date on new rules.

Organize an ALDF Benefit Day

Contact a local vegan/vegetarian restaurant or animal-friendly business to see if they would donate a percentage of their total daily sales to ALDF.

National Justice for Animals Week

Participate in National Justice for Animals Week, which is dedicated to raising public awareness about animal abuse. Check out an example of a student chapter’s events for National Justice for Animals Week 2014!


Create an eNewsletter that includes information about pending legislation, your chapter’s activities, upcoming animal law events, ways to get involved, and other animal protection news.

Reading Groups

Meet regularly to discuss animal law articles or books. If you are looking for suggestions, we have a list of animal law books and periodicals. You can also join ALDF’s Animal Book Club.

Support Local Activists  

Use your legal background to facilitate animal activism by reading through relevant ordinances (like noise ordinances) to help activists organize effective demonstrations. You can also obtain relevant documents for campaigns by filing FOIA or state Public Records Act requests.

Write an Article

Write a law review article and submit it to one of the law journals dedicated to animal law.

Host a Networking Event

Set up an event for your chapter so that your members can meet local animal law attorneys. For help finding attorneys that practice animal law, contact your local bar association’s animal law section or committee.

Get Schooled in Animal Law

If there are limited animal law courses offered at your school, look for summer animal law courses available at other schools. Lewis & Clark Law School offers many animal law courses each summer.

Letters to the Editor

Write letters in response to any article involving animal protection issues.

Press Coverage for SALDF Projects

Reaching out to local press outlets is an excellent way to let your community know about your work for animals and to educate countless people about animal protection issues.

SALDF Coalition Building

Team up with other student organizations whenever possible.

  • Environmental Law Society: Factory Farms & Water/Air Pollution
  • American Constitution Society: Civil Liberties & Animal Activism, Ag Gag, AETA
  • Women’s Law Society: Domestic Violence & Animal Cruelty
  • Human Rights/Immigration Law Society: Slaughterhouses & Human Rights Abuses
  • Criminal Law Society: Animal Cruelty Prosecution, Activist Defense
  • International Law Society: Wildlife Issues

Sample SALDF Projects

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