2017 Animal Law Update Volume 3

Animal Law Update is a monthly feature designed to keep our law student and legal professional network informed about the latest in animal law news.

First Criminal Charges Filed Under California’s Prop 2

California’s Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act, also known as Proposition 2, came into effect in January 2015 and requires that egg-laying hens have the ability to fully spread their wings without touching another bird or the side of an enclosure. In February 2017, the first criminal charges were brought under the law. Learn more about the first use of Prop 2.

Animal Cruelty Conviction for Inhumane Treatment of Lobsters

A seafood store in Sydney, Australia has been convicted of animal cruelty for violating New South Wales’ Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. Store employees were caught on film butchering lobsters alive with no attempt to render the animal unconscious beforehand. It is rare for criminal cruelty charges to be brought in cases involving animals who are considered “food,” and especially rare when those animals are non-vertebrates. Read on for the details of this encouraging case.

Eugene, Oregon Bans Dogs From City’s Downtown Area

The Eugene City Council has passed a trial ordinance banning dogs from the city’s downtown area, purportedly to improve public safety. Aggressive and potentially dangerous dogs with negligent or inattentive handlers are undoubtedly a serious public safety issue that must be addressed, but sweeping prohibitions seem misguided and out of step with social trends. This is the second dog ban that has been passed in the liberal college city of Eugene. Read more about the ban and concerns around its impact here.

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