2017 Animal Law Update Volume 5

Animal Law Update is a monthly feature designed to keep our law student and legal professional network informed about the latest in animal law news.

Activist Acquitted for Giving Water to Thirsty Pigs

In the conclusion to a trial that garnered global media attention and shined a spotlight on the treatment of farmed animals in Canada, on May 4, 2017, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice acquitted Toronto animal advocate Anita Krajnc of all charges for offering water to overheated pigs on a transport truck bound for slaughter. Read more about the case that inspired multiple petitions and the slogan “Compassion Is Not a Crime.”


Indiana Law will Help Save Dogs from Hot Car Deaths

In April, Indiana became the ninth state to pass a “good Samaritan” hot car law allowing a citizen to forcibly enter a motor vehicle under certain conditions to rescue a companion animal confined inside. Indiana’s new law, which goes into effect July 1, is stronger than many states’ hot car laws, but it falls short in one critical area. Find out what makes Indiana’s hot car law different.


First Animal Advocate Testifies Under Desmond’s Law

Last year, Connecticut passed “Desmond’s Law,” making it the first state to allow legal advocates to testify on behalf of animal victims in cruelty and neglect cases. On June 2, 2017, University of Connecticut (UConn) law student and SALDF member Taylor Hansen became the first advocate to testify in court under the new legislation. Desmond’s Law represents a significant step toward ensuring that animal abusers are brought to justice. Read on to learn what happened in the first application of the law and its role in the anti-cruelty movement.  

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