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2014 Animal Law Summer Program

The Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark invites you to join us this summer for a series of short courses exploring the real impact of current welfare legislation, the international efforts concerning animal law, and the most fundamental questions surrounding the rights and interests of animals. These individual courses, each two weeks, offer participants a chance to navigate the complexities of crafting meaningful policy in the rapidly-changing world of biomedical research, to lobby senators and representatives on capital hill, or to learn what’s really involved in the fight to restrict and prosecute animal abuse. The classes are open to Lewis & Clark law students; visiting students from other ABA accredited schools; and auditors who are interested in learning more about animal law. Join the conversation. We’re breaking new ground. The Animal Law Summer Program is open for registration. go.lclark.edu/animal-law-summer-program

Center for Animal Law Studies
Location: Portland, Oregon
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Lindsay Kadish

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