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Pace Environmental Law Review Call for Papers

At what point do animal rights and environmental protection overlap? Many traditional environmentalists argue against conflating the two, while animal rights activists often present them as part and parcel of the same movement.  Nowhere are the two issues more interconnected than in the industrial agriculture context. Big Ag has created an environment rife with animal rights abuses, which lay at the heart of more conventionally understood environmental issues such as food safety and pollution regulation.  In an effort to keep these abuses under wraps, states are increasingly passing “ag-gag” laws to prohibit the making and distribution of video footage, photographs, or audio recordings of the incidents.  These laws are troubling for animal rights activists, journalists, whistleblowers, and anyone concerned with food safety.

Pace Environmental Law Review (PELR) is interested in publishing articles related to the intersection between animal rights and environmental protection, particularly but not necessarily in the agribusiness context. PELR believes this to be an important topic that is both under-explored and under-covered in traditional environmental journals. We are interested in presenting a broad range of perspectives that will help facilitate increased dialogue and greater awareness of the overlapping issues, and thus are seeking the assistance of scholars and professionals in the field. We are requesting article abstracts by June 30, 2013, and finished articles by August 31, 2013. The animal law themed issue will be published next winter or spring, but there may be the opportunity for early publishing on the Pace Environmental Law Review website – http://digitalcommons.pace.edu/pelr/ (those articles will also appear in the printed edition).


  • Megan Hopper-Rebegea: mhopper@law.pace.edu
  • Lisa Weinstein: lweinstein@law.pace.edu

Pace Environmental Law Review

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