2013 Winners

Announcing the winner of our Rescue Tails Photo Contest, Gracie! Over 1,200 people voted, and Gracie won by a landslide! She will be featured on ALDF’s holiday card this year, and her photo will be seen by countless Animal Legal Defense Fund supporters. Congratulations!


Eight week old Gracie was a shelter dog with severe sinus, esophageal and digestive problems. She couldn’t keep food down, ate in a contraption that kept her body upright while eating, and constantly had thick mucus running from her nose. Returned to the shelter by her first foster, Gracie was unadoptable. But an advocate at the shelter and her new foster mom wouldn’t give up on her, even after contracting aspirational pneumonia six times in one year. On constant medications and in jeopardy of euthanasia, her foster mom adopted her. With faith and love, today Gracie is well and happy.

Second Place, Taylor


Taylor was dumped onto the streets of Long Beach, California after his owners split and the woman left him behind. The guy didn’t want him so he threw Taylor outside. The landlord threw bleach at Taylor to get him to stay away from the apartment house. When I took Taylor in, his fur, what was left of it, was like straw, patches missing and it was very short. His skin was covered with small red sores; Taylor suffers from flea and environmental allergies. As you can see, he is completed recovered and is gorgeous!

Third Place, Flaco


In the year 2006 I was working as a veterinarian technician in a small animal hospital near my home (Waite Park). This clinic provides help and services to the local animal shelter (Tricounty Animal Humane Society) and they spay and neuter dogs and cats for cost. Well, it happens that one morning that I got to work and I saw this dog on the surgery table ready to be neutered. I asked, who is this dog? He is beautiful. The answer  was: well, he can be yours, he belongs now to the animal shelter. No more to say, I said, he is coming home with me today, and since then he has been nothing but a wonderful  company and friend.

This is  a photo I took of him his first winter, when he came home for the first time it was November, this photo was taken on February of the following year.

I named him “Flaco” that means skinny in Spanish because he has always been that way. Kind of skinny. In Mexico to say flaco or even gordo (fat) to a friend or relative is a OK, is friendly to call somebody that way, even husband and wife call each other flaco or gorda and that is just fine.

Thank You!

The 2013 contest is now closed, but it’s not too early to start taking pictures for next year! Plus, we’re always on the lookout for rescued animal photos to share on social media. Is “rescued” your favorite breed? When it’s time to adopt a new furry friend, do you rush to the shelter with a spring in your step? If you’re like us, you wouldn’t dream of buying a dog or cat from a pet store—why breed or buy when shelter animals die?

Animal Legal Defense Fund wholeheartedly supports rescuing animals of any species. Whether you adopt a chicken rescued from a battery cage facility, or adopt a dog rescued from a puppy mill, adoption is always the best option. We know just how many animals need our help, and one of the most direct ways you can help is by becoming a guardian to a nonhuman companion.

Do you live with rescued animals? Then get your cameras ready, because the 2013 Rescue Tails Photo Contest has officially begun! We’re looking for the best pictures of rescued animals to feature on our 2013 holiday card, so if you win, your rescued friend could become a star at thousands of firesides this December!


Send Us Your Best Shot

Set up a photo shoot with your rescued cat, dog, chicken, bunny, etc., and show us how unique and special he or she is to you. Show your rescued friend in an environment and situation that is fun for them. Holiday themes are given special consideration, but we realize that not all pets are excited about wearing Santa hats or posing next to snowmen. Send us your photo of an animal (or animals) having fun!

Submission Guidelines

Photos are due on or before October 21, 2013. See our official rules and submission guidelines for details on what to send. At minimum, we need a high quality digital photo of a rescued animal, taken by you, and a one paragraph description of their rescue story. Tell us all about the rescue: Who, what, when, where, how, and why? 100 words or less please. Send your photo to photocontest@aldf.org.

Read the official submission guidelines and contest rules before sending your photo.

Thanks, and good luck!

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6 thoughts on “2013 Winners

  1. PAMELA says:

    my sweet Sasha came from a high kill government pound. she is 4 years old and previous to the pound she was in a puppy mill

  2. Céline says:

    All my animals have been saved from the street… With one of my dog, we’re in a search dog foundation and she has lot of fun learning the job of finding victims in rubble (we’re @MeTheAnimal). I don’t have any idea of what kind of pic of them i could take, animals having fun are always moving… I’m currently training a female dog saved from shark fishing with alive animals as bailt, so full of life ! Hope your contest will have lot of success !

  3. My eight bunnies are all LAAS alumni. People buy baby rabbits with the expectation that the rabbit will not hold their interest for very long and at that point it will be tossed aside. Some of the bunnies manage to last until puberty when natural behaviors such as urine spraying appear. People often are totally uneducated about rabbits and what caring for them will involve.

  4. tany says:

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