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Do you love animals? Do you ever wish you went to law school? Now you can learn all about animal law, without the whopping student loans! With ALDF’s 30 Second Animal Law video series, you will get answers to your animal law related questions… in 30 seconds!

Laws that protect animals can be filled with complex language, sometimes based on hundreds of years of case law. Animals need lawyers to navigate the intricacies of the legal system on a daily basis. But using the law to help animals in need can be tricky business. That’s where 30 Second Animal Law comes in.

Ask away! ALDF will track down answers to select questions from an ALDF attorney, animal law expert, and other special guests.

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30 thoughts on “30 Second Animal Law

  1. Ian says:

    Great job Steve, Joyce, and Matthew! These videos are so great!

  2. Helen Del RIo says:

    What if the SPCA kills your dog, while pending an investigation and is cleared and rady to go home, then you get there and your beautiful animal is dead anyway?

  3. stephanie stern says:

    In the 2 thousand year old empire of Ashoka, it was illegal to kill animals — of any kind. You rated states according to each state’s animal laws. What about federal? Any push to get an Ashoka like ruling there — which would end factory farms.

  4. Ellen Cooper says:

    Although I very much appreciate the short law video’s, I must adamantly disagree. Yes, animals are “personal property”..WHEN is that going to change..WE need to give them HUMAN rights, in particular, our household 4 legged children. The abuse, and the bare liability that VETS have will NEVER change, unless we give domesticated household 4 legged children, HUMAN rights. And I totally disagree, with NOT suing a vet…they get away with murder, private consent orders, only because they are not prosecuted. The Vets need to be held much more accountable..ASK a Vet if they ever thought of being a “DOCTOR”…Many times the answer is YES, but there is so much liability, that they thought it just easier to be a Vet.
    It is not quite a year, and everyday I mourn the loss of my little Golden Retriever, who was brutally slaughtered by a Vet. Sandy was MURDERED. The Police turned the case over to the Vet Board, and all this Vet got was a private consent order, meaning I will never know the penalty/fine, if any. To the Vet, my baby was just a piece of meat. I cant stop hearing her screaming and crying…as she died in the hands of the vet. It needs to stop. PERIOD… WE need to stop it, our 4 legged children cant. WE need to take the bad Vets down, hold them accountable and make them pay not with money but with revokation of license. In loving memory of my Sandy.

    1. Rita K Talkowski says:

      I could not agree with you more. I would be enraged if a vet killed my dog. Not knowing the circumstances, and I don’t think I want to know, but I certainly would do all I could to put that vet out of business and get the license taken away.

      1. Tasha Glinsky says:

        Panda was dying, it was late, on a weekend, there were two vets open within 60 miles. All other places would be closed for days. My choice was between one that hated bunnies and the other…well, I would soon find out. They hated her too! She would have been better off suffering to death at home. This is what I posted on Yelp.

        WARNING! These people could hurt your pets!
        This post is dedicated to my bunny Panda. She was taken away by a rude tech for an exam by Dr. Riley, whom I wasn’t introduced to. After finally speaking with the vet, I felt like nobody there cared because no blood work was done or ex-rays taken. The vet accusingly told me: “Most people don’t want to pay to have their rabbits ex-rayed”. That was insulting, as I brought Panda there for a thorough assesment. So, they weren’t positively sure of what ailments she had, but suggested treatments that just didn’t make much sense to me. I tearfully asked for Panda back. We needed to go somewhere better. Then I saw that her lips were turning blue! There was never any mention of her needing oxygen! I felt her dying in my arms! To my horror, I realized that Panda needed immediate euthanization! I didnt trust them to do that, but we were hopelessly trapped with all better clinics being closed for days on this early weekend morning. We ended up in a morgue-like room with alot of cages and loud barking; not, at all, the peaceful room they advertise! Panda was terrifed of dogs too! While lying on a gross slab, she was treated like a piece of meat! There would not be one kind word or soothing handling from the vet, eventhough, she knew that Panda understood 30+ words. I tried to shield Panda and worried about her treatment earlier in THE OTHER ROOM. For comfort, I placed my hand over Pandas’ face. She used to nudge her head under my hands for comforting, but couldn’t do that now. I could see that the euthanasia process was dragging out way too long! It should have been instant. I wanted to whisk her away, but knew that it would only add to her suffering at that point! She would shake her very sensitive ears as the vet needled through them for a long time with the heart-stopping drug. Panda never liked having her ears messed with and now they were bruised and peirced in multiple places! Then she jerked her head back after another needle stab to an ear! She was unable to blink and her eyes were becomming dry and sticky! I tried to close them for her. It appeared that she hadn’t been properly anesthetized as she reacted to numerous painful jabs and ear tugs. The vet made a horrible remark like “Who knows what they feel?” Panda was then stabbed in the leg and instantly injected with something else! Slower would have been less painful ( from my own hospital experience). The vet also remarked: “I’m not very good at this. My tech can do this better, but went home.” I wasn’t allowed to help and cried more for Panda. We were trapped in hell with no mercy! All of my comforting just wasn’t enough. After suffering a half hour, or so, of torture, Panda slowely passed! Then, the vet muttered something like: OK! It’s done! She then turned her back on us and walked away from the slab of death. This was like no other euthanasia that I have ever witnessed! It was horribly apparent that nobody there could care less about either of us! What awful people! Earlier, the vet had remarked that animals should die for our medicines and that she became a vet because animals could be euthanized. They were experts at adding insults and more pain. It was a nightmare for Panda and me in our greatest time of need and was unbearable! Sadly, I failed to find my soul mate a peaceful end to her happy life! I tearfully cradled my dead friend in my arms, and was lead to the office where the vet wanted payment for all this.

        1. Tasha Glinsky says:

          To continue:

          She loaded me down with my purse and bill, leaving me struggling to get into my car without help. There were no condolances given on our way out. I did hear a good-bye and: “Do you want a box?” (as if we just left mcdonalds).Later, I saw that my bill was reduced, but that wouldn’t reduce the torment Panda endured now! She loved all people and always had kisses for them. I would have paid these “slaughternarians” whatever they wanted for treating Panda with compassion, like they also advertise. Now, I wonder if Panda felt betrayed by me taking her away from our home, while she was sick, and given to strangers who hurt her, real bad, while I helped. All I wanted was to prevent a painful death for her.

          As soon as I could talk, I called the BBB and jumped through hoops to give the vets my
          ‘F’ rating, but it remained at ‘A+’. They were all in cahoots. My rebuttle was not put on the agencies site because it was considered “defamation”. I said “Not if it’s true it’s not!” So, the vets’ reputation remained untarnished by this and they retracted their offer to refund me, which I didn’t even want because I didn’t want them to think they could pay to silence me. This is the last paragraph in the rebuttal that the BBB would not allow for public view:

          This statement is the absolute truth and I dedicate it to Panda. And to her I say: Do not worry Sweetheart, they will not be able to buy their way into Heaven with their blood $. You are safe now. God will never let them in. I love you.

          Is there any justice for horror like this?

          1. Sandy says:

            Your story sounds familiar with one I had with my little girl Molly, a beautiful little sweet Maltese girl who was my best friend. She was there for me when I went through hard times and I let her down the one time she needed me more than ever. It’s been 2 years and 3 months and it’s still painful and I can’t get the images of her suffering at that place out of my mind and I haven’t been able to talk to anyone about what happened that night. That vet and the staff should pay for what they did but there is no recourse. They are a popular vet. This was the third time they gave Molly substandard care. I just didn’t think she was going to make it to the vet I usually took her to because they were far away. I’d give anything to have that night to do over but of course, I can’t. But what I can do is make sure that I don’t ever let anything like that happen with my current 2 dogs. Nope, I will make sure that they get the best care no matter what it costs and I will be there for them comforting them to the end. I just hope Molly didn’t think I abandoned her, but I’m sure she was scared and felt so alone. She took a big part of my heart with her, but it brings me comfort to know that at least she is in peace now and out of pain. Take care.

  5. Linda says:

    Trying to fight potentially dangerous dog designation in next to impossible.

    See you tube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUOQSUNtHtY

  6. Laura Slitt says:

    What if I never even went to college? If I wanted to take a few courses in Animal Law, to see what my aptitude is, is that an option? Are there any online?

  7. Shawna Anderson says:

    Can you provide some brief guidance for students still in college who want to pursue a career in animal law, such as the types of majors that will benefit us once we apply to law school and later on when we are working on cases?

  8. Jennifer Molidor says:

    Some good tips to get started in Animal Law, for those who are curious – check out what four young animal lawyers have to say in ALDF’s fun article: “So You Wanna be an Animal Lawyer?” http://aldf.org/article.php?id=2234

  9. Kelsey Chase says:

    Are there any laws against children who abuse animals?

  10. Mike Smeck says:

    I have seen some horrific cases of animal abuse and cruelty…Why is it not considered a “violent” offense???

    1. Remona Seckinger says:

      Mike Smeck, animal abuse is now a felony in all 50 states.

      1. Mike Smeck says:

        You are sadly mistaken, as animal abuse is NOT a felony in all 50 states…Ohio being on of those…

  11. carlos says:

    I had a sheriff deputy shoot my dog that was chained to the front porch, with my wife standing next to him with a five week old baby in her arms, while my wife was telling them to use the door next to the porch(6 feet away)to access our home for a search warrant. After shooting the dog, officers entered through the door that my wife indicated them to enter. The gun shot resulted in amputation of the dogs front leg and over $3000.00 in vet bills. Are they not liable for these expenses, and why is this not cruelty to animals? The officers were never in any threat from the dog, and the warrant was for bogus intel.

  12. Jessica Dickson says:

    My cat, Z, was stolen by an individual 10 months ago. I had adopted her from an animal shelter April 2012 and she was spayed and given an identification microchip. This individual kept my cat as her own and proceeded to take her to a vet’s office to see what steps need to be taken in order to breed Z. She told the vet multiple stories as to the origin of her ownership and specifically told the vet not to insert or scan for a microchip. The vet insisted on spaying her and thus was subject to an unnecessary spay surgery. Upon their discovery that she had already been spayed, the vet proceeded to scan for a microchip and I was immediately contacted by the microchip company.

    My question is, are their any laws that protect against domestic pet theft for breeding purposes?

  13. Remona Seckinger says:

    How do we stop the animal torture at the University of Florida? My major WAS Veterinary Technology. It is now Law. My goal is to stop animal torture in the name of medicine. I know it’s an enormous amount of work but I’ve never wanted to do something so strongly in my life.

  14. heather says:

    I’m looking for info on domestic violence and animal cruelty, and the link. I’m wondering what my options are

  15. J says:

    I believe dog was murdered viciously, grabbed by the collar and yanked into the air, snapping her 16 year old neck. Just to take away any motivation to go home from a nursing home. She is currently “on ice” at the vet while I am searching every avenue for the means to get her a necropsy. I fear this is only part of a much larger picture. The woman responsible insisted,very relentlessly, on a communal cremation right away. She knew she needed to cover her horrid crime. Precious did not die naturally. Her tail was tucked in between her legs in terror, her body already cold when my daughter found her. The scene is not one that will soon be forgotten. What resources could possibly be available to me near Sacramento, Ca? My baby deserves justice, and proving her murder may potentially save my life as well

  16. JJ says:

    Waiting on the verdict from an Administrative hearing if a dog will live or die. The dog has been at animal control for several months and nobody is allowed to see her. The dog injured a cat and they want to euthanize. The owner has an attorney. At the administrative hearing the judge said being able to see the dog or move the dog out of animal control was not her decision. It seems inhumane to not allow an owner to see their dog for months or have the dog moved out of animal control. Can any other legal action be taken until the court decision is made on if she lives or dies?

  17. Danuta Lempert says:

    I like wildlife and I want to help them to thrive. I live in northern NH and I noticed that wildlife refuge places allow hunting. Those places are owned and managed by state and federal agencies. How is that wildlife refuge if animals get killed there?
    My question is, are there any laws that give government right to kill animals?

  18. Christine says:

    Can anyone tell me how to protect Ferrel cats on private commercial property? Have been feeding them for 1.4 years now. They were trapped and released thru paws. The building owner says can’t feed on the property because we are trespassing. (Paws is in pet smart) which is one of the tenants of said building. Help

  19. Brent M says:

    Dekalb county Indiana. Deputy leaves k9 in car on hot summer day, the poor thing passed away. Nothing became of it other than deputy got 30 days off..DOG DESERVES JUSTICE/ Please help

  20. Brent M says:

    Dekalb County Indiana…..that k9 who baked to death in that patrol car. The deputy didn’t even get an animal cruelty charge brought against him.

  21. Debbie Jo Myers says:

    Need to find someone that can help me in my civil case against my veterinarian for negligence to go pick her up to bury her I have a mini stroke and had to wear a patch over my left eye. Ive been in this last time I wasn’t so lucky I had the only one week is papers filed against vet and I had a major stroke to my right side I’m just starting to be able to walk in and use my right arm I had to have 24/7 care I will never get full uses of right side. I need help please anyone I have the proof and pictures and Witnesses. I told myself if I make it through surgery Fox October then I’m going to do what I can to get just for fun day Academy and others that these that pray for your heartstrings because they know how much the dog I am was mean to them I can never have kids so she was my kid I spent more time and money on her than most people spend on their kids she was the reason I got up every day she was my family she was my service dog I understand please anybody contact me if I can help

  22. Debbie Jo Myers says:

    Need to find someone that can help me in my civil case against my veterinarian for negligence and for injury to me the day I had to pick her up to bury her I had mini stroke due to the stress it caused me and had to wear a patch over my left eye 3 1/2 months. My health has been going downhill since been hospitalized at six times cents and the week I had to have the papers filed for the suit I have another stroke this time I wasn’t so lucky it’s like my whole right side couldn’t walk or anything had to have 24/7 care I’m walking now I’m going to physical therapy two times a week this happened because I only have one week to get the suit filed against my vet. I got so stressed out i do have an attorney yet to represent me in the year that went by I was in the hospital at least 6 times due to my health problems because of it she’s my baby she was my better half she was my service dog I need help please anyone I have the proof and pictures and Witnesses. I told myself if I make it through surgery in October last year then I’m going to do what I can to get justice for my baby and me set an example so other vet we’ll pray on people’s heartstrings because they love their animals so much my baby girl was in perfect health when I took her to the vet to find out if she was getting hip dysplasia or she just a little bit of arthritis no biggie right arthritis or no biggie right! I believe My vet did this intentionally I could never have kids so she was my kid I spent more time and money on her than most people spend on their kids she was the reason I got up every day she was my family she was my service dog please anybody contact me if I can help the cat keep letting these vents get away with my baby girl in The Bleeding Out I have pictures and proof and Witnesses and all somebody please help me I have to have a case management letter written by November 20th so I don’t have too much time left and it’s been so hard with all these doctors appointments and everything please help me please help me get justice

  23. Shannon Jones says:

    Are there any laws or regulations concerning the care of animals in an Animal Control facility? . Such as adequate food , clean water, and how many hours dogs remain in kennels without being exercised or let out? Is there any type of regular inspection to make sure these things are being given?

  24. Tasha Glinsky says:

    Posting here was a huge waste of time, but who cares.

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