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Find the tools you need to effectively communicate with law enforcement, veterinarians, and legislators about animal issues that are important to you.

Letters to the editor are a powerful way to make your voice for animals heard within your larger community. Write one today!

For a community to effectively address interpersonal violence, it must have tools which allow it to focus on the conduct of the abusers and not be distracted by the social status of the victims.

This educational guide for animal activists includes information about basic legal principles applicable with respect to activism, planning a demonstration, civil disobedience, interacting with police, and an Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act summary.

Despite heightened public awareness, puppy mills continue to plague communities across the nation.

The expertise seasoned prosecutors bring to the charging process reflects the complexities which often determine the possibility of going forward with a criminal prosecution.

Addressing the issue of aggressive dogs in a non-breed-specific fashion, focusing on the behavior of individual dogs, not on their breed.

Speak Out for Farmed Animals Week is a yearly event dedicated to raising public awareness nationwide about the lack of meaningful laws that protect farmed animals from cruel treatment.

Pet theft remains a terrible reality across the country. Often underlying these crimes are dogfighters seeking "bait" animals and dealers acquiring animals to sell to research and breeding operations. Find out what you can do to help.

Very few laws protect the millions of wild animals who live in captivity in aquariums, circuses, theme parks, and zoos in the United States.

Animals suffer in so many ways at the hands of humans! They are: Raised and killed in terrible conditions for food, fur, and other fashions. Exploited in cruel and unnecessary experiments. Confined and …

A proposal for mandatory bans on contact with animals following a conviction for animal neglect or cruelty.

Attending court proceedings for criminal animal abuse cases is a great way to demonstrate that your community cares about animal protection and expects zero tolerance for animal cruelty.

Farmed animals - those raised for the meat, dairy, and egg industries - are among the most abused in the United States, in numbers that are so staggering as to be almost incomprehensible. Find out how you can help.

Whether writing to a prosecutor, sheriff, investigator or judge, our input can have a significant effect on how cases are handled and laws are enforced. The following tips will help you write a persuasive letter.

This is the must-have resource for lawyers, law professors, law students, legislators, other legal professionals, and anyone who wants the most comprehensive animal protection laws collection of its kind available.

ALDF's Model Animal Protection Laws include definitions of terms, general prohibitions, defenses, pre- and post-conviction provisions, and other provisions.

Animals can’t vote, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't have a voice in the political process. Animal advocates can give them a voice if the appropriate steps are taken in lobbying for pro-animal legislation. Learn how.

Help put an end to dogfighting and create strong laws for animals so criminals who use animals for fighting receive meaningful sentences.

Find your elected officials and local district attorneys.

Send a strong message to your elected officials with ALDF's Legislative Posters. Sayings include, "Animals Don't Vote, But Those Who Love Them Do," and "Your Constituents Are Sleeping With Our Clients."

Love animals? Ever wish you went to law school? Now you can learn all about animal law, without the whopping student loans! With 30 Second Animal Law, ALDF attorneys and animal law experts will answer your questions… in 30 seconds or less!

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