USDA Seeks to Revoke License of Notoriously Cruel Jambbas Ranch

Posted on June 24, 2013

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Lisa Franzetta, ALDF
Shakira Croce, PETA

Action Follows Lawsuit by PETA, ALDF Against Agency for Rubberstamping Animal Exhibitor’s License-Renewal Applications

rabbits-at-jambaas-copyright-PETA-article-image-x2Fayetteville, N.C. — The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has filed a formal complaint seeking to revoke or suspend the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) license held by Jambbas Ranch, a Fayetteville-area roadside zoo with a history of dozens of serious violations of the AWA. The action comes in the wake of a court ruling denying the USDA’s motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by PETA, the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF), and two Fayetteville-area residents against the agency for renewing Jambbas’ license despite its dozens of serious violations—an act prohibited by the AWA. The USDA is now seeking to revoke or suspend the very license that it issued less than three weeks prior to the complaint. The USDA is also seeking civil penalties, which could exceed $100,000, as well as a cease-and-desist order.

“Jambbas’ license should never have been granted in the first place, so our lawsuit will proceed,” says PETA Foundation Director of Captive Animal Law Enforcement Delcianna Winders. “PETA would like to see the USDA do its job by properly enforcing the law and letting the scores of other chronic violators know that if they cannot demonstrate compliance, their licenses will not be renewed.”

“We hope that this action by the USDA spells the end for Jambbas Ranch’s unchecked abuse and neglect of animals,” says ALDF Executive Director Stephen Wells. “Jambbas Ranch is a pit of suffering and death for animals and should have been shut down years ago.”

The USDA most recently renewed Jambbas’ license on May 4—less than a month after citing the facility for failing to provide adequate veterinary care to a dehydrated rabbit, who was suffering from a foot wound and, according to the USDA, couldn’t reach her water can. Other egregious violations include failing to provide adequate care to two bison who were suffering from gaping wounds and to a llama with a thick discharge oozing from an empty eye socket. Last year, a North Carolina court found that Ben the bear’s needs were “not being met dietarily, veterinarily, and … environmentally” in Jambbas’ barren cage and ordered for him to be moved to a sanctuary—after years of the USDA’s failure to act.

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5 thoughts on “USDA Seeks to Revoke License of Notoriously Cruel Jambbas Ranch

  1. Carol Denny says:

    Time for this to shut down and save all the animals!

  2. susan biggs says:

    The behavior already exhibited is enough to show that this will NOT work. They do not value the animals and thereby inflict cruelty.This ranch need shut down,never re-opened,even under another name,and mandatory anger management classes (minimum) and no other contact with any animals,EVER.

  3. Susan Pateracki says:

    People are Psycho today. I have never seen so many pet Torture and killing. Never so many. The connection between these people and their ability to harm a child is finally being listened to. Our Justice Department needs to get these people out of Society. Child abuse, torture, and murder is higher than ever. Pet abuse, torture, and killing is also the highest ever. People abuse pets for the same reason they abuse children. The two most Vulnerable Victims are children and animals. What is going on today is more than disturbint. The child abuse, torture, and murder ist the childrens own parents. Then the people slaughtering animals in their back yards. We have some pretty sick people coming out from under rocks. For the first time since I have been pushing the connection to Authorites and others, a man got 14 years for beating a dog to death. The first time I have seen that they didnt just smack hands and give them a fine then let them go gain.
    The fad with these Pscho’s of today is to set their dogs on fire.

    Never, the sickness of people doing the most horrid things. It is out of control and both are in danager

  4. HELENA says:


  5. EYG says:

    The USDA is a useless piece of crap. As the OIG recently reported, they are ineffective at upholding humane slaughtering and welfare laws. Well Duh. If you just keep sending empty-threat letters but never do anything to these violators, then what do you expect? They only find two or three violations per month in slaughterhouses killing millions and millions of animals a day. The only time those pencil-pushing assholes do anything is if the media gets involved. They do not deserve our tax dollars. They are corrupt like the rest of our government. Go to hell USDA (Usually Seen Dodging Accountability).

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