Rescue in Louisiana

Posted on September 26, 2005

We’ve all seen the images of the disaster left in the wake of
Hurricane Katrina. Now, the heartbreaking stories of families forced to
abandon beloved companion animals are starting to reach us as well.
Nightly newscasts show us images of dogs paddling through the
contaminated waters that now flood the streets of New Orleans, left to
fend for themselves after their human companions were evacuated–or
worse. Animals, too, are victims of this devastating crisis.
To help the efforts of rescue organizations in this natural disaster of
such unimaginable proportions, ALDF quickly boxed up and dispatched
truckloads of desperately needed supplies, including hundreds of food
bowls and kennels, bound for New Orleans to help animals left homeless
and alone by the hurricane and subsequent flooding that has ravaged the

ALDF staff members with extensive experience in handling distressed
animals are also on their way to Louisiana to join search and rescue
teams that are busy tracking down the thousands of trapped and stranded
companion animals. For these animals, it is a chance at survival. For
their human companions who have already lost so much, it is a glimmer
of hope that they might be reconnected with their beloved animals. Click
here for updates from ALDF staff working on animal rescue teams in Louisiana.

The need for your support is overwhelming. If you can offer
financial aid to the rescuers working night-and-day, against all odds,
to save the animal victims of Katrina, please support the excellent
work of the Louisiana SPCA.

And please continue to support the important work of ALDF back in
courtrooms and legislative offices around the nation, ensuring that
laws will some day better protect animals from abandonment during such
heartbreaking natural disaster and crisis situations.

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