Primate Breeding Facility Failing to Provide Proper Veterinary Care

Posted on July 16, 2015

Animal Legal Defense Fund Files Complaint Against Primate Products For Veterinary Misconduct

For immediate release:

Megan Backus, ALDF

monkeys-cc-Garrett-Ziegler-article-image-500pxImmokalee, Fla. — Today, the national nonprofit Animal Legal Defense Fund filed a complaint with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation against Florida primate breeding facility, Primate Products, as a result of reports of serious mistreatment of animals and apparent violations of Florida’s Veterinary Medical Practice Law. The primate species held at Primate Products include crab-eating macaques, rhesus macaques, and green monkeys.

In the past few weeks, news reports have indicated that Primate Products instructed veterinary technicians to engage in the unlicensed practice of veterinary medicine by killing the fetuses of pregnant monkeys, performing C-section abortions, removing the dead fetuses, and then packaging the bodies for sale to biomedical research entities. These unlicensed technicians were also reportedly instructed to perform spinal taps and bone marrow collection. In June 2015, a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspection, conducted after a widely publicized People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) undercover investigation, found several additional violations of the Animal Welfare Act including:

  • Performing veterinary procedures such as amputations outdoors, in a nonsterile environment, which can cause infections and overheating;
  • Keeping electrical cords in the animals’ enclosures, which led to three electrocutions;
  • Keeping monkeys outdoors in freezing temperatures, which led to several cases of necrotic frost bite;
  • Providing inadequate housing that failed to protect two monkeys who died from a bear attack;
  • Chasing monkeys around their enclosures for extended periods in the heat, grabbing primates by the tail and prying them from objects they are holding, thus leading to several cases of tail degloving and rectal prolapse; and
  • “Treating” rectal prolapse by turning monkeys upside down, shaking them, inserting a finger into the anus and pushing back the rectum—sometimes without anesthesia, lubrication or stitches.

“The Department of Business and Professional Regulation should open an investigation and consider disciplinary action based on apparent incompetency and misconduct related to the practice of veterinary medicine,” said Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

ALDF’s complaint is available by request.

15 thoughts on “Primate Breeding Facility Failing to Provide Proper Veterinary Care

  1. Rhonda says:

    Cruel treatment to these animals!

  2. Peter Hens says:

    What are these people thinking? They need a lesson in humane treatment of defenseless creatures. One way to start the lesson is by turning them upside down and, never mind…

  3. Madeleine Doran says:

    Thank you, ALDF for your complaint against Primate Products. I hope they revoke the President, Jeff Rowell’s veterinary license and wish the USDA would close the facility. Rowell has not denied any of the charges against him.

  4. Karen says:

    You disgusting people clearly Psychopaths, look up the definition. Work in a place to purposely be able to abuse and torture animals! You all should be arrested, executed! These animals need to be removed and this place destroyed!!!

  5. Kari Robertson says:

    These creatures are so close to us that you or I could end up the same way in experiments! Please stop this insanity now!

  6. Kari Robertson says:

    These creatures are so close to us that you or I could end up the same way in experiments! Please stop this insanity now! This is wrong on every level

  7. Cecile Pearsall says:

    This is cruel and evil practice on these innocent animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please shut down this torture facility!!!!!! Take these animals to a sanctuary!!!!!! There should never be experiments on animals!!!!!!! They repeat same experiments over and over!!!!!! There is no benefit to man to torture animals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As a Floridian, I am shocked and horrified that my state would allow this to go on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Lorraine Callalli says:

    Let me get within two feet of the monsters who are hurting these animals and “rectal prolapse” will be the least of THEIR problems

  9. Barbara A. Albright says:

    Thank you ALDF for taking this case and thank you PETA for the investigative research!
    Federal and State License Boards need to be accountable

  10. Nancy O'Neal says:

    Have you no heart?

  11. Nicole Rodney says:

    Thank you ALDF and PETA for the important work you do exposing and fighting injustices against those who cannot speak out themselves.

  12. Amy says:

    Please stop this!!! They are living breathing and feeling creatures!

  13. I hope ADLF has filed a separate complaint against the veterinary license for Dr. Rowell, if in fact he is a licensed veterinarian as Madelyn Doran stated. He is breaching his oath of doing no harm and alleviating suffering. Complaining against the facility is a far different complaint than his license to practice veterinary medicine. Additionally, the vet licensing board should be more cognizant of his professional improprieties.

  14. Marianne Faron says:

    Stop this horrors!!!!

  15. Kathy Williams says:

    You know that such cruel and callous treatment is routinely occurring behind the heavily guarded walls of each and every one of these facilities, right? Moreover, such industries are consistently allowed by local, state and federal legislators to continue operating – even in the face of multiple, often repeated, grave AWA violations.

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