Pennsylvania Puppy With Health Problems?

Posted on December 15, 2011

The Animal Legal Defense Fund is interested in hearing from you if you bought or adopted a dog from Pennsylvania after July 31, 2010 with behavioral problems, mental suffering, an injured leg, a limp, or other problems caused by a lack of exercise before adoption. The dog may have come from a breeder who ran a puppy mill – a commercial breeding operation where dogs spend most of their lives confined in small, barren cages.

By sharing your story you may be able to join us to help stop puppy mill abuses in Pennsylvania. Share your story with us at Tags:

One thought on “Pennsylvania Puppy With Health Problems?

  1. Ashlee Pegg says:

    There shoudlnt be a dealine on when you bought your dog or on the health issues. I bought a doberman 2 yrs ago from a backyard breeder that wasnt checking for health issues. Turns out the puppy I bought has Von Willie Brands disorder. His blood wont clot if he gets cut and can bleed to death. We all should try to put a stop to this as well as puppy mills. I cant stand how people mistreat innocent animals. They are like your kids, they are a part of the family.

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