Oprah Profiles ALDF v. Woodley—Rescue Redux

Posted on May 15, 2009

In 2005, ALDF won the biggest civil action to stop animal cruelty in American history, rescuing more than 300 dogs from a North Carolina animal hoarder. In its June issue, O, the Oprah Magazine, catches up with a crew of the case’s spunkiest survivors. Forward this page to friends and family!

Read | Read an in-depth account of the ALDF v. Woodley case in "Operation Rescue" in the June issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, also featured on Oprah.com.

Watch | In their own words, four of the women who opened their homes to dogs rescued from the Woodleys tell about how their lives have been changed forever by these special animals in slideshows now featured on Oprah.com.

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Bonus Material | Video and slideshows of some of ALDF’s favorite clients:

Video: ALDF Rescues 325+ Dogs Video: Edgar’s Story
Video: ALDF Rescues 325+ Dogs Video: Edgar's Story
ALDF received tremendous community support in our efforts to rehabilitate and rehome the hundreds of neglected dogs rescued in ALDF v. Woodley. The owner of an abandoned furniture factory in Sanford, N.C. offered the building as a temporary shelter, which became known as the “Halls of Hope.” In the midst of caring for these very special clients, ALDF staff and volunteers were able to shoot some video of the dogs during the time they spent in the shelter. Watch the video…
Attorney Joyce Tischler founded the Animal Legal Defense Fund in 1979. She never had a client move in with her, though, until a Boston terrier named Edgar won her heart during his stay at the Halls of Hope, scoring a one-way ticket with Joyce back to her home in California. From the ALDF headquarters, Joyce, with her now-constant companion Edgar, shares a little bit about how both of their lives has changed since the historic ruling in ALDF v. Woodley. Watch the video…
Slideshow: Before the Rescue Slideshow: Happy in Homes
Slideshow: Before the Rescue Slideshow: Happy in Homes
Animal victims of hoarders–an estimated quarter-million nationwide–typically suffer horribly as a result, and their misery can go on for years. Images of the dogs rescued in ALDF v. Woodley, and the conditions in which they were found, leave no doubt that hoarding is one of the most egregious forms of animal cruelty facing communities nationwide. Watch the slideshow… When ALDF was awarded custody of the hundreds of dogs rescued from the Woodleys, there was still a long journey ahead for them–after a lifetime of confinement and neglect, many of the dogs had special needs. The incredible patience and love of very special volunteers from nearby communities and the foster families who eventually helped them on their way to their forever homes made it possible for the Woodley dogs to have their second chance at life. Watch the slideshow…

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