National Justice for Animals Week
February 21 – 27, 2010

Posted on February 21, 2010

Without strong enforcement, even the best written laws are powerless to protect animals. That’s why the Animal Legal Defense Fund is celebrating some of our nation’s most important animal advocates during National Justice for Animals Week–the prosecutors and other law enforcement professionals who have let it be known that animal abuse will not be tolerated in their communities.

During National Justice for Animals Week 2010, ALDF is also launching a nationwide campaign to promote legislation that would require mandatory registration of convicted animal abusers–giving communities, animal shelters, and law enforcement a powerful new tool to help keep animals safe. Learn more and contact your legislator today at

We are proud to announce the honorees and sponsors of National Justice for Animals Week 2010.

Ron Beggs Ron Beggs
Beggs is a fifteen year veteran of the Dearborn, Michigan Police
Department. Ron was the detective-in-charge of the investigation into
alleged animal hoarder Kenneth Lang Jr. who was found to have over 100
live and 150 deceased Chihuahuas in his home.
Tracey Cusick Tracey Cusick
Cusick has served as an assistant district attorney at the office of
Norfolk County District Attorney William R. Keating for more than ten
years. In 2008, she prosecuted to conclusion a case that involved more
than 100 dogs.
Gillian Deegan Gillian Deegan
"Jill" Deegan is an Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney in Botetourt
County, Virginia. In addition to her other casework, she is responsible
for handling all of the animal cruelty and neglect cases in her county.
William Lamberth William Lamberth
G. Lamberth II is currently an Assistant District Attorney for Sumner
County, Tennessee. In 2006, William, helped secure a positive outcome
for hundreds of rescued dogs from a puppy mill near Nashville.
Grant Miller Grant Miller
2007, Dr. Grant Miller founded the Sonoma County CHANGE Program, a
501c(3) corporation in California that provides support services to the
Sonoma County Animal Control department in cases of horse neglect,
abandonment and abuse.
Raj Prasad Raj Prasad
Prasad has been an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney at the Wayne County
Prosecutor’s Office since 2005. Raj co-founded the office’s Animal
Protection Unit (APU) in 2008 with APA Amy Slameka. The APU has
achieved a 98% conviction rate.
James Reams James Reams
Reams has served as the Rockingham County Attorney for the past 12
years. James spearheaded the landmark prosecution when, in 2001, the
Plaistow District Court searched the property of Christopher Devito in
Newton, N.H. for evidence of running a "fighting dog" operation.
Amy Slamdeka Amy Slameka
Slameka has been with the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office since
January 2001. She co-founded the Animal Protection Unit (APU) in 2008
with Rajesh Prasad. The APU is designed to combat the underground
criminal community that breeds, trains, houses and sells fighting
Tammy Somers Tammy Somers
Somers joined the Office of the Indiana Attorney General in October of
2008 as a Deputy Attorney General in the Consumer Protection Division.
The Attorney General’s Office shut down a puppy mill and removed 74
dogs and four horses, and then shut down a second mill, rescuing nearly
300 dogs.
Tiffany Wasserburger Tiffany Wasserburger
Wasserburger is the county attorney for Scotts Bluff County, Nebraska.
Tiffany’s tireless prosecution has helped provide second chances for
countless animals, including Max the kitten.

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