Hearing Today on Mistreated Mother Pigs at State Fair

Posted on June 16, 2015

Fight Continues for Illegally Confined Mother Pigs at California State Fair

For immediate release:

Megan Backus, ALDF

farrowing-crate-cc-alisha-vargas-article-image-240pxSAN FRANCISCO — On Tuesday, June 16, the California Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s (ALDF) lawsuit against the Regents of the University of California (UC Regents) and California Exposition and State Fair (Cal Expo). The lawsuit alleges that the UC Regents and Cal Expo unlawfully spent taxpayer resources by transporting, confining, and exhibiting pregnant and nursing pigs at the Livestock Nursery Exhibit at the California State Fair in violation of the state anti-cruelty law.

When: Tuesday, June 16 at 1:30pm
Where: Earl Warren State Building
350 McAllister Street
Fourth Floor, Division 2
San Francisco, CA 94102

ALDF’s lawsuit alleges that nursing mother pigs were placed in body-gripping “farrowing crates” for three weeks at the 2013 California State Fair, and were unable to walk, turn around, or stand comfortably. California’s anti-cruelty law, particularly penal code sections 597 and 597t, protects farmed animals by mandating adequate exercise for confined animals, and prohibiting their needless suffering. In December 2013, the Alameda County Superior Court held that newly enacted Proposition 2—which prohibits some forms of confinement but does not prohibit farrowing crates—supersedes the anti-cruelty law and dismissed the case. On Tuesday, the California Court of Appeals will hear oral arguments in ALDF’s appeal of this ruling.

“Californians do not support the intensive confinement of mother pigs.” said Stephen Wells, executive director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. “The State should not be spending taxpayer resources to support this unnecessary and outdated practice especially when it violates the State’s own cruelty laws.”

Copies of the lawsuit are available by request.

27 thoughts on “Hearing Today on Mistreated Mother Pigs at State Fair

  1. Leslie Stidham says:

    Thank you ADLF. I cry everyday reading the countless acts of cruelty that mankind inflicts on the living creatures we have been entrusted to to care for, on this planet earth. This is extremely frustrating, that we even have to take these people to court…just to make them behave like decent, caring and conscience-guided humans. Its just unbelievable any human would find this acceptable. Thank you for all you do. I will continue to support your organization and spread the word to others about your great work as well. Give them Hell today! Please come back victorious! God Bless.

    1. L J Andersen says:

      I agree Leslie! People can be so terrible!

  2. Sharon Blomdahl says:

    Californians as well as people from all other us states do not support the intensive confinement of mother pigs. It’s time to learn from human mistakes become a more humane country for the sake of our children and animals alike.

  3. Mamie Boreffi says:

    This is so disgusting …How can people do this to any animal ..I really don’t understand the heartless treatment ..And they have no conscience…..Please put a stop to this ..

  4. theresa fielder says:

    Very cruel have a person confined to an area
    That small see if they go crazy

  5. Carole Dockswell says:

    Beyond cruel always abusing animals needs to stop

  6. Judy says:

    I agree the mistreatment of all animals is out of control, but especially disturbing is the mistreatment of farm animals. These brilliant animals are living beings not pieces of equipment.

    The Way Society Treats Animals is a Direct Reflection on Who They Are.

  7. Tammy Anderson says:

    Not only is it inhumane to confine a pregnant pig or any pregnant animal but it is inhuman to confine ALL Animals !!! If a human would not like to live like this themselves then they should Never Subject Any Animal To Such Evil And Disgraceful Conditions.

  8. Linda Stevenson says:

    This should not be happening! Mothers teach their babies and this is crimimal.

  9. della lurusso says:

    Please stop this

  10. Mary J Armbrust says:

    So sad to think that any animal that gives its life for human nourishment is treated so cruelly up until its ultimate sacrifice. We need to revere these animals and give them basic needs like the right to proper nutrition, exercise, rest, water, sunshine, to be able to bear and raise their young for as long as possible, and engage in natural behaviors as much as possible. These poor sows had none of that. What a horror show these poor food animals are subjected to.

  11. Debra Spring says:

    This is wrong and must be stopped. We are humans, we are suppose to be the guardians of the Lord’s creatures not their tormentor!

  12. Bernadette Doucette-Sperry says:

    I was under the impression that there is now a Law in All 50 States for Felony Animal Abuse…? If so, this Should Include All Animals…Why can’t this be brought up and used…To have a mother and piglets at a Fair like that…It just goes to show how brazen these people are to promote Abuse and should be dealt with in a court of law…

  13. Barb Golden says:

    Animals have feelings and a right to live a non abused life, they should not be disrespected or objectified ie it s just an animal.
    I m sick and tired of seeing movies where a dog is thrown around, not funny. sick of factory farmers having so much control. Sick and tired of colleges using animals in their horrid experiments. Now is change is the time to change. we who care must not turn away when we see or hear abuse. Step up and speak out!!!!!!! NOW

  14. julia sewill says:

    Please stop this! Why are you so cruel to pigs and cows for that matter. Your horrid fair had a mother cow there giving birth suffering horribly and a bunch of so called men laughing thinking it was funny. I asked that someone help her, or at least get a fan to cool off the pen and they wouldn’t. I will never go back to that fair. Cruelty needs to stop now.

  15. Deanna Johnson Mawhinney says:

    Pigs are someone. They have feelings. They want to love and care for their babies.

  16. jordan brookes says:

    we take their lives for food. should they not be respected & treated better than this, sometimes I think humans are disgusting

  17. Cry for these smart loving animals who have no control over their lives from birth till deathwr are very poor stewards

  18. Janice Dion says:

    Please stop the confinement of Mother pigs.

  19. Janette Mejia says:

    Pigs, especially nursing mothers are treated more inhumanely than any other farm animal eexcept ceal calves. This callousness towards living, breathing precious pigs that are ccaring for their young is hard to understand. This is blatant animal abuse and needs to be ststopped because animals are not things that have no value. And soon many more people will sstop eating these tortured souls due to their ccircumstance.

  20. Lani says:

    My appreciation go to this ALDF legal team for taking this issue with mother pigs seriously and to convince the court to do so also and prohibit unacceptable treatment to this animals, not only at the state fairs, but anywhere in the state of California.

  21. Danielle says:

    I cannot believe man thinks this is acceptable.

  22. Ann says:

    “Thank You ALDF for all your sacrifices.” It’s very difficult getting others to understand there is no justification or defense for animal abuse and torture. A court is needed to enforce “human decency?” What have we become? It’s a sad time, but ALDF gives us hope and we are grateful.

  23. Mary Bakea says:

    Shame on them ..!!!!

  24. Helen Smith says:

    Farm animals need to be treated with respect these poor creatures are just abused every day this must stop

  25. paula cook says:


  26. Tracy Light says:

    Please stop this abuse..I feel myself getting anxious every time I see an image/article about animal abuse..When will it stop..!

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