Alleged Dogfighters Who Videotaped Themselves Burning a Pit Bull Alive to be Arraigned in Wayne County, Michigan Court

Posted on November 16, 2010

Citizens Urged to Take a Stand Against Dogfighting by Attending the Hearing, Demanding Justice

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Lisa Franzetta, Animal Legal Defense Fund
Megan Backus, Animal Legal Defense Fund

Pit bullDetroit, MI – The national non-profit Animal Legal Defense Fund is urging concerned citizens to attend the arraignment of Kristian Jackson and Decarlos Young, alleged street-grade dogfighters who are facing criminal charges in Wayne County Court tomorrow for alleged gross abuse of a pit bull. When the young pit didn’t pass the “roll” test–an attempt to see if a dog will fight–the two men allegedly tried to hang the dog to death. Unsuccessful with the hanging, they stand accused of burning the pup alive while someone shot video of this with a cell phone camera. Concerned citizens fed up with the outrage of dogfighting can demand a zero tolerance policy for animal cruelty in their community by attending tomorrow’s hearing.  

When: Wednesday, November 17, 9:00am
Where: Wayne County Circuit Court, Criminal Division
Frank Murphy Hall of Justice
1441 St. Antoine Street, Detroit

Since the scandal of Michael Vick’s arrest and conviction for dogfighting rocked the nation, law enforcement, courtrooms, and communities are increasingly taking a tougher stand against dogfighting, which is not only a horrific tragedy for the animals involved, but linked with other serious crimes that plague communities, such as such as gambling, drug dealing, weapons offenses and money laundering. As in Jackson and Young’s case, trainers may viciously kill dogs who refuse to fight or who lose fights. Killing methods include shooting, hanging, drowning and electrocution. In the “dog man’s” world, the credo is “Breed the best and bury the rest.”

“The Animal Legal Defense Fund receives dozens of calls every month from citizens who are fed up with the scourge of dogfighting in their communities,” says ALDF’s Criminal Justice Program Director Scott Heiser. “Wayne County citizens who attend Jackson and Young’s arraignment will be taking crucial action to demonstrate to the court that dogfighting will not be tolerated in Detroit–and they will be giving a voice to the young dog who died a painful and terrifying death while violent abusers videotaped, all in the name of this ugly ‘sport.'” 

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