ALDF Signs on to ‘No Reel Apes’ Campaign

Posted on December 16, 2005

Next week marks the release of Peter Jackson’s
remake of the movie classic "King Kong." The Oscar-winning director
used no real apes in the production, showing that cutting-edge
filmmaking doesn’t involve cruelty to animals.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund and its partners in the Chimpanzee
Collaboratory – including Dr. Jane Goodall and the Doris Day Animal
Foundation – are working with humane organizations and Hollywood
professionals like Pamela Anderson and Daryl Hannah to challenge the
Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to make great movies
without great apes. ALDF signed on to an open letter sent to MPAA
President Dan Glickman on December 5, urging him to call for an end to
the use of great apes in movies and entertainment.

Check out this flash film spoof on Hollywood’s use of great apes, part of the “No Reel Apes” campaign to end the use of great apes in entertainment.

Most people don’t know the trauma and mistreatment young chimpanzees
and other great apes suffer in the name of entertainment. Apes used in
film and television are taken from their mothers when they are just
babies, and the developmental damage they suffer is long lasting. By
the age of eight, when chimpanzees become stronger and more
independent, industry trainers struggle to dominate these natural
behaviors, and apes become of no use and are “retired.” Most spend the
rest of their lives–50 or more years–in pathetic roadside zoos and
other substandard facilities.

What You Can Do

Send a polite letter to MPAA President Dan Glickman asking for an end
to the use of great apes in Hollywood. As a leader in the entertainment
community, he has the power to help our closest living relatives.
Remind him that baby apes are taken from their mothers at an early age,
forced to endure brutal training methods, and then often end up in
horrible conditions at substandard facilities.

Contact Dan Glickman at:

15503 Ventura Blvd

Encino, CA 91436



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