National Justice for Animals Week 2011

February 20-26 marks the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s third annual National Justice for Animals Week. Join us on Facebook and ALDF’s blog for a week-long campaign to fight animal abuse and honor animal victims!

Animal victims of abuse cannot speak for themselves–so concerned citizens and our legal system must speak up for them. That’s why the Animal Legal Defense Fund has created National Justice for Animals Week–an annual event that is dedicated to raising public awareness nationwide about how to report animal abuse–and how to work within your community to create stronger laws and assure tough enforcement.

Take Action!

Animals need your help every day of the week. Each day during National Justice for Animals Week, ALDF will post an action that you can take part in to bring us closer to real justice for animal victims. Join us on Facebook and ALDF’s blog to find out how you can participate in quick and effective actions each day this week!

Monday: Don’t just read the news–make it!

Tuesday: Suggest a caption for the photo of Justin, the week’s official mascot.

Wednesday: Watch ALDF’s “This is Who We Are” video and share it with friends.

Thursday: Sign petitions and speak out to lawmakers.

Friday: Make a difference for animals 365 days a year by becoming a monthly donor.

America’s Top Ten Animal Defenders
Without strong enforcement, even the best written laws are powerless to protect animals. We are proud to announce America’s Top Ten Animal Defenders–the honorees and sponsors of National Justice for Animals Week 2011.

Honoring Animal Victims: Landmarks in Legislation (PDF)
Some of the most important legislative landmarks in the movement for criminal justice for animals were born from the tragic stories of real animal victims of crimes. Read on to see how legislators have fought for increased protection for animals while honoring animal victims.

Resources for Fighting Animal Abuse:

Fighting Animal Abuse: A Resource Guide for Activists and Communities (PDF)
Download ALDF’s special 18-page manual designed to help you get active for abused animals in your own community – from how to help a neighbor’s neglected animal to how to work effectively with your legislators to effect real legal change for animals.

Advocating for Animals
Find the tools you need to effectively communicate with law enforcement and legislators about animal issues that are important to you.

What you can do when you witness animal cruelty
It can be disturbing-and heartbreaking-to witness an act of animal cruelty. Whether it be an acute act of violence or chronic neglect, find out what you can do when you witness animal cruelty.

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