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Animals need your help every day of the week. Check back every day during National Justice for Animals Week, and take part in a quick and effective action to bring us closer to real justice for animal victims.

Take action right now to help us add 10,000 new signatures to the Animal Bill of Rights during
National Justice for Animals Week – sign today, and spread the word!

Nominate honorees for next year’s National Justice for Animals Week!

Has your prosecutor or other local law enforcement official taken a strong stand against animal cruelty? Let us know! Submit your nominations for who should be honored during next year’s National Justice for Animals Week!

From insisting on long probations requiring that animal abusers not be allowed to own or cohabitate with animals, to creating an Animal Cruelty Prosecution program within the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office, the attorneys honored during 2009’s National Justice for Animals Week have gone above and beyond to give real teeth to animal protection laws. Have there been any cases in your community where a prosecutor got real justice for animal victims of crime? Nominations for next year’s National Justice for Animals Week honorees are now open!

  1. Your submission need not be formal, but there is some basic information we’ll need:
    • the name of the person you’re nominating and his or her title;
    • your nominee’s location (city/county and state) and, if you have it, contact information;
    • a brief summary or example of the work they’ve done to fight animal cruelty and honor animal victims;
    • if
      your nominee has worked on a specific animal cruelty case you’d like to
      note, please include the name of the case, details about the case, the
      case number, and the disposition (outcome) of the case. Feel free to
      include links to news coverage of any relevant cruelty cases.

  2. Include your own name and contact information so we’re able to follow up with you to get more details if necessary.
  3. Email your nomination to info@aldf.org with “National Justice for Animals Week nomination” in the subject line.

Thank you for joining the Animal Legal Defense Fund in recognizing those who work year-round to win real justice for animals.

Ask your prosecutor to enforce a Zero Tolerance for Cruelty policy in your community!

Tough laws protecting animals are critical in fighting animal abuse–but laws are meaningless without vigorous enforcement. The prosecutors being honored by ALDF during National Justice for Animals Week demonstrate what remarkable power law enforcement officials have in creating real justice for animals.

There are lots of ways to contact your prosecutor, but there is still no substitute for a letter, which goes directly to the desk of the addressee and leaves a paper trail.

  1. Search online for contact information for your county’s district attorney’s office, or contact the National District Attorneys Association at 703-549-9222 to find out how to reach your local prosecutor.
  2. Begin your letter with the proper title and salutation. For prosecutors, use their full name, followed by their title; for example, “Mary Black, Assistant County Attorney,” with a salutation of “Dear Ms. Black.”
  3. In your first paragraph, state who you are, and explain that you are writing to urge your prosecutor to take the crime of animal abuse seriously in your community. Explain why animal abuse matters to you and to your community. For example, mention how a particular issue affects you or your community (which, of course, includes animal members), or how you have donated time or money to a humane society, or how an experience with an animal made a lasting impression on you or initiated your activism.
  4. Keep your letter to one page, with a few concise points. Some points you might wish to include in your letter:
  • Animal victims of abuse cannot speak for themselves–so it is the job of our criminal justice system to protect them.
  • There is a well-established link between animal abuse and violence toward humans. Ignoring the crime of animal abuse not only endangers a community’s animals–it also endangers the people who live there.
  • The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s National Justice for Animals Week , co-sponsored by Congressman Steve Cohen, is the perfect opportunity to renew your community’s commitment to fighting animal abuse and honoring animal victims. ALDF offers free resources to prosecutors handling cruelty cases, including legal research, location of expert witnesses, and sample pleadings. More information is available at www.aldf.org.
  • Thank them for taking the time to read your letter and ask for a reply. Be sure to include your name and address on the letter (and the envelope, if mailed). You can send ALDF a copy too.

While the criminal justice system is there to protect all of us, very few people ever take the time to communicate directly with their prosecutors about the issues important to them.  Write a short letter today–and your prosecutor might be among next year’s National Justice for Animals Week honorees!

Don’t just read the news–make it!

Letters to the editor are short by design, and one of the most widely read sections of the newspaper. If you don’t think the issue of animal abuse is getting sufficient coverage in your local rag, or if you want to applaud a particular reporter for going in-depth to cover a case of animal cruelty, a letter to the editor is a great way to do it.

For today’s National Justice for Animals Week action item, let your own community members know how they can join the campaign to fight animal abuse and honor animal victims with a clear, concise, letter to the editor. The ALDF website makes it easy to locate contact information for your local papers’ editorial pages and to write your own personalized, effective letter to the editor based on our ready-to-go talking points in just a few clicks. Get your name out there for animals–visit the aldf.org letter to the editor action center and take action now!

  1. Go to the letter to the editor action center on aldf.org and locate your local newspapers in a couple of clicks. Check off the papers where you’d like to send your letter to the editor.
  2. Fill in your email’s subject line, and, beginning with “To the Editor:” draft your own personalized letter to the editor, filling in the talking points provided by ALDF as you see fit.
  3. Provide your contact information in the form beneath your letter text–the editorial page will need this information in order to run your letter. Just click to send your message, and you’re on your way to strengthening the fight against animal abuse in your own community.


Recruit 10 friends, donate $10

If you haven’t yet joined the hundreds of thousands of Americans who have signed the Animal Bill of Rights–take action now! Help us meet the goal of adding 10,000 new signatures to the Animal Bill of Rights petition during National Justice for Animals Week. Let Congress and all of our elected officials know that the law should protect the basic needs of all animals–and should provide justice for those who are abused and exploited.

  1. Recruit 10 friends to sign the Animal Bill of Rights–and ask them to tell ten friends! Our 10,000 signature goal for the week is within reach, but we can only meet it with your help.
  2. Donate $10 to support the Animal Legal Defense Fund’s work to establish real legal protections for animals during National Justice for Animals Week. For the price of a couple of soy lattés, you can be a part of ALDF’s push to bring real change to America–and America’s animals.


Never turn a blind eye to an animal in need!

Watch ALDF’s special video profile of our National Justice for Animals Week mascot–Adam, a 2-year-old cat who survived a horrific act of cruelty to inspire animal advocates around the world. See Adam in action now, as ALDF catches up with Tina Wright, the veterinary nurse who adopted him, and Dr. Lisa Alexander, the veterinarian whose skill and generosity saved the young cat’s life. And hear a special message from ALDF Executive Director Stephen Wells, who explains how one person can make a real difference in the life of an animal like Adam.

Then forward the video to five friends. Inspire the animal lovers in your address book to stand up for animals in need by sharing the story of Adam’s struggle for survival and of the brave 11-year-old boy whose courage saved his life–and brought his abusers to justice.

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