Adam’s Story

In June of 2007, an 8-week-old feral kitten in Santa Rosa, California survived an unspeakable act of abuse after two teenage girls doused him in accelerant and set him on fire, resulting in third-degree burns on nearly half of his tiny body. A brave 11-year-old boy playing nearby saw smoke and heard the cat’s cries and found the cat–later named Adam–cowering in some nearby bushes. Rescuing him from certain death, the boy took Adam to safety, where he spent long months recuperating at the Animal Hospital of Cotati, just up the road from the Animal Legal Defense Fund headquarters.

The story of the girls’ vicious crime sparked outrage across the nation, while animal lovers around the world eagerly monitored Adam’s recovery. Today, Adam is a spunky two-year old cat, forever scarred by the attack but demonstrating an incredible ability to survive–and thrive–thanks to the love and care of those who nurtured him through his day-by-day recovery. During National Justice for Animals Week, ALDF honors Adam, the vets and technicians who continue to care for him, and the truly inspiring young boy who demonstrated such courage in rescuing Adam–and, later, identifying the teens who had attacked the tiny kitten, allowing them to be brought to justice.

In February 2009, ALDF caught up with Adam, Tina Wright, the veterinary nurse who adopted Adam, and Dr. Lisa Alexander, the veterinarian who donated countless hours to perform the surgeries that enabled Adam’s recovery.  Check out this special National Justice for Animals Week video profile.

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