Stacy Parks Miller

Stacy-Parks-Miller-250pxStacy Parks Miller is Centre County, Pennsylvania’s first female district attorney. In this elected position, she has made it a top priority to fight for the voiceless and the vulnerable. She has prosecuted animal abusers with the same determination she demonstrates in prosecuting child abusers and other violent offenders. She has achieved several impressive criminal convictions against animal abusers.

In 2014, a woman abandoned her pets in her foreclosed home. Police found four dogs and two cats locked inside cages in the basement for over 30 continuous days in the dark with no heat or light, encased in feces and urine. One dog died shortly after police transported him to a veterinary office for care. Stacy was able to convict this abuser, who was sentenced to serve 1-5 years in prison.

The previous year, an owner shot his dog in a neighbor’s yard, out of frustration that she continued to escape from his yard and seemed to prefer being with the neighbor. He left the wounded dog suffering in a field behind his home for an hour and a half before police found her. In this case, Stacy obtained a criminal conviction and a sentence of 5 years to more than 11 years in prison.

Earlier that year, a herd of starving cattle was discovered in a stripped, muddy field with no sustenance. Bare bones were protruding through winter coats and some were so close to death they could not walk, from prolonged starvation. Nine cows were lying dead in the field. Stacy obtained a jail sentence of 1–3 years in prison, due to the severity of the cruelty and prolonged suffering of the herd.

Stacy pays close attention outdoor chaining, especially when temperatures soar or drop. She puts out public service announcements, speaks to the press, and posts on social media to raise awareness on this issue. She partners with local experts and veterinarians to conduct seminars on the subject. She also works hard for her state to take animal cruelty more seriously, and believes Pennsylvania needs to recognize felony aggravated animal cruelty as a possibility for a first offense.

Stacy shares her home with her beloved furkids, Chihuahua Poppy, and Terrier Ace. She reserves the third spot for a needy foster dog from one of her rescues. It is currently filled by a gentle, blind, and deaf cocker spaniel named Baxter.

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