Lindsay Herron

lindsay-herron-250pxSergeant Lindsay Herron started her career as a Minneapolis police officer in 1999. Because of her experience in the dog rescue community and strong interest in animal protection, Lindsay was selected to work closely with Minneapolis Animal Care and Control as the animal crimes investigator for Minneapolis. As an animal crimes investigator, Lindsay provides a voice for the voiceless victims of animal fighting, cruelty, and communities terrorized by criminals.

Lindsay has investigated over 80 cases involving animal cruelty and/or animal fighting and rescued more than 200 animals. She conducted a long term dogfighting case, in which she partnered with two federal agencies, the MPD SWAT team, and the weapons unit to simultaneously execute eight search warrants. These warrants resulted in the rescue of 18 dogs, some secured with padlocks, guns, illegal narcotics, and a manual of how to train and keep dogs for fighting.

Sergeant Herron’s brave work fighting animal cruelty has also led her to create a Dog Safety Education Program, taught by Minneapolis police officers, for elementary-age students in the Minneapolis public schools. This program is a partnership coordinated by Lindsay between the Minneapolis police department, A Rotta Love Plus (a nonprofit Pit bull and Rottweiler rescue organization), the Minneapolis public school system, and Minneapolis Animal Care and Control. The program works teaches Minneapolis youth how to stay safe around dogs, how to properly care for animals, and fosters positive interactions between the students, police officers, animal control officers, and perceived dangerous dogs. Lindsay’s leadership has resulted in more than 2,000 Minneapolis school children receiving dog safety education since 2012.

Lindsay also volunteers with A Rotta Love Plus and has fostered numerous dogs, teaches dog safety, works at fundraising events and will lend a hand anywhere there is a need.  She lives with her husband, three children, a Pit bull, a Rottweiler, and three cats.

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