National Justice for Animals Week 2015


February 22-28 is ALDF’s seventh annual National Justice for Animals Week. Follow ALDF all week and take action each day. Join us in fighting animal abuse and honoring animal victims! To participate, connect with ALDF:

Animals can’t speak for themselves—even when they are horribly abused. It is our duty to be their voice and make sure cases involving animal victims get heard in the courts. ALDF created National Justice for Animals Week for this very reason.

Every year we dedicate one week to raising awareness about how to report cases of animal abuse, and how to work locally to strengthen animal protection laws and enforcement.

Take Action Everyday

You might not be able to take action for animals every day of the year–but you can do it for one week. Check back each day and we will post a new action to take. Join thousands of other people across the country this National Justice for Animals Week, and be a voice for animals.

Take Action Each Day This Week! Each day during National Justice for Animals Week, ALDF will post an action that you can take part in to bring us closer to real justice for animal victims.


Today’s action is: Meet NJAW’s mascot Gracie! This sweet alpaca was neglected and severely emaciated when she was rescued from an alpaca farm in Oregon. Thanks to Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue she has since made a full recovery and is thriving in her new home.

Watch her video and share with friends:


Today’s action is: Make news for animals!

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Don’t just read the news–make it! If you don’t think the issue of animal abuse is getting enough coverage in your local paper, or if you want to applaud a particular reporter for going in-depth to cover a case of animal cruelty, a letter to the editor is a great way to take action for animals.


Today’s action is: Make next week’s shopping list cruelty free!

Cruelty-free food and shopping choices help support our legal mission to protect animals. One of the best ways we can all join together to stop the abuse of animals is to simply not purchase products or support industries that abuse animals. Use our resource guide to update your shopping list.


Today’s action is: Help ALDF Help Animals.

Animal victims of abuse cannot speak for themselves–so concerned citizens and our legal system must speak up for them. You can help animals every month of the year by making a monthly donation to the Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Learn more about becoming a Partner in Protection today.


Today’s action is: Fight animal abuse and honor animal victims online.

Join the hundreds of thousands across the nation who have already taken action online to support critical ALDF campaigns, which are designed to have the maximum impact for animals. A better world for animals is at your fingertips!

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Meet America’s Top 10 Animal Defenders for 2015! Animal victims of abuse cannot speak for themselves, but these extraordinary people are taking a stand in seeking justice for abused and neglected animals. During National Justice for Animals Week 2014, the Animal Legal Defense Fund is delighted to announce America’s Top Ten Animal Defenders.

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