Peaceful Protest at Thistle Meat/Butcher Shop

May 18, 2014 – May 18, 2014 12:00 PM – 02:00 PM

Thistle Meat/Butcher Shop

160 Petaluma Boulevard North
United States

Thistle is a new Meat/Butcher shop in downtown Petaluma. They tout they are local, sustainable and of course “humane.” There are small Butcher shops like this opening up all over the Bay area. The public has become very aware of “factory farmed” meat and these people know that, so they use all the new marketing buzzwords (local, sustainable, whole animal, ethical/humane). These are the kinds of businesses/people that are perpetuating the “humane” myth and sadly, people are falling for it.

Below is a quote from their web page:

“Thistle Meats is a neighborhood butcher shop opening early 2014 that serves our community ethically raised and locally sourced meats. Thistle Meats will maintain a whole-animal butchery. This type of butcher is both an old art and a beautiful challenge. The butchers at Thistle will continue to work with our mentors to develop a program that is sustainable and meets the needs of our customers, the integrity of our shop, and the longevity and health of our suppliers.”

They are “supplied” by David Evans of Marin Sun Farms which now owns the old Rancho Veal Slaughterhouse in Petaluma that was shut down by the USDA due to a huge recall in Feb. 2014. This is a town that has TWO slaughterhouses and a livestock/auction yard.

Please join us in telling the owners of Thistle Meat/Butcher Shop, Petaluma and all Petaluma’s tourists there is no “humane” meat!

Contact Name: Lisa Soldavini
Contact Email:


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