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Throughout human history, man’s best friends have been the dogs living alongside us, walking among us, and protecting us at all times. Perhaps that is why dogfighting seems a particularly heinous act of human cruelty—a betrayal of the deepest kind: love. Just one of the disastrous consequences of dogfighting is the controversy around perceived “dangerous dog” breeds and the tension between the safety of our communities and the wellbeing of animals like pit bulls.


Mary Jane and her human companion, Diego Molidor (Photo by David Molidor)

For many people, dogs are family members. Yet inadequate solutions like “Breed Specific Legislation” and local policies about immediate euthanasia of dogs perceived to be dangerous continue to be proffered instead of real solutions. That is why the work of StubbyDog is so important to ensuring both our own safety and the best interests of dogs.

StubbyDog is a national nonprofit organization focused on changing the public’s perception of pit bulls. Their innovative approach recognizes and celebrates the qualities of these dogs as heroes, therapy dogs, and loving companion animals for families across North America. The name of the organization comes from Sergeant Stubby, who was the most decorated dog in military history. The Animal Legal Defense Fund sat down with StubbyDog recently to learn more about their programs.

What are qualities that have been used against these breeds of dogs?

Like many dogs their loyalty, tenacity, intelligence, and deep desire to please can become a curse when mismanaged.

How has our perception of pit bulls evolved from “nanny dogs” to “bully breeds?”

Unfortunately, the last 50 years have been progressively unkind to pit bulls and other related dogs. The cultural shift is directly tied to the misuse and abuse of these terrific dogs, and their association with nefarious characters. To combat the degradation, we disseminate emotionally resonant content, go on the offensive rather than the defensive, and do our best to change the discussion by using positivity to showcase the many traits that make pit bulls such splendid creatures

Mia and Remus

There are a variety of organizations doing the aforementioned that have been crucial in addressing the challenge. We believe the right mainstream messaging is the strongest vehicle in changing public perception. In turn, StubbyDog is uniquely focused on being a communications driven organization to meet this need.

How You Can Help

StubbyDog asks you to “rediscover” the pit bull. Visit StubbyDog’s website, where you can share your own stories and experiences, donate or sponsor a dog to help support this important humane nonprofit, and get involved!

Share Your Story! StubbyDog Contest!

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Deadline is June 20, 2013. Winner will be announced on June 21, 2013! The winning pup will receive a profile spotlight on our website and a special gift from the Animal Legal Defense Fund!

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