Stop the Hunt: Canned Hunt Permit Tracker

The Animal Legal Defense Fund’s Canned Hunt Permit Tracker identifies pending permit applications submitted by canned hunting operations—or “hunting ranches”—that intend to import or breed exotic and endangered animals for the sole purpose of killing them for sport. These applications are open to the public for comment—join us in telling the United States Fish and Wildlife Service that canned hunting does not provide any benefit for the endangered species and that these applications should be denied.


Morani River Ranch, Uvalde TX; PRT-49112A


August 7, 2017

The applicant requests a renewal to a captive-bred wildlife registration under 50 CFR 17.21(g) for barasingha (Rucervus duvaucelii), red lechwe (Kobus leche), Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx), and Eld’s Deer (Rucervus eldii), to enhance the propagation or survival of the species. This notification covers activities to be conducted by the applicant over a 5-year period.

Look for the blue “comment now” button in the top right:


Comments should be made in your own words. Below is a sample to help you compose your comment.

Sample comment:

“I oppose granting _______ (Name of Canned Hunting Operation) a permit. These permits require that the applicant demonstrate the activity will benefit endangered species. _______ (Name of Canned Hunting Operation) is a canned hunting operation or “hunting ranch” that imports or breeds exotic and endangered animals only to profit from their deaths. Canned hunting does not benefit endangered animals. Instead it threatens both the individual animal that will be killed and the health of endangered species as a whole.

Granting this permit would violate the spirit and letter of the Endangered Species Act. It is the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s responsibility to protect the endangered species, not further harm them.

I strongly oppose the granting of this permit.

Thank you.”

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