Bringing Justice for Cecil the Lion

Yesterday, we learned that American dentist Walter James Palmer paid $50,000 to kill a male lion in Zimbabwe, so he could mount the lion’s head on his wall in Minnesota. Cecil was a major tourist draw at Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park and had been outfitted with a GPS collar by Oxford University for research several years ago. Palmer hired two guides to organize the hunt and assist him in baiting Cecil, a thirteen-year old male lion, from his refuge in Hwange National Park. The three men allegedly tied a dead carcass to the back of a vehicle to lure Cecil out of the Park where Palmer shot and wounded Cecil with his crossbow.


An avid big game hunter of renowned marksmanship, Palmer should have been able to kill Cecil with a single blow. Instead, the men allowed Cecil to escape, so they could track him for more than 40 hours. Eventually, Palmer decided to end the game by fatally shooting Cecil with a firearm. Palmer posed for photographs over Cecil’s carcass before decapitating and skinning him. His bones and flesh were then left for scavengers in the wilderness.

What Legal Options are There to Bring Justice for Cecil the Lion?

Authorities in Zimbabwe have already arrested two men in connection with the killing of the beloved Cecil the Lion outside Hwange National Park. Theo Bronkhorst, the professional hunter who aided Walter Palmer in killing Cecil, pleaded not guilty to criminal poaching charges (“failure to prevent an unlawful hunt”) and faces the possibility of fifteen years in prison. Honest Ndlovu, the landowner on whose property Palmer killed Cecil, faces the same charges and will appear at a later date.

Yet people everywhere are eager to see the long arm of justice reach Palmer himself, the killer at whose behest the arrested Zimbabwean nationals operated.

What might justice against Palmer look like? Here are several potential avenues:

1. Extradition to Zimbabwe for criminal proceedings

According to a spokesperson, Zimbabwean police are now seeking Palmer in connection with the killing of Cecil. Although Palmer is evidently back in the U.S., a bilateral extradition treaty has existed between the U.S. and Zimbabwe since 2000. Under its terms, anyone charged with an offense illegal in both countries may be extradited. Jens David Ohlin, a Cornell law professor who specializes in international and criminal law, calls this the rule of “dual criminality,” which he characterized as “pretty easily satisfiable” in Palmer’s case. Indeed, as of July 30, more than 135,000 citizens had already signed a petition before the White House asking Secretary of State Kerry and Attorney General Lynch to cooperate with Zimbabwean authorities.

2. Criminal or civil prosecution under the U.S. Lacey Act

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife service could prosecute Palmer for violation of the Lacey Act, which makes it a federal crime to import or purchase in interstate or foreign commerce any wildlife taken in violation of any foreign law. If Palmer knew the killing violated a law, Palmer could theoretically go to prison for five years and pay a $20,000 fine. Perhaps more importantly, a criminal conviction would let U.S. Fish & Wildlife protect other animals, by revoking Palmer’s hunting and import permits. (If Palmer didn’t know, but should have known, that the killing violated a law, Palmer could still pay $10,000 in civil penalties.) Any number of predicate foreign offenses might form the basis of a Lacey Act claim:

    1. Unlawfully luring Cecil out of Hwange National Park using bait—violating the wildlife protections the Zimbabwe Parks & Wildlife Management Authority afforded to animals under its jurisdiction.
    2. Unlawfully killing Cecil on Ndlovu’s property when no quota for killing lions had been granted him—poaching.
    3. Unlawfully removing Cecil’s radio collar after killing him—violating the property rights that the Oxford researchers maintained in their equipment.
    4. Unlawfully failing to provide Cecil a humane death, in which 40 hours passed between Palmer’s shooting Cecil with an arrow and Palmer’s killing Cecil with a bullet—violating animal cruelty standards.

A hunting television host once famously pled guilty to violating the Lacey Act, after shipping home caribou he hunted illegally. As a federal court has pointed out, the Lacey Act, “clearly states that any person who purchases guiding services for the (prospective) illegal taking of fish or wildlife violates the law.” United States v. Romano, 929 F. Supp. 502, 505 (D. Mass. 1996) (citing U.S.C. § 3372(c)(2)(A)).

3. A claim for civil damages under the Alien Tort Statute

The Alien Tort Statute (ATS) is a federal law first adopted in 1789 that gives U.S. federal courts jurisdiction to hear lawsuits filed by non-U.S. citizens for torts—or personal injuries—committed in violation of international law. Here, the Zimbabwean government, researchers at Oxford, or others who can demonstrate injury by virtue of Cecil’s senseless killing might bring a tort claim against Palmer for violating CITES, the international treaty designed to protect wildlife.

4. Criminal or civil prosecution for violation of the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO)

RICO, a federal law designed to combat organized crime, allows prosecution and civil penalties for racketeering activity performed as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise. Palmer has been convicted for felony poaching in the U.S. before and routinely “purchases” the right to kill big game in Africa, such as rhinos, lions, and leopards. This time, Zimbabwean authorities believe that Bronkhorst and Ndlovu “connived” to kill the lion without the appropriate permits or licenses. Both men face criminal poaching charges in Zimbabwe and could face up to fifteen years in prison. If Palmer induced these men into organizing the hunt as part of an ongoing effort to evade or intentionally violate national and international wildlife laws, then Palmer is guilty of racketeering.

5. Anything else?

Other avenues for justice may likewise exist. Indeed, a Congressperson from Palmer’s home state of Minnesota, Betty McCollum, has called for an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to see whether any U.S. laws were violated that might result in justice against Palmer. United States prosecutors and federal officials have several options at their disposal. In the coming days and weeks, ALDF will continue investigating ways citizens can use the legal system to achieve justice for Cecil. In the meantime, ALDF will monitor our government’s response to Palmer’s heinous act and mourn Cecil the Lion’s senseless death.

ALDF Demands Answers

Palmer has publicly acknowledged his role in the savage killing of Cecil the Lion, but he disclaims the Zimbabwe government’s allegation that the men killed Cecil illegally. If Palmer has a defense, then why won’t he share it with the public? The world deserves some answers. For starters:

  1. How did you, Walter Palmer, select Theo Bronkhorst to serve as your Zimbabwean hunting guide?
  2. What, if anything, did you do to ensure your guides had secured the proper permits before shooting and killing Cecil?
  3. Who obtained the dead animal carcass that was used as bait to lure Cecil out of Hwange National Park?
  4. Who tied the carcass to the vehicle that taunted Cecil as he left the borders of the Park?
  5. When you steadied your crossbow, did you notice Cecil’s distinctive black mane? Did you wish Cecil dead when you saw how rare he was?
  6. Why didn’t you kill Cecil immediately? You are a professional marksman with decades of experience killing big animals. How did you miss?
  7. After you wounded Cecil, why didn’t you immediately euthanize him? Why did you let him go?
  8. How did you track Cecil? While you were tracking Cecil, did you ever think about how much he was suffering?
  9. After you found him, how was his condition? Why did you decide to kill him with a firearm as opposed to your crossbow?
  10. After you had killed Cecil, why did you pose for photographs with his dead carcass?
  11. When you looked through your crossbow scope, did you notice Cecil’s GPS collar?
  12. Did you discover Cecil’s GPS collar when you were decapitating him or skinning him?
  13. What did you do with the GPS collar?
  14. Where did you go after you killed Cecil? How long did it take you to get there? When did you return to the United States?
  15. If everything you did was legal, then why are you in hiding now?

Zimbabwe has arrested Palmer’s guides and publicly called for the United States to produce Palmer for questioning about his role in Cecil’s death. U.S. Rep. Betty McCollum, a Minnesota Democrat, in a statement late Tuesday called for an investigation by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to see whether any U.S. laws were violated.

For his part, Walter Palmer has gone into hiding. In his few statements to the press, he’s claimed ignorance of the illegality of the hunt, Cecil’s status as a beloved tourist attraction, and the GPS collar he wore to identify him as protected. Whether Palmer knew Cecil was famous seems entirely irrelevant to the morality of his decision to hunt and kill an animal. Palmer should come out of hiding and own up to his role in Cecil’s tragic death.

What Can You Do to Help?

If you’re a reporter interested in discussing the legal implications of this case please contact ALDF at; (707) 795-2533 x.1021.

244 thoughts on “Bringing Justice for Cecil the Lion

  1. Andrew Ayars says:

    Our family will not fly with Delta until they agree to this.

    Please help to make this monster pay for what he has done.

    1. Linda says:

      i agree, and as a travel agent I will not book any clients on Delta or any other airline that continues to participate in this practice!

  2. Lisa Vavro says:

    It is horrible what happened to Cecil and these pathetic American big game hunters have to be sent a message to stop hunting these animals and the foreign countries have to help by stopping this

  3. Dana Cangello says:

    They have no voice. We must be their voice.

  4. Penny Davis says:

    Please stop all trophy hunting!

  5. silvia regina cozzo says:

    Stop the slaughter of innocent animals!

  6. Mareen Norman says:

    Thank you for reading and considering the importance of this message for all of Earth’s species.

    1. carol walsh says:

      i think someone should wound him and let him suffer and then feed his cold hearted behind to the other lions prison is to good for him a life for a life or as the bible says a eye for a eye peroid

  7. joy lim says:

    justice for cecil, who’s only err was to follow his instinct, that resulted in his unrightful death.

    stop trophy hunting. does conservation not trumps economics? this planet is being ruined by humans.

  8. Valerie Margaret Cooper says:

    I do hope the American is extradited to Zimbabwe and stands trial for murder and goes to prison for a very long time. His was a most heinous and evil deed. Cecil deserves justice. I hope now his cubs are cared for.

  9. Melinda Miller says:

    What a horrible, brutal man. This is just so sad.

  10. Mike Bazik says:

    This creep must face the music. Plus this term term ‘taken’ must stop. Justice.

  11. Carol Fahy says:

    Thank you for letting us know about the legal aspect. It does help my outrage to know that there are plenty of laws to cover many of the dentist’s actions. I hope he has to do jail time.

  12. Acerina says:

    I wont fly with Delta until they take action

  13. tony maner says:

    Justice for an Innocent and protected lion. The Justice for Cecil comes with the arrest and prosecution in both the United States and Zimbabwe. That is the only justice

  14. Tonia Neal says:

    This man should be punished to the full extent of the law he knew what he was doing and had no conscience about it I think he should be hung up in Africa & let the lions that he left behind mauling h to death…10 20 thousands dollars isn’t enough..He is a poacher period…God doesn’t like ugly rot in Hell Palmer!!!!

  15. Susan Kimball says:

    Not only do I want this disgusting human being punished to the fullest extent and made to suffer as Cecil did, I also want Cecil’s death to mean something, and save others. Let this be what finally tips the scale to stop the horrific killing of all innocent animals. For the life of me I don’t understand how anyone gets a thrill from killing just for the fun of it. May they all rot in hell!

  16. Paula Kyle says:

    Trophy hunting must stop. It is barbaric, cruel and unevolved.

  17. Bet says:

    Justice for Cecil and all wild animals. Stop trophy hunting!

  18. Catherine Tyrone says:

    I will not fly with any airline that participates in such actions in any way. But please, make this be about more than money. Tell the world NO life has a price. PLEASE make it stop. Let Zimbabwe have the murderer and then let America have at him.

  19. Dagmar says:

    Palmer is the real beast. They skinned the lion to avoid recognition. He deserve to be in prison for the rest of his life.

  20. Lenka Říhová says:

    Please stop all trophy hunting!!!

  21. Jayne Palmer says:

    I want justice for Cecil and all the animals Palmer has killed. I will NEVER fly with Delta until they stop their practice of transporting animals that are killed by paid hunts.

  22. Siobhan says:

    Rip Cecil #justice4cecil may Walter palmer rot in he’ll #evilsicktwistedpsycho

  23. Jayne Palmer says:

    I want Palmer prosecuted for illegally killing Cecil. I want justice for the other animals he has killed. I will NEVER fly with Delta until they stop transporting animals killed for paid hunts.

  24. Yvonne Streeter says:

    Palmer deserves the maximum punishment, including loosing his hunting license and his dental practice license (for life) Palmer left Cecil and his family with no choices, Palmer and his family deserve the same. No choices that you can’t buy your way out of.

    Flying on Delta isn’t an option at this point. We’ll see what choices they make to better their reputation.

  25. janine giustino says:

    This evil man should be sent to Zimbabwe to man up for his heinous crime. He needs a long jail term and should be an example of what will happen to any future poachers. Fining him will do nothing but let him know he can get away with this.

  26. Eileen Hodson says:

    I will boycot America if they do not take control of their hunting for trophies. 60% of the poached lions are shipped to the USA, shame on you all for allowing it

  27. I hope this man is brought to justice, and trophy hunting stopped for all species. I do hope steps will be taken to be sure this doesn’t happen again.

  28. lourdes hinnant says:


  29. Shirley Hocking says:

    To me, the killing of Cecil is about so much more than one hunter and one lion….it’s the demise of civilized humanity as a whole, it’s representative of everything that is wrong in the world, a world where nothing seems to have value unless one can add a monetary value to it….and if one has the means, one can have and do whatever the hell they like. We need to stop them.

  30. Carole Lynn Miller says:

    Memorial to Cecil. I’ve seen nothing in news and need to know that steps have been taken to confiscate Cecil’s remains taken by Palmer and bury them together with Cecil’s carcass in the Hwange National Park. A memorial to Cecil and to all those animals killed by trophy hunters and poachers should be placed over his grave. Palmer should have no trophy to display or for anyone else ever to behold. Cecil must be laid to rest.

  31. Palmer needs to be held accountable for his actions. He can’t claim ignorance, he knew what he was doing and has more than enough experience in every aspect. Extradite him and give him the fullest punishment in both countries. He’s coward for killing innocent animals and for going into hiding.

  32. Cindy Casteel says:

    He needs to face the consequences of his actions. Justice for Cecil.

  33. JB Maberry says:

    How could he not have known, surely he was in that jeep when the dead animal was used to lure Cecil from the protected area. Then like a coward, blinds him with a spot light and shoots an arrow to cause undo suffering for 40+ hours. What he did was inhumane and needs to be held accountable.

  34. Bonnie Beck says:

    I want Walter Palmer to give back all the remains of Cecil to the National Park for burial. For every cub that dies of Cecil’s, because of Walter Palmer actions, he must pay the National Park 250,000 dollars in penalties.

    Zimbabwe go after Walter Palmer most of the world stands behind you.

    1. evllyn says:


  35. Judy McKinney says:

    Go after that dentist and behead him.

  36. Please bring the heaviest punishment possible against this horribly cruel killer of innocent and beautiful animals, esp. the much loved Cecil;now Cecil’s children will likely be killed by the new pack-leader. This is an atrocity; Cecil was so handsome and loved by many.
    We do not donate on line; we have envelopes and will donate toward Cecil’s remembrance and hope the money will be used to prosecute Walter Palmer.

  37. Karen Schwabe says:

    Delta is no better than the hunters, who are heartless human beings. You have no right to take the life of another living being just because you can. Trophy hunters are worthless in this world and exhibit zero intelligence when killing a defenseless animal with a weapon.

    This is outrageous. Pass laws with severe penalties for trophy hunting. Stop the slaughtering of these beautiful living beings who have as much right to life as humans do. Let them live in peace.

  38. Miriam Soto says:

    Bring justice for Cecil.

  39. Linda Camac says:

    It is unthinkable and unacceptable by a civilized society and a moral people to tolerate a trophy hunter baiting, luring, bribing and poaching an apex predator who never bothered a human and was part of an Oxford study.
    The innocent 13 year old lion king suffered the pangs of hell with arrows piercing his body for 40 hours and his last awareness was the approach of his nemesis. Beheaded and skinned for a despicable sub human coward!

  40. keziban says:

    Justine for Cecil

  41. Caroline Green says:

    This atrocity-and all those associated with trophy and canned hunting must be made illegal now with immediate effect. There is no other choice-except extinction and a severe and irreversible and devastating negative environmental impact. This ripples far beyond Cecil.mlet his horrific passing be the catalyst for real change, before it’s too late.

  42. Linda Camac says:

    Addendum. Walter James Palmer should have his hunting license and passport permanently revoked! He not only knew what was going on, he planned it and like a typical coward now blames it all on the two guides.
    Palmer has been in trouble before for poaching in Wisconsin USA.

  43. yvonne says:

    cruel and outdated

  44. Linda Greene says:

    This man knew Cecil was a protected lion! That is why he was lured out of his refuge! He knew what he was doing,no doubt in my mind! No one has the right to take the life of a animal,that is God’s right alone! They are his animals and He put them here for us to take care of! We demand Justice for Cecil! Walter Palmer needs to pay for what he did to this beautiful and trusting lion! Stop all trophy hunting!

    1. Carole Lynn Miller says:

      Beautifully stated! Thank you!

    2. Carlita Cotton says:

      I agree 100%. The next most important thing is that Walter Palmer MUST return Cecil’s Head and ALL of his skin back to Zimbabwe. He NEVER had the right to kill Cecil and he CAN’T be allowed to keep ANY PART OF HIM!

  45. irena komatar says:

    This hunt on wild animals should be prohibited by law worldwide. It is important that govermants work close together to bring Palmer to the court and charge him high penalties and prison.

  46. Rosemary says:

    This dentist should be punished with the full extent of the law. He murdered this Lion who was protected, no excuses, and make him know hunting like this is NOT ACCEPTABLE NO MATTER WHAT PRICE HE PAID.

  47. Jayne exum says:

    Where is his head and skin can’t they take it away from him?

  48. Cat Ham says:

    Any of the monetary fines Palmer faces in the U.S. are just pocket change for him…he paid 50,000USD to kill Cecil…what is 10,000USD to him? It is like when he killed the bear…3,000USD…He needs to be fined A LOT more and to do hard prison time. Scare the CRAP out of all the greedy trophy hunters by showing them that they are not only going to have to pay A LOT OF MONEY if they commit a crime, but they are ALSO GOING TO JAIL regardless of who they are and how much money they have. The laws must be made to be FAIR AND EQUAL to all people so that the rich cannot buy their way out of every situation. Lions, tigers, elephants, rhinos, bears, jaguars, whales, dolphins belong to our grandchildren’s grandchildren!! We must protect them now so that they will know them!!

  49. San Collison says:

    Please punish these monstersto the fullest extent.

  50. cindy nelson says:

    Sick about this!

  51. Laura Mackenzie says:

    I commented on your facebook page about CITES and the Washington Convention. I agree with your legal analysis too. I also commented, that however tragic, there is a glimmer of something positive in that this case may set an international precedent and jurisprudence for wild animals, perhaps all animals…

  52. Joan Borde says:

    i am angry I am sad I am hoping trophy killing will be
    Banned everywhere! I think this guy and his helpers
    Should pay for this!

  53. Connie Rivera says:

    Hunting for sport should be illegal

  54. Patricia Welsh says:

    Please bring justice for this lion and all the other animals that are hunted. It is a DISGUSTING “sport” and should be banned everywhere!

  55. Barbara Runcie says:

    I want Palmer extradited to Zimbabwe to stand trial there. If found guilty I want him to be sentenced and punished there.

  56. Mary Madeco-Smith says:

    The silence from most of our elected officials all the way up the chain, has been deafening. We are demanding your separation from the special gun interests and hunting Groups to end these murders and to make justice for sweet Cecil. Walter Palmer must face Courts. In the name of st. Francis and the love of Cecil.

  57. Diane says:

    He should never be aloud to hunt for anything ever!!!!

  58. Lauren Barrows says:

    Make ALL Trophy Hunting illegal; beautiful and endangered animals belong on this earth, NOT on a wall. What will these egomaniacs do when the trophies are all killed off?? Make Palmer pay & do prison time. Stop the carnage; For Cecil & all those killed for vanity.

  59. Myriam says:

    The hunting of animals for trophy’s needs to be on a world wide ban.
    Hunting on open lands and canned hunts need to be made illegal all over the world.
    Enough abuse, and brutality.
    Let’s use this tragedy to change how the world treats animals.

  60. Julia Michelle says:

    May justice be served.

  61. Barbara Rose says:

    This was a crime that had no business happening. Does he think because he paid them the sum he did that he is entitled to do what he wants. He needs to be shot with an arrow and have to be hunted for 40 hours. The kill was too easy for him he had to make it a real hunt. He needs to spend the next 40 years in prison. the amount of days he hunted Cecil.

  62. Sue Little says:

    Why are we still dealing with trophy hunting of endangered species after years of knowing they are facing extinction? I do fault Zimbabwe for this also. No licenses or permits on lions should have been granted, period. I hope Palmer pays and pays dearly. He knew what he was doing was illegal. The guy is no novice and he has been in trouble before. I pray he loses everything including his freedom for a while.

    1. Kathryn DeLongchamp says:

      The Zimbabwean government issued NO lion permits for 2015. If it is culpable in any way, it is not in the issuance of a lion hunting permit. If Palmer believed the hunt was legal, he was lied to by his guide and the landowner. I find it hard to believe he actually thought the hunt was legal–i would think he made inquiries to get a permit for a lion hunt and upon finding that no lion quota was issued for 2015, he turned to illegal means. I think Palmer knew very well he was circumventing the law, luring a lion off it’s reserve by baiting it. He’s a stone criminal–a liar, cheat, thief and murderer. He’s a worm of a coward who must be brought to justice as that is the least Cecil deserves.

  63. Panaitescu Luciana says:

    justice for Cecil!

  64. This incident has to be the most heinous example of the cruelty a human being can perpetrate against an animal. Cecil was old and tame. It was like shooting an old man. Dr. Palmer should spend many years behind bars.

  65. Gail Minion says:

    This DISGUSTING example of a ‘human’ has left cubs defenceless AND a Pride without a dominant male- the cobsequences of which could be tragic & far reaching. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing. He & those with him MUST pay behind bars- selfish, egotistical, greedy and a DISGRACE!!. THIS MUST BE STOPPED

  66. Helen Lamoureux says:

    THIS incident specifically and any similar is simply unpunished MURDER! TAKING a LIFE should NOT be punishable when done only unto Humans-Humans are SUPPOSED to be the more ‘intelligent’ species yet we prove INTOLERABLE ignorance and arrogance allowing such life taking dominance against other LIFE in this world. Barbaric, sickening, ignorant, embarrassing and heart breaking!!!

  67. Pamela Bacon says:

    All of this is good but right now I’m othe legal smegal side of things. I vote for the eye for an eye approach

  68. Kim S says:

    Cecil, like all animals, had the right to live out his life as he was created to do. Scum like Palmer must pay dearly for this atrocity. Ban trophy hunting and impose mandatory jail time, maximum fines and mandatory service work to protect these magnificent animals from Palmer and all filth like him!

  69. Antoinette says:

    Please put an end to killing our beautiful wildlife. Thier our animals to protect. wildlife

  70. Denise D'Eletto says:

    Please make this stop!!!

  71. Dale Mellis says:

    I want this man to be sent to a Zimbabwe prison for a very long time. I want him to feel the fear that Cecil felt and I want him to suffer without privileges that his money can buy.

  72. Karen Reno says:

    Why is Mr. Palmer in hiding if he didn’t do anything wrong? Somebody needs to pay for any of Cecil’s cubs that die due to Mr. Palmer’s selfish act.

  73. julia sewill says:

    I just heard the creep that killed Cecil is missing. Hiding out the coward. Find him and put him in prison. Also, save Cecil’s cubs so they don’t get killed

    1. Conservative Senior says:

      Wonder how that savage feels now that he is being hunted? He’s a colossal piece of garbage and hope he is extradited to Zimbabwe instead of serving time in Club Fed.

    2. Jane Indigo says:

      I agree totally. He shall not be allowed to use money to walk away from his crime; not the first by any means. Despicable sadistic eunuch that he is.

  74. Christine says:

    He should not be allowed to keep Cecil’s head. He acquired it illegally.

    1. Kathryn DeLongchamp says:

      Cecil’s head and skin were being kept by Palmer’s guide in his home. His lawyer advised him to turn the remains over to the Zimbabwe National Park Service, which he did. The park service will examine the remains for evidence prior to sending them to a taxidermist, where they will be permanently preserved, possibly for evidentiary use at trial.

  75. Patrick Laherty says:

    Really Walter? You paid $50,000 for an illegal permit, flew over and back on a ticket that cost more thousands and then slowly made this King of the Beasts suffer excruciating pain and stress all so you could mount his decapitated head on your wall and walk on his pelt?
    You disgust me and millions like me. Happily, the US government is now hunting you. Hope you feel everything you should during your 40 hours.
    By the way, how did you get so much money for your trophy slaughtering? All from cosmetic teeth? Too bad for the way over paying patients that they know you.
    Tic toc loser.

  76. Jenna says:

    Make all trophy hunting illegal!

  77. Linde Whitney says:

    This scumbag must be punished for what he did period!

  78. Aron Monroy says:

    No nice!

  79. Geri Medack says:

    I want Walter Palmer to give back all the remains of Cecil to the National Park for burial. For every cub that dies of Cecil’s, because of Walter Palmer actions, he must pay the National Park 250,000 dollars in penalties.

    In addition, the company hired for this hunt should be charged, fined, and put out of business.

  80. sandra Munro says:

    Palmer needs to go to jail and yes every cub of Cecil’s needs to be protected if any die because Cecil is not there to protect them make Palmer pay for each and every one of them

  81. MARY ARAUJO says:

    Justice for Cecil !!!

  82. Denise chivers says:

    They all new it was illigal. It’s sickening. All big game hunting must stop.

  83. Marcela Carrasco says:

    Justice for Cecil❤️

  84. Teresa Roberts says:

    I hope he spends years in prison for what he’s done. He knows he did it and that’s why he’s hiding out. No innocent man would hide for something he didn’t do. Please save Cecil cubs from being killed. I’m begging you. For every one that dies he should pay a huge fine and more years in prison because Cecil isn’t there to protect his pride. Find the bastard and extradite him.

  85. claire cote says:


  86. Camille Carrigan says:

    Anyone who derives such pleasure from taking the life of any living sentient being and then takes a trophy or souvenir in order to relive this act of killing over and over again is nothing more than a serial killer, a sociopath.

    1. Yes, this notion of a sociopath has been substantiated by psychological experts – and common sense and compassion. Put an end to it.

    2. Barbara says:

      So True!!!!!

  87. Susan Fukes says:

    This is a very sad,senseless death. Despite what some may think, humans have NO RIGHT to kill a non-human animal just as they do not have a right to kill another human being. Non-human beings have every right to live on this earth just like we do. Justice for Cecil and all other animals killed for sport needs to be served before these beautiful beings are extinct.

  88. Cathy Ann says:

    I’m assuming that this ‘hunt’ was set up via internet correspondence. I think the email exchange will reveal a lot about Palmer’s intentions. The only good thing to come out of this situation is that people are becoming more enlightened about this trophy hunting industry and may be more vocal in their opposition to it.

  89. Daphne Lackington says:

    This man, Walter Palmer, is a murderer! He should stand trial in Zimbabwe and go to jail for several years plus a huge fine so he will never forget what he did. Also, his clients as a dentist should never go back to see him so he dies poor. The real animal is this “human being”, he is disgusting, cruel and a criminal!

  90. Lyne Lauzon says:


  91. Anne DeLeo says:

    I don,t think I ever seen such outrage from people and such sorry for such a beautiful animal that Cecil was. And a cowardly act that this man is guilty of. He has brought out such evil for the world to see. We are in mourning for Cecil and he has disturbed the very core of humanity and the balance of our world. I hope he gets the most severe punishment for his selfish act. God help us

  92. Staci Fallek says:

    Trophy hunting should be banned! Animals belong in the wild, free! Animal heads don’t belong on a wall. IT’S WRONG!!!

    1. Staci Fallek says:

      Please find this human garbage who killed an innocent animal for his own pleasure! I wish Africa would ban trophy hunting! All they care about is the money!

  93. Julie Knoeller says:

    The mindset behind this act is the same as the mindset behind the murder of non-whites by police. It stinks of White Privilege/ Entitlement. That white people can harm non-whites with impunity, whether on the street or by flitting to Africa with a wad of cash to murder and steal the head and skin of an endangered African national symbol for the wall of one’s “man” cave.

  94. Alisa Berry says:

    I have signed both petitions, and shared to all social media outlets. Praying this does not go un-punished.

  95. Em says:

    As an American I have to say… The other 999.9% don’t do such horrific things. Even if I had the money I would never do it. I would rather donate the money to help with research/taking care of the animals being protected. I can only hope this ‘trophy hunter’ is extradited to Zimbabwe.

  96. karine lenaerts says:

    We have to have Justice for Cecil and ALL the others, this has to stop, they deserve to LIVE happy and FREE!!!!! This is SICK and SO sad tears for you Cecil and ALL the others suffering out there because of US humans MONSTERS!!!!

  97. Judy Kerr says:

    JUSTICE FOR CECIL!!! Everyone involved in killing such a beautiful creature should have to pay! Such cruelty!

  98. Prisão perpétua ou morte pra esse fdp

  99. Mandela Govera says:

    People like Palmer don’t belong to this world -they are cruel evil beings who should be locked up in hell for a long time. Hunting and killing animals is not a sport by any definition.

  100. deborah lewis says:

    Please revoke this murderers passport, except that he may travel back to face charges for the illegal slaying of Cecil, then bring him back after he’s finished serving his sentence & make him face charges here.please get together a group of no holds barred lawyers & put this scumbag away for good!

  101. Terry Spirer says:

    Knock knock karmas gonna get you

  102. Melody Konze says:

    Animal cruelty punishable by prison time…
    What kind of person does this? This man is a sick,twisted killer.

  103. dawn legresley says:

    I hope they find him and make him suffer the way god’s beautiful an massive creature did. Shot him with a crossbow an let him escape an track him down an put a bullet in him… R.I.P Cecil

  104. He should be held accountable for his horrible act. Heartless, cynic and ignorant, no human values on his part. How can an individual like him lives among a community? I would hate to be his son , wife, or just a relative.

  105. Hector Butter says:

    Jail the bastard

  106. Jean C says:

    Physically ill ever time I think of him decapitating and skinning this phenomenal animal – something is wrong – this isn’t hunting for food. What a phenomenal waste – Mr Dentist takes Cecil away from all of us – and every other beautiful animal out there that was intended to roam this earth or provide food for humans. My heart is broken. What is it about this man that he has to bring home an exotic dead animal in order to be satisfied with life. Tragic.

  107. Carol Mason says:

    Killing animals is essentially murder. Animals don’t understand about trophy hunting, or development or pollution. They are similar to some mentally-challenged humans and need to be cared for and/or protected. Especially when they have been habituated to humans to some degree or another, it is a horrendous act to then use that familiarity to hunt and kill them.

  108. Ann Johnson says:

    I don’t feel the Dr should get prison because he was told it was okay to kill the lion..yes he should be fined!! and the places where the lion was should be fined and never allowed to do that to any animal again .. What they did to this lion was soon wrong and everyone that was involved should be held accountable

  109. Bring justice for Cecil the Loin, it was wrong for this guy to kill Cecil. I hope u find him .

  110. No respect for God’s creation. No respect for himself that man who killed Ceci. No rspect for the animal kingdom. No respecct for humans. Just a trophy, no sense of human values. Like one already said, karma is going to get him for sure.

  111. connie says:

    Hope he gets the maximum punishment! Certainly wouldn’t want this heartless creep anywhere near my teeth…

  112. kate kara says:

    anything that is immoral and unethical should be banned

  113. Emm Kutryk says:

    This man is a cowardly scumbag. I wish he could suffer the way Cecil did. I can’t wait for karma to get him back.

  114. Wendy Lowder says:

    For such a reprehensible act and for the psin and suffering inflicted on this beautiful animal, the punishment for this crime ought to be severe.

  115. Shane says:

    Just disgusting. These barbaric practices have to stop and have to be banned.
    Animals dont have a voice, but we do

  116. Elaine Tourjee says:

    I want this dispicable scum to be sent to
    Zimbabwe in chains and handcuffs to stand trial for his heartless deed. He deserves to be thrown in prison for a very long time. Do not give him any leniency because of his wealth. I hope he rots in hell.

  117. Lily Alvarado says:

    Extradite Palmer, revoke his dentist’s licence, and let him serve 50 years in a foreign jail.
    Ban all types of hunting.
    Hunting is not a sport; surfing, cycling, tennis, etc. are sports. Hunting is barbaric, an excuse for egotistical, sadistic, closet murderers to take lives.

  118. Dr Harry Shaw says:

    my letter to the Minnesota Dental Board
    Dear Sir

    Walter James Palmer has brought more disrepute upon our profession than anyone else in the history of dentistry in the United States. Disrepute upon the practice of dentistry is reason for revocation of his license to practice. I have spent many hours the past few days trying to bring our profession up from the garbage pail that this man placed it in.

    As a dentist in the state of Maryland for over 40 years, I have never felt more sickened by the actions of a colleague. He has sickened the world and made your colleagues in Minnesota look horrible and uncaring for the planet. A pedophile dentist could not have done more harm to the profession than he has.

    If you doubt me, wait until you go to any dental meeting and tell someone you practice in Minnesota. I wish to know how as a dentist from outside your state I can initiate the revocation of his license for damage and bringing disrepute on the profession.

    I do not want, as I have done the last few days, to explain to patients and friends why dentistry tolerates this man in our profession. Please get in front of the situation now before Walter Palmer brings your colleagues down in the cesspool he now inhabits.

    Sincerely yours,
    Harry Shaw, D.M.D.

  119. Roula says:

    We demand Justice for the barbaric death that Cecil had.!We want to see Palmer punished!!! I personally want to see him suffer in pain wounded for 40 hrs and then shot him so we can skin him and decapitate his head to have it as a trophy!! I demand to End Trophy Hunting NOW!To ban Canned Hunting and catch all the poachers!!!Enough is Enough!

  120. Roula says:

    We demand Justice for the barbaric death that Cecil had.!We want to see Palmer punished!!! I personally want to see him suffer in pain wounded for 40 hrs and then shot him so we can skin him and decapitate his head to have it as a trophy!! I demand to End Trophy Hunting NOW!To ban Canned Hunting. Enough is Enough!

  121. joy Metzler says:

    Felony Charges maximum

  122. again I am going to repeat my message if you are so rich to pay $50,000.00 to kill this helpless animal once you hurt him with an arrow and waited 40 hours to kill, decapitate and skinned his body and now thanks to you his cubs are being kill by the lion that is taking over his pride I hope you have the courage to go back to Zimbabwe and pay reparation not only for Cecil but for his cubs.

  123. Laura says:

    This is a travesty! I think he had to know it was wrong, if they lured any animal out of a natl wildlife preserve!! There had to be fences and signs. His so called expertise guides definaty knew! He should have donated the $50 g’s former his trip to charity and stayed home or at least traded his hunting equipment for a great camera! Let him hang a picture not an actual animal head!! Send him to Zimbabwe to face his crime!!!

  124. Legal or Illegal, I agree too that a Trophy hunting should be banned!This kind of action totally WRONG!!!

  125. Jeanette Finnman says:

    Walter Palmer should go to prison for a long time. Examples needs to be set so this can be stopped. Leave the animals alone. People with that kind of mind would you really want them to dig around in your mouth? What else is buried in his garden or in his past? I will not fly Delta.

  126. Diane kerfoot says:

    Because of what has now been done by Walter Palmer Cecil’s young may now be killed by other lions trying to take over his pride, we need to intervene and stop this from happening remove the Cubs and set up a new pride if possible.
    When this coward is finally caught he needs prosecuting and so does the land owner, also the man who lured Cecil out of the park.
    We all need to do everything in our power to get trophy hunting banned.
    Karma’s a bitch Walter and I prey that it gets you sooner rather than later, words can not describe you and other trophy hunters. You make me sick and should be held responsible for you actions.

  127. Jeannette Callaway says:

    Calls himself a man?

  128. Barbara Marchino says:

    Justice for Cecil !

  129. sheena says:

    Palmer must be tried and sentenced in Zimbabwe! This is very important – it must be an exemplary sentence! Strong messages must be transmitted!

  130. NATALIE BARRETT says:

    No one has the right to kill animals for fun, sport,trophies, weird medicinal B.S…. whatever.
    Those who take part in this, should be prosecuted and FED to the lions and have the animals mount the hunters heads in their dens!

  131. Judith says:

    Justice for Cecil and all the Animals!!!

  132. Suzanne steinberg says:

    Please, for the sake of all our lives and our children’s stop this inhumane practice. There will be no animals for our grandchildren to see if poaching continues. Ithe governments in Africa have to make STOPPING poaching as financially profitable as poaching is now . Also, don’t fly Delta and find out who took Cecil’s head and who is the taxidermist’s. Our hearts and souls have been broken when any human does something like this to G-d’s creatures.

  133. Eric Martin says:

    What can one say, it is a very sad day, the senseless killing of such a magnificent animal is enough to make a you cry. It makes you despise the human race for what they are capable of.

    Jail & bankruptcy are too good for this creep, shoot him with an arrow, track him for 40 hrs, skin him alive, then cut his head off, throw his bloody good for nothing carcass on the rubbish dump for the rats to devoure, who cares.

  134. zlatka ferenc says:

    this is horrible what this stupied american does to kill cecil

  135. zlatka ferenc says:

    this is horrible what this stupied american does to kill cecil i hope he will be killed as well

  136. Diane Larrieu says:

    This “marksman” wounded this animal for the fun of tracking it. Guess he is NOT the man he put himself out there to be. Wonder if he did the same with his other trophies he killed? The word sociopath comes to mind. He said he did NOT know exactly who Cecil was…..lying? Again the term sociopath comes to mind. You are a sick person, you need dealt with in the harshest way.

  137. julia unwwin says:

    plese do all you can to catch the barbaric devil incarnate and stop al the slaughter

  138. Débora Palmieri says:

    Poleasse, do something for the sake of human kind! Justice must be served right now!

  139. Adeline says:

    I hope that Palmer is extradited and jailed in Zimbabwe, not only for the egregiously cruel killing of Cecil, but for all the other magnificent creatures he’s killed. Isn’t a leopard endangered and protected? ( he’s photographed grinning stupidly with a poor, dead leopard amongst others )

  140. Maria Spranger says:

    Animals are not trophies this man should spend the rest of his life in jail for killing Cecil.

  141. Camille says:

    His sentenced to prison shld be the number of years cecil the lion has lived.he surely wants that famous lion to add to his collections. .find him.n take him back to africa..

  142. irene johnsen says:

    I say let a lion hunt him in a closed yard,with no weapons for palmer….see how he likes it….the creep jail for him…..

  143. dana porat says:

    so so evil and cruel i truely hope he is on his way to hell.

  144. sanja dimitrijevic says:

    Why is that we always react after a tragedy has happened. All hunting should be banned!! We couldn’t save Cecil but there are so many animals out there that are potential targets. Please act swiftly.

  145. Jenna Fuentes says:

    There should be a bounty on this guy’s head, I’d love to take him out!

  146. debbi says:

    Please take this signed petition just as seriously as all important matters. Trophy hunting needs to end.

  147. Roberta Limoli says:

    Karma will get you in the end, so why don’t you surrender yourself and face the music, I’m just wondering when you notice what you had done why didn’t you just go to the authorities…you should have left Cecil alone…

  148. Nancy Schloss says:

    It’s just tragic that humans have managed to destroy so
    much beauty on our planet, and if they are not killing each
    other, they do a good job of killing, eating or just
    generally doing great harm to all the other species we
    share the world withgood

  149. cecil wasn’t just a lion, she was part of (my) family. have followed her story for years.please help to get justice for cecil. she will be greatly missed.

  150. Jess says:

    Protect the animal rights.

  151. Laura says:

    Si existe algo de justicia deberían dejarlo en la selva, sin sus rifles y escopetas que lo hacen tan valiente. Que se encuentre cara a cara con todos los animales a los que se jacta de haber matado, a ver que hace. Debe morir pero sufriendo y ni siquiera así podrá sacarse el karma que carga encima.

  152. Susan Davis says:

    So because trophy hunting is legal in USA does that mean he can’t be extradited, or does the fact that USA recognizes the Park as protected area mean he CAN be extradited?

  153. SHARON says:


  154. Gabriela Jara says:

    Get that motherf……. Justice must be done!!!!! Fight for Cecil!!!!!

  155. Sandra Weisner says:

    We always get to choose our actions, we do not get to choose our consequences. This man should be extradited, it’s not the first time he has hunted illegally. He is a horrible excuse for a man. And so are all the others like him. Killing animals for pleasure and to serve one’s own ego needs is sick, sick behavior.

  156. katt says:

    This killing has got to stop—they have a right to live and be free

  157. Kim Stefanie Krüger says:

    There is nothing to say! It’s a shame!

  158. Nancy Kilgore says:

    Hunting any/ all endangered animals should be illegal, It’s that simple!

  159. Mary says:

    Run free beautiful one, we will get your justice.

  160. Susan schissler says:

    What a horrifying experience Cecil had to go through. Defenseless . Justice needs to prevail.

  161. Put him in jail for a long long time. Justice for Cecil.

  162. sheena mysinger says:

    Walter Palmer needs to pay for what he did, he lies when he said he didn’t know, he’s a coward for the way he did this and he knows he did wrong, if not why hide? Hope he pays for the rest of his life, and I will not fly delta from this day forward!!!!!

  163. Freedom Fighter says:


  164. Ainslee Higson says:

    His hideous gloating face should be behind bars.
    Also the other people involved.
    Who has the $55000?

  165. barbara gale says:

    There is an Indian legend which says:
    “When a human dies there is a bridge they must cross to enter into heaven. At the head of that bridge waits every animal that human encountered during their lifetime. The animals, based upon what they know of this person, decide which humans may cross the bridge…and which are turned away.”

  166. Leslie Schauer says:

    He’s a lieing idiotic excuse and wastes valuable oxygen!He knew exactly what he was doing and needs to suffer the consequences!! This isn’t his first cover-up! Liars be damned.

  167. Louise Favreau says:

    Shame on the Cecil’killer and the guardians!

  168. Ana says:

    He knew what he Was doing. Sent him back to Zimbabwe and be put in Jail paid an extra large fine and returne the remains to be burle in home country where he Was love the most and Mr. Primer should paid for a monumento for Cecil. Hunting should not be legal .anywhere!!!!!!!

  169. I will boycott Delta Airlines as will my family unless the airline permanently ends the transport of exotic animals and ends its support of this barbaric practice.

  170. Tito Vigo says:

    This type of garbage of dentist, should not exist. Send him back to Zimbabwe and let them take care of this business.

  171. SYChin says:

    This is the act of a barbarian. This man should be shamed and put in jail.He is a threat to the wildlife heritage of any country. He should be banned from ever setting foot again in any country with game reserves.
    I hope his dentistry practice is boycotted ; a bit gross to have a blood thirsty dentist treating you!

  172. Steffanie says:

    I am not a fan of ALDF, but in this situation, I totally support you. This man, his cohorts should all be prosecuted. Thank you for pointing out the options our government has p we as animals lovers can force out government to act on the behalf of this lion.

  173. I hope there will be justice for Cecil. I hope that this will never happen again. The lion was a legend. Please protect animals.

    1. BETTY says:

      One can only surmise that as a Dentist the man was educated. he was probably well aware of the laws bu thought that enough money and it would not make a difference what or who he killed.
      If he is not punished by extradition than what is next Dogs and Cats?

  174. Bernice Bowden says:

    This pos needs to pay dearly for his crime.

  175. Diana deal says:

    This is such a outrage, I hope karma bites him in the rear soon,maybe he should end up as somebody’s trophy

  176. Francesca del regno says:

    I want justice for Cecil and i want to be stopped killing all the animals!!!!!!!

  177. Karen Denis says:

    It is so sad that Cecil was killed and so brutally that he had to suffer for so long. Palmer should be standing trial along with his cohorts and getting a huge fine and twice the time in prison since he had no regard for the life of this beloved animal. This whole disgusting thing has awakened the world to the disgusting world of trophy hunting.

  178. Gina says:

    Breaks my heart every time I hear about trophy hunting it should be banned around the world leave these beautiful animals alone

  179. Nancy O'Neal says:

    We cry out for justice! We want harsher laws and more protection for all animals.

  180. Rose Stefano says:

    I want justice for Cecil, the killer, Dr. Palmer must be extradite and jailed.

  181. Amanda Hall says:

    I believe Palmer has violated the American Dental Association’s ethic code. Specifically, sections 3.A.; 3.F.1; and 5.E. Palmer has failed miserably at maintaining the esteem of the dental profession, has undermined the public trust in the profession as many patients will now wonder what the dentist will be doing with the money they spend on having their teeth fixed. All dentists will now be scrutinized by the public. Finally, Palmer’s hobbies and travels to Africa could result in pathogens that could infect his patients. His failure to disclose this information is unethical.

  182. Helen Marteen says:

    Please we need justice to this crime..

  183. Michelle Bergen says:

    I hope that Zimbabwe follows through with extradition and criminal proceedings against Palmer. It is also time to stop the trophy hunting. Surely a photograph or video of a safari is enough.

  184. Kim Seigel says:

    Poaching in Zimbabwe is punishable by death. Hoping the authorities prove Palmer to be guilty of poaching. Don’t spare him because he is a rich American.

  185. Carey says:

    So glad to know this about Delta Airlines. I have never flown Delta and don’t plan to in the future. Thank you making my decision an easy one.

    1. Carey says:

      Dr. Palmer is guilty of the premeditated murder of a protected animal, therefore, he should be extradited, stand trial, and do jail time for the crime of murdering Cecil. This man is a notorious poacher who has prayed on the innocent in the past. This is not his first brush with the law and considering his blatant arrogance against it will most likely not be the last unless real justice is finally done against ego-driven cowards like him.

  186. Angela Gertino says:

    Animals aren’t trophies!!! Trophy hunting is horrible, wasteful, and wrong. We can argue back and forth all day about what’s right and wrong, but poaching is illegal, and Palmer needs to be held accountable, face his charges, and go to trial just like any other person who broke the law should/would do. I can’t even begin to understand why there’s not a warrant out for his arrest. I hope this ends in a good example for those who think they’re above the law and can do whatever they want to do to innocent victims.

  187. Walter Palmer and his guide purchased permits and lured Cecil the lion out of his sanctuary, intentionally wounded Cecil with an arrow, caused him prolonged suffering and then killed Cecil with a firearm, finally taking him out of his 40 hour misery. Then Dr Palmer posed with his guide before decapitating him and skinning Cecil–for sport. Send him back to Africa to face justice. Maybe he can buy his way out of this mess the same way he payed his way into it!

  188. eugenia holak says:

    Its not only about the lion. Its about Palmer thinking he was above the laws, man made and universal. This shooter lacks respect, integrity, honour, moral and law abiding obligation to name a few. He should be charged as the criminal he is and an example to other shooters to watch their attitude and behaviour towards other species we share the planet with.

  189. LaRaine Staats says:

    Palmer needs to be extradited back to Zimbabwe to be held accountable for illegal poaching. Justice needs to be served.Palmer needs to spend the rest of his life in a Zimbabwe prison.

  190. Pamela Clarke says:

    We can’t bring Cecil back to life, but we can change the law. Killing animals for fun, Is Not Fun. It is downright cruel and should be Stopped. I want animals to be treated with Respect. They are all Gods creatures Great and Small. It’s time to Stop And Think. GOD IS WATCHING.

  191. Pamela Clarke says:

    Make Palmer pay the penalty. Put him in prison for the rest of his life. Poor Cecil can’t enjoy the rest of his life, So don’t let Palmer either. Lock him up.

  192. Elinor Taylor says:

    Make all trophy hunting illegal world wide !!! Boycot Delta Airlines until they stop transporting dead animal “trophies” !!! Do more to protect our wildlife.

  193. Sue Clarke says:

    Justice must be served for Cecil. Palmer needs to be held accountable for his actions, and prosecuted for all his wrong doing. He knew exactly what he was doing, such a warped and sick individual. I hope he gets serious jail time, after all Cecil was not his only exotic trophy. Just because he is RICH he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this.

  194. Stefanie Golden says:

    God entrusted man with the care of all His animals… One day we will have to answer for our treatment of them too!! PLEASE GET JUSTICE FOR CECIL. Nothing will ever change for animals until we viewing acts of this nature as exactly what they are – MURDER!! Cecil was a “protected animal” who was lured away from his protected site and shot then being left to suffer… Dr. Palmer should be jailed!!

  195. Susan Mayo says:

    Another case of wealth using their money to destroy instead of assisting, any and ALL living things. Paying that kind of money to TROPHY HUNT?? Imagine how far that money could have gone to SAVE these beautiful creatures. Now he uses his wealth to hide from justice, he hunts like a coward, he hides like a coward. Please! Aggressively hunt him down like he did Cecil!!

  196. Kelly says:

    WP must feel like the hunted now. How does is feel WP?

  197. Kim Harris says:


  198. FRANCES BARNES says:


  199. Sharon Mateja says:

    It is a coward who uses guides, bait and high powered firearms and blinding lights to shine into the eyes of a hunted animal. This was not hunting…this was poaching with all of the strings attached to make it murder! Allowed this dentist to be extradited to the country where there rules were violated at the cost of their beloved natural resource.

  200. Mark Beck says:

    The problem with trophy hunting is the fact that it is legal. We must make killing animals for pleasure and trophy ILLEGALl. A civilized and educated society would never keep this type of practice legal. Clearly, it is therefore, safe to say that we have some work to do before we can evolve as nation. This lion’s brutal torture and ultimate murder can not go in vain.
    We must change the laws and help African countries out of their poverty. It is the poverty and lack go education that is making many of these African counties to put their nation’s treasured animals up for sale and torture.
    There has to be a way to bring in revenue that is blood free.
    This dentist is just one man who got caught.
    As we debate this issue, There are many more men and women who are doing the same thing. They torturing and murdering innocent animals.
    Also while we are at this, I suggest we look into this behavior. When small children torture animals, we become concerned that they might be psychopaths in making. What makes grown men and women different from children? Should we be concerned about the behavior of these adults?

  201. alexandra george says:

    Please sign my petition to have this barbaric piece of filth kicked out of the American Dental Associ and the Minn Dental Association. Don’t ever allow him to practice as a dentist again. Harass him wherever he goes so we drive him into the sewer where he belongs. Someone WILL avenge Cecil’s death and that of the magnifiicent leopard. He deserves to be banned from human society and to be hounded to death.

  202. Lori-Ann Werline says:

    Justice for Cecil is a turning point to start protecting all animals. The horrific suffering and brutal death of this beautiful cat has brought the barbaric truth of trophy hunting to light. His death must not be for nothing. This cruelty and even more unimaginable brutality happens constantly to so many animals. Especially the wild, various types of farmed, fur trade along with the dog and cat meat trade. They live their capture which is an eternity and last seconds of life in utter fear, the majority starving, dehydrated and in pain. They die alone unloved with killers who find sick amusement in their brutal deaths. These people have no empathy or moral & ethical values for the treatment of a living being. These animals have no voice to speak out. They need compassionate people to fight for them. Start with Beloved Cecil and do the same for every animal that is prey to the human predator.

  203. Margaret Rose Francis says:


  204. Liz Denton says:

    Let’s stop all trophy hunting & leave the wildlife in peace

  205. linda quinn says:

    This is MURDER.. Only imprisonment will teach those cowards that animals belong on this earth , not on their walls…

  206. sharon chang says:

    well,i’m gonna go there!have you guys ever read Revelations?one day mankind will be the hunted instead of the hunter!God knew what mankind would do and this is one way of making mankind pay for his cruelty to what he considers lesser species!mankind is the cruelest species and he must and he will pay for this cruelty!the sooner the better!make your peace with God and save as many animals as you can!

  207. Karen Christopherson says:

    And when you realized you killed a collared research protected lion why did you not immediately report this to the proper authorities? You owed Cecil and his research team at least that much respect

  208. Pia Gonzalez says:

    Please put an end to trophy hunting! What will be left in our world to enjoy? Our kids, grandkids, the future!?

  209. debbie hill says:

    Stop trophy hunting .And any one that continues to kill them should receive top punishment.

  210. David Turner says:

    I’ve been reading in the news, why do so many people care about this lion and not all of the poor people in Africa? Why? Because there are a billion people in Africa! There’s only 25,000 lions left! Lets protect them, not slaughter them. I want to see Palmer cook for this, and used as an example to all future trophy hunters, that the rest of the world does care.

  211. Linda smith says:

    Stop hunting of big cats, elephants and other rrare wildlife. Make it obsolete and against the law to hunt to kill all animals. Hunters should catch and release all animals.

  212. bill says:

    James Palmer: If we ever meet I will gladly strangle the life out of a POS like you, but slowly letting you catch a breath before squeezing your neck again. Shooting even with an arrow is too good for you. I would gladly spend the rest of my life in prison for killing a worthless turd like you. Lets meet up you fat degenerate piece of filth.

    1. bill says:

      Thank you Delta Airlines for doing the right thing.

  213. Roni Joseph says:

    The only “justice” for Cecil is an eye for an eye.

  214. Farai Chindikidzo says:

    Stop trophy hunting

  215. Robin says:

    Let’s stop UPS from shipping trophies, shame shame shame

  216. Robin says:

    How can these killers say they didn’t know Cecil was protected, what a crock! I believe this Palmer killer knew who Cecil was, he shopped around for him, the guides lived right next to the park, right next to the most famous lion of all. Palmer wanted this famous lion for his den in Minnesota, in Minnesota he has a bar in his trophy room where he can relive his murders, just like a serial murderer. These trophy hunters have money to burn, only sick people would kill for a trophy.

  217. Marlowe Primack says:

    Thank you so much Animal Legal Defense Fund for all your hard work on behalf of Cecil and all defenseless animals. I’m moved to make a donation to this organization. Please don’t let up.

    Anyone reading this message, good things are happening but we must ALL continue to ROAR until we see sweeping and lasting change. We need the laws changed and all businesses, of the hunters and any business that supports this monstrous activity need to be brought to their knees by our boycott’s keep spreading the word and contact your local and Federal law makers.

    Palmer MUST answer for what he has done to Cecil. It’s also important that he become an example so other cowardly psychopath trophy hunters have to choose not to kill.

    BOYCOTT: Jimmy John’s Sandwich chain, he is a known killer of Rino, leopard and elephant, etc. Google it. I will NOT PATRONIZE his business, please spread the word. . . .

    1. Robin says:

      I will not shop at Jimmy John’s sandwich, not that I have but sometimes in the office people order JJ

  218. Robin says:

    More questions for Palmer, A waitress reported after the killing of Cecil you showed her the photo of the dead lion and you boasted that you had killed the biggest lion ever, a record. How would you possibly know that this was a record if you had not personally investigated and shopped around for this lion? Shame on you

  219. Polly says:

    Time to fully investigate Palmer, his wife, who also murders, his family, friends and business associates.
    He needs to pay 50 million dollars for each animal he killed and spend 13 yrs in a Zimbawe jail.
    He is not a Hunan worth living
    We can not, will not let him get away with murder!
    Hide now but you will be found!!!!

  220. eggy says:

    please put a hit on palmer.

  221. Donna Anderson says:

    Extradite Palmer.
    Prosecute him in a court of law in Africa and the
    U.S. We must take a stand for Cecil and the many,
    many species of animals that are abused and
    slaughtered by the whims of man.

  222. DenniA says:

    what is the status of this investigation in the U.S., looks like Zimbabwe is backing off on its extradition request to prosecute Palmer, may hurt future “trophy-killing” business and scare the “killers” away.

    we must all keep up the pressure.

  223. KinKStar says:

    Here we are, months later, still without anything to soothe our pain over losing Cecil. On the White House website for petitions, called We The People, there are over 200K signatures and our President has said nothing as promised for a certain number of signers. There are numerous other petitions with thousands of signatures there too, and still nothing. All the damn hunter groups and clubs and organizations have millionaire members and backers, who get them seen and heard, and they pay their way to get their way. I am sorry, but where are our millionaires to help us with their money? IF something isn’t done, then all exotics will be dead before corrupt Africa and Africans stop selling them to make money. They can’t see the damage being done, and it’s often our own rich, white men (and some women too) who go there, like Walter Palmer, to pay to POACHER and then plead ignorance when it all goes wrong. WE need someone to stand with YOU, to get something done because our voice and the laws isn’t doing enough. Look at all the canned farms in this nation, or exotics. It’s shameful what is done for fun with money to animals. I just saw a photo of an Elephant slaughtered by a trophy hunter today, with them all smiling from behind and the worst part if that wasn’t bad enough? The Ele had a mouth full of grasses, so those worthless a’holes killed an animal peacefully eating! I’m sorry to go on and on, I am just sick and too damnn tired of it all. I don’t think I have enough tears in me to hold on for a change that turns them from horrified and sad to gracious and joyful.

  224. Wendy G says:

    Walter Palmer has been shown to be a liar in the past, most notably when he illegally lured a bear in Wisconsin so he could satisfy his perverted blood lust and tried to bribe the others involved to lie when he was caught which was unsuccessful. He’s hunted in Africa before so he’s aware of the “rules” for hunting there. He plops down an enormous amount of money and claims ignorance? I highly doubt it.

    He must be held accountable even if Zimbabwe won’t and let him hide behind the skirts of the other two being prosecuted. Zimbabwe will do anything to keep the hunters coming with their money, and that means not prosecuting Palmer.

    The atrocity that is trophy hunting is barbarous and holds no place in a civilized society in this day and age and must be banned worldwide. The monies that hunters claim go towards conservation should go directly to the conservationists and more protection stepped up against the poachers and canned hunting banned as well.

    The people that engage in this “sport” possess nothing but the mentality of a serial killer and must not be allowed to continue to interfere in these beautiful animals’ peaceful existence in which they have an absolute God given right to live out until Mother Nature decides otherwise.

    The people deserve for this man to at the very least be prosecuted in the US and at the very most, and the preferable outcome, extradited to Zimbabwe to answer to charges NOW.

  225. Jean-Pierre Ruiz says:


    I am an artist working on a coloring book and I wanted to use the picture in this article as a template. I’d like to give the photographer full credit and was hoping you could me tell who it is.

    Thanks, JP

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