Animal Bill of Rights Week

Announcing ALDF’s Animal Bill of Rights Week! Each day this week you can take action to support our campaign for basic legal rights for all animals. Check back every day for a new action! Help us reach one million signatures to tell Congress that animals deserve basic rights.


Monday: Sign the Animal Bill of Rights

Join the hundreds of thousands who have already signed in our goal to reach one million signatures in support of basic rights for all animals!

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Tuesday: Watch the Video

Today’s action is to watch our new Animal Bill of Rights video, and share it with friends and family.



Wednesday: Tell the World Why You Signed the Animal Bill of Rights

Today’s action is to tell the world why you signed the Animal Bill of Rights—but you don’t have to be the first one! The Animal Legal Defense Fund kicked things off by gathering signatures at local events and asking people to share their reason for signing.

Tell us your reason! Leave a comment below, on our Facebook post, tweet @ALDF, or post to Instagram and tag AnimalLegalDefenseFund. Better yet, post a photo of yourself with your reason for signing the Animal Bill of Rights, and you will be included in our online gallery!

Thursday: Be a Voice for the Voiceless

One of the most powerful ways to lend your voice to the cause of animal rights is to speak up for animals in public forums. Writing “Letters to the Editor” is a great way to do that. Learn more about how to write a great letter to the editor. Don’t need help?

Friday: Free Animal Bill of Rights Bookmark

Get your free bookmark! The first one hundred people to email and explain why they signed the Animal Bill of Rights will be mailed one of our new Animal Bill of Rights bookmarks. Just send an email to and put “bookmark” in the subject line. Be sure to include your mailing address in your original email. Open to U.S. residents only.

Want to do more? Leafleting can be an effective way to promote the Animal Bill of Rights and to talk to people about animals. If you want to leaflet at your local farmers market, street festival, or block party, order our Animal Bill of Rights leaflets.

22 thoughts on “Animal Bill of Rights Week

  1. Michelle says:

    No death row. No banned breed. Please save dogs and please adopt any kind of dogs. Thank you.

  2. Kathleen Schormann says:

    It is the right thing to do.

  3. Susan Ford says:

    Animals should have the same rights as humans

  4. jude says:

    animals have been USED,KILLED,TORTURED,EXPERIMENTED ON,NEGLECTED AND ABUSED LONG ENOUGH!!! It’s time for those who make the laws open their eyes and heart (if that’s even possible) and CHANGE THE LAWS to better protect animals and to serve just punishment to those who don’t!

  5. Donna Sobredo says:

    Compassion please

  6. because every living thing on earth has a purpose! and each has its place in the earth’s structure that contributes to survival of every species here.

  7. Joni Geier says:

    There abused, abandoned, experimented on!! When is it enough. All animals have feelings, they get afraid just like we do. The time for this kind of behavior to stop in now!!

  8. Siobhan Geraghty says:

    I signed the Animal Bill of Rights because I understand that the expression that Life is Precious” applies to all living creatures. Humanity will only better itself when Humanity understands that other creatures are not here for humans to harm. We must work towards teaching compassion at every age toward other living creatures.

  9. Allyson peets says:

    stop the abuse!

  10. Lydia Kaluzny-Welnicki says:

    I signed the Animal Bill of Rights for the sake of the planet. With class distinction comes sanctioned exploitation and abuse. We are all connected and share each others’ joy and sorrow. As Tolstoy said, “As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.” We must not differentiate regarding abuse.

  11. Marsha Chinn says:

    Because it is the right things to do….next would be laws that really punish abusers of any animal. We protect our children with heavy laws, why are animals any different? They too are innocent, can’t speak for themselves, and are a true gift from God. Abusers are a threat to all of us due to their mental state.

  12. Laura Carron says:

    I signed the bill of Rights because every living being has the right to live his own life. Stop the abuse !!

  13. denise oswald says:

    We must stop the abuse of all animals,

  14. Claire says:

    Animals don’t have a voice to speak up.
    So if we don’t do it no one will.
    Animals have feelings too!

  15. Janet Davies says:

    Animals have rights too. They feel pain are have every right to a happy pain free life

  16. It is time to finally be able to have a law to protect the innocent animals from abuse, torture and murder. They have every right to live their lives free from the horror that they suffer at the hands of sociopathic men. They deserve civil rights as humans do. Time to evolve and come out of the barbaric dark ages.

  17. Melissa Hollands says:

    Animals need a voice, and it’s our job to protect them all. They deserve to be heard. Please show compassion to our furry friends.

  18. Agnes VY Canis Majoris says:

    Human Rights = Animal Rights = human rights = animal rights = Human Rights = Animal Rights! “As long as crimes against the animal kingdom exists, the world CAN NOT be free & peaceful!”

  19. Brenda Altman says:

    The only way we are going to truly save these animals is to change the laws. But, then we have to make sure the government enforces it, with severe punishment to those breaking these laws (not just a slap on the wrist) I’m surprised that God hasn’t punished us for the way these poor things are tortured before they die. Or then, maybe he has, maybe that is why this world is in such a mess. Think about it. They are all God’s creatures, we must treat them with compassion and respect, without HUMANS making their life a living hell. God forgive us.

  20. Huong Pham says:

    I believe the only ways, we human societies can prevent animal cruelty is to change the laws to treat animals as equally as treating human. Crimes committed towards innocent animals must be treated as the same as human. Why do we draw a line that it is ok to rape to murder animals but not human? or may be torture an animal is only a few months or days in jail and torture a human is life time or years in prison, is there should be a differences? I do not think so and that is why the increasing of animal abusing higher and higher everyday with all fur farms and factory farms going on. It never can be solved if human societies are not willing to change the laws.

  21. Lisa Lammon says:

    YES we need to help the animals from THe cruelty, TOURTURE the animals are going thu hidden behind steel walls for NO one to see.. this has to stop this is evil

  22. Bobbi says:

    How does one open the eyes and hearts of those who don’t see how precious ALL life is? We must try to help them see. But for some…they will ‘never’ see. Therefore, the law must protect the helpless animals. WE must protect them.

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