Animal Bill of Rights Week

Join us in celebrating Animal Bill of Rights Week 2015! Each day this week you can take action to support our campaign for basic legal rights for all animals. We have actions planned from November 2 through November 6. Take action each day this week!


Monday: Sign the Animal Bill of Rights

Join the hundreds of thousands who have already signed in our goal to reach one million signatures in support of basic rights for all animals!

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Tuesday: Watch the Video

Today’s action is to watch the Animal Bill of Rights video, and share it with friends and family.


Wednesday: Tell the World Why You Signed the Animal Bill of Rights

Today’s action is to tell the world why you signed the Animal Bill of Rights—but you don’t have to be the first one! The Animal Legal Defense Fund kicked things off by gathering signatures at local events and asking people to share their reason for signing.

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Tell us your reason! Leave a comment below, on our Facebook post, tweet @ALDF, or post to Instagram and tag AnimalLegalDefenseFund. Better yet, post a photo of yourself with your reason for signing the Animal Bill of Rights, and you will be included in our online gallery!

Thursday: Be a Voice for the Voiceless

One of the most powerful ways to lend your voice to the cause of animal rights is to speak up for animals in public forums. Writing “Letters to the Editor” is a great way to do that. Learn more about how to write a great letter to the editor. Don’t need help?

Friday: Leaflet for Animal Rights

Leafleting can be an effective way to promote the Animal Bill of Rights and to talk to people about animals. If you want to leaflet at your local farmers market, street festival, or block party, order our Animal Bill of Rights leaflets.

52 thoughts on “Animal Bill of Rights Week

  1. Michelle says:

    No death row. No banned breed. Please save dogs and please adopt any kind of dogs. Thank you.

  2. Kathleen Schormann says:

    It is the right thing to do.

  3. Susan Ford says:

    Animals should have the same rights as humans

    1. nicole says:

      exactly! thank you for saying that — i have a lab named Samuel when we first saw him we were at my haunts house and we saw him across the street being beaten and he was tied to a tree 1 foot away and no food and no water i hope they get arrested but now sammy is in great hands and we love him so much he is loved and fed and gave water and freedom we love him

  4. jude says:

    animals have been USED,KILLED,TORTURED,EXPERIMENTED ON,NEGLECTED AND ABUSED LONG ENOUGH!!! It’s time for those who make the laws open their eyes and heart (if that’s even possible) and CHANGE THE LAWS to better protect animals and to serve just punishment to those who don’t!

  5. Donna Sobredo says:

    Compassion please

  6. because every living thing on earth has a purpose! and each has its place in the earth’s structure that contributes to survival of every species here.

  7. Joni Geier says:

    There abused, abandoned, experimented on!! When is it enough. All animals have feelings, they get afraid just like we do. The time for this kind of behavior to stop in now!!

    1. Betty says:

      AMEN –
      a neighborhood child blinded my dog thru MY fence and the Police didn’t write up a report. She is a potential serial killer. What next? a child’s head in the freezer? will they write that up?

  8. Siobhan Geraghty says:

    I signed the Animal Bill of Rights because I understand that the expression that Life is Precious” applies to all living creatures. Humanity will only better itself when Humanity understands that other creatures are not here for humans to harm. We must work towards teaching compassion at every age toward other living creatures.

  9. Allyson peets says:

    stop the abuse!

  10. Lydia Kaluzny-Welnicki says:

    I signed the Animal Bill of Rights for the sake of the planet. With class distinction comes sanctioned exploitation and abuse. We are all connected and share each others’ joy and sorrow. As Tolstoy said, “As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.” We must not differentiate regarding abuse.

  11. Marsha Chinn says:

    Because it is the right things to do….next would be laws that really punish abusers of any animal. We protect our children with heavy laws, why are animals any different? They too are innocent, can’t speak for themselves, and are a true gift from God. Abusers are a threat to all of us due to their mental state.

  12. Laura Carron says:

    I signed the bill of Rights because every living being has the right to live his own life. Stop the abuse !!

  13. denise oswald says:

    We must stop the abuse of all animals,

  14. Claire says:

    Animals don’t have a voice to speak up.
    So if we don’t do it no one will.
    Animals have feelings too!

  15. Janet Davies says:

    Animals have rights too. They feel pain are have every right to a happy pain free life

  16. It is time to finally be able to have a law to protect the innocent animals from abuse, torture and murder. They have every right to live their lives free from the horror that they suffer at the hands of sociopathic men. They deserve civil rights as humans do. Time to evolve and come out of the barbaric dark ages.

  17. Melissa Hollands says:

    Animals need a voice, and it’s our job to protect them all. They deserve to be heard. Please show compassion to our furry friends.

  18. Agnes VY Canis Majoris says:

    Human Rights = Animal Rights = human rights = animal rights = Human Rights = Animal Rights! “As long as crimes against the animal kingdom exists, the world CAN NOT be free & peaceful!”

  19. Brenda Altman says:

    The only way we are going to truly save these animals is to change the laws. But, then we have to make sure the government enforces it, with severe punishment to those breaking these laws (not just a slap on the wrist) I’m surprised that God hasn’t punished us for the way these poor things are tortured before they die. Or then, maybe he has, maybe that is why this world is in such a mess. Think about it. They are all God’s creatures, we must treat them with compassion and respect, without HUMANS making their life a living hell. God forgive us.

  20. Huong Pham says:

    I believe the only ways, we human societies can prevent animal cruelty is to change the laws to treat animals as equally as treating human. Crimes committed towards innocent animals must be treated as the same as human. Why do we draw a line that it is ok to rape to murder animals but not human? or may be torture an animal is only a few months or days in jail and torture a human is life time or years in prison, is there should be a differences? I do not think so and that is why the increasing of animal abusing higher and higher everyday with all fur farms and factory farms going on. It never can be solved if human societies are not willing to change the laws.

  21. Lisa Lammon says:

    YES we need to help the animals from THe cruelty, TOURTURE the animals are going thu hidden behind steel walls for NO one to see.. this has to stop this is evil

  22. Bobbi says:

    How does one open the eyes and hearts of those who don’t see how precious ALL life is? We must try to help them see. But for some…they will ‘never’ see. Therefore, the law must protect the helpless animals. WE must protect them.

  23. Val Kerry says:

    We all must stand together ! If we want things to change ! If the suffragets could do it we can ?????? I hope Ive spellt this right ? The women that forght for our votes ? it took them a long time & some women Died for it , but won in the END ! WE will win for the ANIMALS ???????

  24. Fern Yates says:

    Animals are sentient beings and therefore are entitled to protection under a Bill of Animal Rights

  25. Larry Hendrix says:

    I’ve carried mail in some of the poorest sections of Harrisburg, PA and seen what a Christmas puppy or kitty has to endure. I don’t have a right to judge peoples’ actions. That is God’s job. But I can spread the word to everyone I know how to get involved to stop this cruelty.

  26. Vicki says:

    I just went through a horrific ordeal with an animal urgent care facility. Point: while my dog laid suffering & dying, staff kept coming in with quotes. How much these feeling less robots could get before they gave my dog, pain pill and /or any medical treatment but oxygen. At the time I was so upset but my niece thankfully was there. This isn’t something we can overlook. As you know, you need to cough up a great amt of money or else!! There has to be changes! How many animals are put to death because good people haven’t the money.?? I have tried calling attorneys & animal groups. Was
    told place owned by shareholders & staff have a list to get the bucks. They knew my precious wasn’t going to make it but they got $500 from me, making me think there was a chance. First bid over $1,000. That’s right, I said bid! Like a car auction! Something needs to be done for our precious babies. Looking for activists, advocates. Want to make difference. Want nothing but for laws to be changed. Any ideas? I live in So. Cal area. Thanks..

  27. Jill Deluccia says:

    All animals deserve to live in peace and free of cruelty and torture. It is our human responsibility to protect them, as they are innocent and helpless, and are unable to stand up for themselves or protect themselves. They are at the mercy of humans. It is our human responsibility to love and care for and protect our domestic animals, and give them happy, healthy, and joyful lives.

  28. Sabrina says:

    My puppy was ran over and killed on contact and driver just kept going.

  29. michelle says:

    Animals are purer than people.Its about time they had rights !tired of hearing horror stories and animals being the loser !

  30. Christine O'Rourke says:

    I signed because societys abhorrent treatment of animals is institutional sociopathy and it has to end because it is simply WRONG.

  31. MARIE JAHN says:

    We need to be the voice for these poor animals that can’t speak. All animals deserve love, kindness and most of all freedom. If people torture animals, they will also torture human beings. I signed this petition for their rights. They deserve to be loved and protected from harm. Amen to living a peaceful, loving, joyful life with what God created it to be.

  32. Cassandra Leigh Robeson says:

    Because ALL LIFE is precious! Especially those of the innocent animals that are being enslaved, raped, tortured, used as baby-making-machines, killed as infants because males are useless, and murdered so we can stuff our obese faces with their dead flesh.

    Not to mention dog fighting, animals used in circuses as entertainment, dog races, pig wrestling, horse-racing, horse-back riding, bull fighting, the running of the bulls, trophy hunting, zoos and aquariums confining wild animals in artificial habitats keeping them from ever knowing freedom, cosmetics and other useless products mercilessly tested on animals, animal dissection in schools, abuse of companion animals, hording of animals, people keeping parrots and other birds in cages NEVER to feel the freedom and enjoyment of flight in a huge field or over trees.

    Oh yeah and leather, silk, wool, suede, …ivory, “lucky” rabbit’s feet, goose feathers…

    Foie gras, veal, mutten, tur-duck-en…

    Obesity, deforestation, over-fishing, least amount of ocean life in HISTORY, least amount of forests, clean water… HIGHEST rates of illness and who’s making money off of it? The government, the pharmaceutical companies, the factory farms, the fast food chains…

    Who suffers? The ANIMALS! Because of the improvements in storing and transporting non -dairy, non-meat, foods there is *NO* reason why need to continue eating animals. People can make all of the excuses they want but They KILL for TASTE, NOT survival!

    There are so many alternatives that there is *NO* reason we need to continue using animals for dissection in schools or using them for apparel!

    “The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
    – Mahatma Gandhi

  33. dee says:

    Puppy mills must be abolished. The only reason they exist is because legally dogs are considered livestock. How can animals that are intelligent enough to be used in law enforcement, as therapy for our most vulnerable populations, in the armed forces be considered livestock? How can they be allowed to live their lives in tiny cages with no chance for freedom? Laws must be changed, owners prosecuted and these abuses must be ended.

  34. Kimberly Brown says:

    I signed this because I believe we need to take a stand,and simply because we should respect ALL living things large or small. Torture and inhumane execution is simply unacceptable, and heinous.

  35. Michele Price says:

    Humans are bald faced speciesists, and we really need to start in the direction of addressing this openly before humans, quite literally, kill off every last living thing, including this very planet, for their filthy lust of money and insatiable blood thirst. If we were any sort of advanced species, naturally evolving with the rest of this world’s life, we would have rejected these barbaric, savage and immoral behaviours of killing other species for food and fun thousands of years ago. But, no, its 2015 AD and we just continue to refine our techniques of barbarism with every advancement in technology and machines. Sick and wrong. We should be ashamed. Oh, right, that’s something else humans obviously don’t possess anymore. Shame. Plenty of hubris and self righteousness, but no shame or guilt. We are not better than all life on this planet. We are merely different. And one can argue quite pointedly, lesser of all. Government is supposed to protect the weak and powerless AGAINST the strong and powerful. Only a speciesist would assume that means humans only. This slaughter of true innocents by the 10s of billions annually, yes, that’s the number. 10s of BILLIONS a year. MUST BE STOPPED. Humans are definitely good at wanton blood shed and inventing new ways to perpetrate the crimes; and ways to skirt responsibility and even detection with the new AG Gag laws they’re pushing through states using their paid tools in the Republican/Tea Party to do it. Is this REALLY the America we want??? Is this the world any sane, decent person would want to live in? I don’t and that’s why I signed this petition.

    1. Lisa says:

      Michelle Price,
      MI am a conservative and I am try to get a law passed for animal cruelty and a registry for abusers in Arkansas. It is really bad here for dog fighting and abuse of animals.. This is not the place to turn on each other. We should be working together for the animals. We are all human regardless of what side we are on. You say that about the tea party but democrats are killing babies. If we can’t stop the killing of babies in abortion clinics how can we fight them to save animals? Hypocritical at best! I hope you and I and all types of Americans can come together for one goal. We must do this in love because nothing is accomplished in anger. I love the passion you have for animals, it is amazing and you have the capacity to change so much for these animals. Stay passionate!


    2. Lisa says:

      Michelle Price,
      I am a conservative and I am try to get a law passed for animal cruelty and a registry for abusers in Arkansas. It is really bad here for dog fighting and abuse of animals.. This is not the place to turn on each other. We should be working together for the animals. We are all human regardless of what side we are on. You say that about the tea party but democrats are killing babies. If we can’t stop the killing of babies in abortion clinics how can we fight them to save animals? Hypocritical at best! I hope you and I and all types of Americans can come together for one goal. We must do this in love because nothing is accomplished in anger. I love the passion you have for animals, it is amazing and you have the capacity to change so much for these animals. Stay passionate!


    3. DeAnna Brayton says:

      Good for you! Well Said!!

  36. James Voelker says:

    Animal are loving caring sentient beings. Just because they may not have our ability to think doesn’t mean they don’t have our ability to feel happiness, joy, love, as well as fear, terror, and pain! Yet they are subject to horrific terror and torture beyond our wildest nightmares on a daily basis, in massive numbers! Slaughtered barbarically for a few moments of our enjoyment! This has to stop!!

  37. Lisa says:

    Sorry for sending a double reply, not sure how that happened but I do apologize.


  38. Adam A Griffin says:

    Animals are feeling, caring, creatures with the same needs as humans and should have the same rights as well.

  39. Bradley says:

    Because there is no ethical argument to be made that it is acceptable to allow animals to suffer. Also, to the religious: we pray nightly, asking for mercy. Why should we expect to receive mercy when we fail to give mercy?

  40. Gonzalo F. Aguirre says:

    I siykbw jitr gfigf h gf hf f

  41. Tomasz Pelczar says:

    More and healthy planet with happy animals and full of living is the duty for our common generation same as planning space city between the travel from the Earth to the colder Mars, but astrophysic can wait and our the biggest good cannot take even too much carbon within the air …

  42. reem says:

    All animals and insects are sentient living beings that deserves to be treated with love and respect.

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated…I hold that, the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by [people] from the cruelty of [human kind]”—Mahatma Gandhi

  43. DiAnna Drysdale says:

    Please help ALDF pass this bill! It a document that is imperative to protect all amazing animals! They have a beating heart and tender soul. They breath the same air we do and brought into this world like we were. So why should they not have rights like we do! Thank for taking the time!

  44. Danny Chan says:

    Humans share this planet with literally millions of other animals species. We do not have dominion over cows, pigs, whales, fish, insects or any other of these lovely creatures. Thank you.

  45. Shanice Gallardo says:

    The one thing humans don’t have is humanity. How long will we tolerate killing animals as a sport or scientific testing? I don’t agree with animal shelters who kill off animals or “put to sleep” because there’s not enough room or because no one has adopted them yet. & Animal abuse needs to stop!Animals don’t have a voice like we do. We need to be their voice and protect them, care for them, love them…All life is precious!

    There is his egyptian goose that got left behind a few months ago due to a broken wing. We’ve called for people to come and take care of her and bring her back to where she came from. No one came. It’s been months. Myself as well as a few other people in the area watch after her and feed her. I’ve been spending quite some time with her almost everyday. Surprisingly she’s getting a little too comfortable and close with me each time I spend with her. She’s a lovely bird and i hate to see her stuck in the same place for months because she cannot fly. I’m tired of seeing her alone. It’s hard to find the right people who will take care of her broken wing and help her fly again. I love animals! They need to be cared for.

  46. Marla Malin says:

    Everything that has gone wrong in this world, and all the destruction that has taken place has been done by humans. All animals are far more innocent. Animals are pure love and peace. They kill for survival only. Humans are the only species that kills for sport.
    Please sign the bill of rights, because they deserve a voice.

  47. DeAnna Brayton says:

    All animals deserve protection and above all Mercy and kindness. They are innocent beings that should never be hurt or done harm to in any way. It is true and proven, abuse to an animal quickly can turn into abuse to a human. These amazing beautiful creatures deserve all the freedom love and protection they can get. I proudly sign this petition that has been a long time coming. People should learn from *them*.

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