Californians, Did You Buy Eggs from Olivera’s Cage-Free Organic?

The Stockton, California-based egg producers are using misleading packaging to distort the nature of their industrial-scale operations. Calling themselves “Olivera’s Cage-Free Organic,” and using pastoral images of red barns, open fields, and happy hens clucking in the California sun, most reasonable people would assume Olivera’s hens have access to the outdoors.

Olivera's Egg Ranch

The truth is, Olivera’s factory facilities cram hens into industrial warehouses surrounded by gigantic manure lagoons. Egg producers like these play on consumers’ good intentions by creating a vision of sunny pastures and free-roaming hens with their chicks not far behind. Packaging of this kind creates a fictional world that implies egg-laying hens are leading happy lives in the outdoors. Conscientious consumers aren’t just buying the product–they’re buying into an illusion of humanely raised hens.

But factory facilities are a far-cry from the ranches, red barns, and happy hens of the pastoral fantasy:

Olivera's Egg Ranch

Cage-free doesn’t mean cruelty-free and free-range is usually not much better. In stark contrast to the vision of pastoral kitsch on egg packages, egg-laying hens suffer unimaginably. Misleading egg packages can confuse the average consumer into thinking conditions for hens are better than they are. Manipulating these messages can sometimes even violate California consumer protection laws. Worse yet, these deceptive tactics allow egg producers to profit from the suffering of egg-laying hens.

Don’t pad the pockets of these producers! If you purchased eggs from Olivera Egg Ranch mistakenly believing the hens had outdoor access, please contact

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