Lolita’s Chance at Freedom!

After over 40 years, Lolita the orca finally has a chance at freedom! ALDF, PETA, Orca Network, and others petitioned the National Marine Fisheries Service to protect Lolita under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), and it was announced today that a proposed rule would do just that! Protecting Lolita under the ESA is a crucial step forward in working to secure her release, so ALDF is celebrating this as a victory—join us!

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Today’s proposed rule makes the possibility of Lolita’s retirement to a seaside sanctuary tangible. Were she to be released, she would be able to live her life with dignity, in an environment that more closely resembles her natural environment. There’s even a possibility she could be reunited with her family!

But she’s not free yet! Please help us spread the news of this amazing victory by sharing it on social media. You can read more about this victory on our website, and make sure you are following us on Facebook and Twitter so that you get all the news about Lolita moving forward.

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170 thoughts on “Lolita’s Chance at Freedom!

  1. maria says:


  2. Valerie Orner says:

    The wonderful animal deserves to live as natural an environment as is possible. Let’s all work together to make this happen!

  3. Kim Brueckner says:

    The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated” ~Gandhi #tweet4taiji #tajij

  4. Kim Brueckner says:

    Free sweet Loita !

  5. Yolanda Anaya says:



  6. Elizabeth says:


  7. Diana Anaya says:

    She has to be free now! Seaquarium not only has to release her but return all the profits made out of kidnap and slavery. They need to pay and be judged. Close their facility!!

    1. Susan Lindau says:

      That would be a wonderful thing, get ALL of the profits back, until they start nickel and diming you, they’d most likely have it to where WE would owe them!! One point I did want to make on here. Does anyone know of any proposed lawsto help protect our sea life? I think there IS one, but I do realize that the big cruise-lines are NOT follwing these laws. It is a law that is supposed to make all cruise-ships, and vessels, to SLOW DOWN in the water! They are going far too fast, and multitudes of our precious sea life is being killed, just because they won’t slow down. Seems like a no-brainer, huh? Not for these big companies! IF they were to slow down, many, many lives would not be ended at the propellers of a boat, or by being hit by a ship. Slowing down would give our sea life a chance to hear, then react to the sound, thereby saving their own lives. Thanks very much! Lolita, your freedom is far over-due. No one can put a price on your happiness or freedom. God bless you, as you learn to enjoy your new-found freedom! <3

  8. Diane Gentile says:

    Very thankful for dedicated people such as ALDF and PETA who work so hard on behalf of animals.

  9. Stephanie says:

    Yes!! This place has always disturbed me. I’m so glad that some successful steps have been taken to hopefully provide this beautiful creature with a brighter future!

  10. Irene Huskisson says:

    Be Heroes, Not Villains. And release Lolita.

  11. Jody says:

    I just watched the movie documentary “Black Fish” and the horrific lives these majestic creatures are forced the endure after being captured and torn away from their families. It brought tears to my eyes. Seeing this article gives me hope… Is there anything we can do to add our voices to free her? Sign a petition? I already shared on my FB page.

    1. Brooke says:

      Jody, I just watched that documentary as well. How heartbreaking. Free Lolita and cage up the animals that have held her captive for so long!

    2. Jeannie Taylor says:

      Yes, is there anything I can do to help Lolita. She did not deserve and no animal does. I have called, wrote letters and shared on Facebook. I am wanting to help her be free again.

  12. dennis talasco says:

    We ALL deserve to be free….whether we have wings, feet or fins…Lolita I wish you love and freedom.

    1. Shell says:

      Right-on, my brother, right-on!:-)

  13. liu wai ling says:

    Please freedom to Lolita. she need protect and save , please give kindly love and respect wildlife , thank you

  14. Simon Evans says:

    Keeping orcas’ and dolphins in captivity for entertainment is a awful wrong and all such captive mammals should now be given freedom or sanctuary…

  15. salma says:

    free her now and LEAVE NATURE ALONE

  16. Sarah says:

    Pleases free Lolita–show human compassion for all!

  17. keith furlong says:

    No wild animal should be kept in captivity. What right have we to deprive these wonderful creatures of their liberty. Slavery was abolished after many years of struggle, let us all continue the fight to free all of God’s creatures.

  18. Devin says:

    Her release is well over due. She should not have ever been abducted in the first place. She has given joy to those from which she has recieved pain. It is time for her to be free. Let her go.

  19. Margaret Andy says:

    Its about time so when is the release date. Can’t wait see see the reunion with her family. GOD BLESS LOLITA

  20. Julia Howell says:

    Incarcerated for 40 years & forced to do tricks for her food! I can only imagine there is a special place in Hell for the creatures who ripped her away from her family and kept her imprisoned all this time. There is still time for redemption…FREE LOLITA!

  21. Chloe says:

    I truly do hope that Loita will finally be freed. She has lived her life as a money maker. Enough is enough !!! Let her retire !!! It’s sad but I can remember being 5 years old seeing her perform :( I am now 30 … She was all alone then … Please have mercy for her

  22. Harleen Sahni says:

    Free Lolita! It is inhumane to have orcas in swimming pools and perform like they are in the circus.

  23. monica Hamilton says:

    Please give her back her freedom♥♥♥

  24. Michelle Leslie says:

    The day can’t come soon enough for Lolita to be released. She’s been in a horrible environment for far too long and a release is trivial. YAY Lolita!

  25. Carol Dietz says:

    Free this poor baby. FREEdom !!!! This is not right!!

  26. Heathe says:

    Why has this taken so long? Release her to her family!

  27. Priya Gajanan says:

    Please release Lolita and all the other Orcas in captivity. Be the great and humane country we claim to be !

    1. davey says:

      …and Bingo! was his name-o! :)

  28. Lissette Carlo says:

    This is so close to my heart. Lolita has been at Miami seaquarium for 43 years performing stupid tricks for humans she is kept in a tiny concrete pool. So so sad!m

  29. Pat Lockett says:

    Why wait??? Free Lola NOW!

  30. Lana says:

    Not everyone has a good home to go to.
    Orcas do, though.
    What do we do?
    We take them from their loving home to a no good home at all.
    Lying to everyone.
    Like Orcas sign up, swim to, and think up tricks for a swimming pool!
    2014 let’s all get real.
    Go Lola, Go!
    Free unconditional, free love! In the Ocean!
    Xo <3

  31. Whitney johnson says:

    Please free Lolita, it is the only humane & right thing to do. Let’s right the wrong that has been done to her…let her live her life in a most natural way…bless u Lolita!!

  32. Karie Constantino says:

    The selfishness needs to stop. Do whats right for Lolita! This is about her best interest not anyone elses. Free her NOW!

  33. Elaine Ervolino says:

    For yrs I have been fighting on behalf of orcas living in inhumane conditions, suffering, performing unnatural tricks so SeaWorld and smaller attractions can profit. I played a major part in releasing Keiko, however the end result was very disappointing to me. Yes, he was sent to Oregon to recover and receive proper medical care for the injuries he sustained at the hands of those whose profits soared. But I was opposed to his return to the place he was captured (Norway) to find and reunite with his family. Shortly after he died and the HSUS buried him there in a place that he cannot be found. I’ve been fighting for Lolita too, and would bounce with joy for her to be released to a sanctuary not to where she was captured for concerns and fear that she, too, will die. 40 yrs, of suffering, those who reaped the benefits causing such misery and suffering, there is a God and what goes around, comes around.

    1. Gayle says:

      Hi Elaine – I totally agree with your about Keiko. I visited him in OR and could tell he loved being around people. The reason his release didn’t work was because they released him without knowing where his family was. I think he died of a broke heart since orcas are social animals and he was all alone. Lolita’s situation is different, since they know her family is still alive, even her mother. The researchers follow them closely so she could be returned and reunited where she would have a really good chance of surviving.

  34. Please release this beautiful creature!! Set Lolita FREEEEE NOW!!!

  35. Laura says:

    It’s absolutely heartbreaking to learn Lolita has been living in such conditions for 40 years away from her family. The humane thing to do is to get her back with her family NOW. These animals should not be in captivity. They need the space provided in the oceans. Release her!!!!

  36. Brenda Scott says:


  37. Carolyn Emole says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you…..This makes my heart sing…let’s pray this happens and will open the doors for all mammals and orcas to be released from these horrific conditions. We will not stop!!!

  38. Tibor Toth says:

    Please let her be FREE!

  39. Ana says:

    Free Lolita!!!! It’s past time long ago……

  40. Gema says:

    We all hope for the best.

  41. Eileen McDonald says:

    Free Lolita, she deserves to be reunited with her family, justice must be seen to be blind to race, religion,age and species, if she is not blind she will be used as a weapon of terror, and today she is used as terror for all sentient beings held in captivity, it’s well past time that Lolita be free, she has truly earned it

  42. Ori Mansouri says:

    Seaquarium and Seaworld must be shut down for good. These monsters who only care about their money are a bunch of heartless criminals and have to pay for what they have done to these beautiful animals and their families. SEAQUARIUM AND SEAWORLD ARE CRIMINALS.

    1. davey says:

      From your lips to God’s Ear, Brother.

  43. Maria Celia says:

    !You deserve to be free!
    Wish you a better life.
    Like any other whale,they also deserve to be free too.MCH 1-24-2014

  44. Donna says:

    I can’t say it any better than the countless others who have left their thoughts and comments! Just please, please release her and all others from their unnatural captive habitats!!!

  45. Claire Vernoticco says:

    She deserves to be free

  46. mariam says:

    Please please please please please, let her be with her family, let her be happy for whats left of her life

  47. Laurie Riley says:

    No orca should be in captivity. Free her now.

  48. Kathleen May says:

    This is great news!! We have to keep pushing forward to get Tokitae (“Lolita”) released at last. I am so grateful to ALDF, Peta, Orca Network & whoever else worked so hard & long to get this process to going. I know she’s not free yet but this is none the less a victory & one more step in the right direction.

  49. Michael Stumpf says:

    Today we know better than to treat Orcas like this. Time is up.

  50. Miss B says:

    Lolita should be released right away. All of the Orcas shloud be released in to the wild as they were born to be. All wild animals deserve to be in their natural habitat as God intended them to be.

  51. Kathy hillman says:

    Please free her let her be happy and free

  52. Marcy A Goff says:

    Now we have to free other whales like those at shed aquarium and sea world! Go on sweet heart your changing your world for the better!

  53. Sophie Hendrix says:

    Please free Lolita.

  54. Bernadette says:

    Greetings from Australia!
    Woohoo – I hope this happens for sooner rather than later for Lolita!

  55. krista says:


  56. Ellen Ewers says:

    This is so SHAMEFUL and heartbreaking…I have no word :(((((( please please please please please please, give her news free live…give her, what GOD have fixed…this give no meaning :(((((
    Please please please…give her freedom NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Shell says:

    ……..If a man aspires towards a righteous life, his first act of abstinence is from injury to animals.
    -Albert Einstein

  58. Dear God her tank is to Small, And 43 Years of Slavery. Please Please .. do the right thing and allow her to go HOME. LET HER LIVE.

  59. Sally Griffin says:

    This is punishment. Because they live in pods she is living a cruel life.
    GOD BLESS everyone who helps her. I would love to sign a petition.

  60. Kellie says:

    I hope n pray this happens … They should be shown alot more respect

  61. Michelle says:

    Lolita has served her time. Have a little compassion and let her live out the rest of her days feeling the natural rhythm of the ocean where she was born and should have never been stolen in the first place. Please do what is right.

  62. Jill Lynn says:


  63. Hilda Cummings says:

    It is time to give her freedom back, she has served a 43 year sentence for a crime she didn’t commit.
    Miami Seaqurium has made profits of over $160,000,000 release the cash cow today.
    She is not living but surviving,because she has hope to be reunited with her family.

  64. Sam Matthews says:

    May this be the start of freeing all captive cetaceans!

  65. Lily says:

    That’s so awesome, but what about all the rest of the prisoners!?!

  66. Kirsten says:

    This would be a dream come true…When Lolita gets to be back with her family. The hands of humans have been so destructive when it comes to other sentient beings that we share this earth with. Now is the time to shift our energy and make things right. Run free Lolita we pray for your freedom.

  67. Marilyn Byrne Graziano says:

    his poor animal. She is not a toy for adults!!!

  68. Megan says:

    Of course she should be set free. The only reason she was in captivity is for money to be made. I can watch these majestic animals on tv on special reports & shows that happen to capture them in their natural habitat. We don’t even keep some humans that do wrong in jail this long for crimes THEY actually committed. Free this animal…..finally.

  69. Courtney Lee Horning says:

    Please free Lolita, it is the only humane & right thing to do! For that matter keeping orcas’ and dolphins in captivity for entertainment is awful, and all such captive mammals should now be given freedom or sanctuary…

  70. betty Jeane Murphy says:

    with ONE…Lolita….there is hope for MANY!!!!!!…..This is their chance to leave hell forever!!!!!! Send up your prayers, good thoughts…whatever you can send…..Hang on Lolita……no one has FORGOTTEN you!!!!!!

  71. Susan says:

    This has got to stop. The human animal has gotten away with imprisoning and abusing his brother animals on this planet for far too long. There should be NO MORE Marine parks..NO MORE trained Dolphin shows..No more circus’s or rodeos. We no longer need to prove our dominance over our animals..we already proved we are stronger but we certainly are NOT SMARTER or we would have stopped this barbaric behavior long ago. FREE LOLITA!!

  72. Que la dejen a,ella y a todos los animales libres

  73. Gail Biddle says:

    These animals are not ours to do with whatever we choose. They are majestic creatures that belong in the vast oceans swimming freely as God meant them to be. Keep your voices loud and ongoing for Lolita’s release. She belongs with her family as does every living being.

  74. Doug Marchel says:

    All creatures of this earth and oceans,have a right to be free!!!!!

  75. margaret teale says:

    Let us hope that this is just the start of freeing all Orcas that are kept in tanks just to make money.
    God Bless Lolita….

  76. Renee says:

    Plz release this poor girl


  78. ScarletDove says:

    She has made many people happy for 44 years, it is now time for us to give her back her happiness–let Lolita go to her freedom!

  79. SARAH TAVERAS says:


  80. France BIGNOLAS says:

    Free Lolita !

  81. roy eker says:

    Thank god there are some people with a concience and determination! The ties of love that bind can never be broken.

  82. Wanda Plucinski says:

    FREEDOM FOR LOLITA!!!!! Animal Liberation!!!!!!!!

  83. Smarysol Rivera says:

    I fully support Lolita being retired & released into a seaside sanctuary in her home waters off Washington’s San Juan Island. She has lived in a tiny tank for over 40 years & has earned her freedom. She should have the opportunity to join her family if possible. Orca whales are incredibly flexible & I am sure she will adapt very well in her home waters.

  84. Lynn McGraw says:

    She is NOT a toy!!!!!!! FREE her!!!!

  85. Karen Lambie says:

    Praying for freedom for Lolita and all in her situation.

  86. Peggy K. Ranson says:

    The only reason this animal is in captivity is for them to make as much money they can. It doesn’t matter to them that this is not where she belongs. Just keep the bucks rolling in. The public should stop and think that if they boycott it will end

  87. Myrl Suite says:

    I agree with Diana Anya.. CLOSE their facility and fine them, or place the Owner in a small cage for a few years.

  88. Holly Owsianik says:

    You need to do what is right, let her go. Into rehabilitation and then if it is possible. Let her be free, where she belongs.

  89. Lynette morales says:

    Please release her and let her live her final days with her family!!!!!

  90. Marcia steinbach says:

    Please free Lolita, I cannot comprehend how could people can still be so unaware and cruel to a majestic intelligent creature . I live in Miami and the Seaquarium is the most outdated grimy establishment ,terrible !!

  91. Aimee poligan says:

    All life deserves to live free, all wild life derserves to live wild!

  92. Pat Bacon says:

    Lolita belongs in the ocean with other Orca’s and her natural atmosphere around her. These “SEAQUARIUMS” are unnatural and do not allow these Orca’s to live happy lives with their families and other sea creatures.The people that operate these places are cruel to do so and need to be stopped. A law to close these horrid prisons need to be enacted NOW.

  93. Sairy says:

    I wish all the animals could be free and in their natural habitat. Free Lolita!

  94. Jenny Kropik-Lim says:

    Free Lolita!

  95. Susan Bonta says:

    Lolita still remembers the calls of her family…I am sure her mother would still remember her! Lolita’s mother must have been 40+ years old when Lolita was born – Lolita still has a chance to have a family of her own, with her own pod. I am sure Lolita will still remember the tricks she is doing now…maybe someday she will play by a boat, and give joy to someone, in HER territory…you never know. Dolphins are known to “play” – in the ocean, in the wild”….sick children get to swim with dolphins in the ocean, with special trainers….my point is, Lolita still remembers her family – mothers always remember their children…let her go home.

  96. Donna Brand says:

    Yes!! I used to live in Miami and it always disturbed me to know Lolita was living in such a small tank. This beautiful creature deserves a brighter new future! She should be reunited with her family back in the sea. No wild animal should be kept in captivity.

  97. Mary Anderson says:

    Forty years of captivity is forty years too long.

  98. Olga says:

    Thank you PETA and all the organizations that have worked so hard to free Lolita. She deserves to be free and should have never been captured in the first place. She belongs in the wild with her family. Humans have no right to do the horrible things they do to animals, they have a right too. God bless Lolita and everyone that has worked so hard to free her.

  99. Samantha Jagroop says:

    I am always do happy in my heart and prayers that the defenseless has great support from others like myself to fight for this humane cause. The family will recognize her and I am so very happy for the result, the fight within all the ofganizations and people was worth it for this cause and of course many others like it!!!

  100. kathy seckinger says:

    Let her go!!!!!!! Slavery is abolished!!!!! Do the RIGHT thing, NOW!!!!

  101. deb spanhake says:

    Let her have her freedom please no wildlife ocean life need to captive in man’s cruel world of captivity allow her her freedom she has earned her freedom since she has endured so much at their hands of man

  102. B Nelson says:

    Shame on everyone who has paid to see this poor whale suffer and done nothing.

  103. Sharon Engel says:

    Halleluja! What a blessing if Lolita truly gets free. No sentient being should be in captivity. She has given her life for the entertainment of humans and lots of money-making for a corporation. Now, she deserves to live out the rest of her life in peace. This cannot happen soon enough.

  104. Tobi Salver says:

    After spending nearly a decade devoted to Lolitas cause, I am happy to say the people of Miami, and the world, are pleased to see people taking legal action against this evil law breaking captivity of Lolita the Killer Whale.

  105. Denise Clements says:

    It would be amazing if Lolita was retired to a sea pen and then released when ready, she should at least have the opportunity of freedom I’m sure the years Keiko had back in the wild were better than dying in captivity. Orca and Dolphin should not be taken for captivity or entertainment, they have intelligence, feelings and strong family bonds that should not be destroyed for selfish reasons.

  106. Sara Wilson says:

    It looks like great things are happening! This near victory is coming from many years of many hardworking, dedicated and compassionate humans. Thank you all to being a part of this! Lolita and other captive marine life has a voice only because of those dedicated to pursue justice for them.

  107. Gloria H. says:

    Please. please lets start taking care of God’s beautiful creatures. Let them live the way they were meant to live !

  108. Guacira Gartner says:

    Please Freedom for Lolita!

  109. Shelly hingsbergen says:

    Praying they all are released soon. No wildlife should be captive like this poor thing has been. Shut down all the pools that hold dolphins and whales, sting rays let them all be free.

  110. Tracy Robles says:

    Please release this poor Orca! She has been a prisoner way to long! Give her some freedom while she is still alive!

  111. Sheryl Lane says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you to the beings who have worked so hard for her release and shame on Seaquarium for decades of abuse. I support her IMMEDIATE release.

  112. Judy Winfrey says:

    Poor, beautiful Lolita. Let her go home. Her family has been waiting and looking for her way too long! What a great reunion that will be!

  113. Chanelle says:

    Thank you to all of the wonderful people who have worked hard toward this! Lets all do everything we can to give Lolita and others like her back the right to freedom while she still has time left!
    Shame on Seaquarium.

  114. Kristy says:

    Please protect these beautiful orca, Lolita, and return her to her home to her seapen waiting for her. Please do not let keiko’s story stop you, I believe his release was a success! I’m sure owners of slaves, thought they treated their slaves nice and provided food & shelter, but I’m sure if you had asked any 1 slave they would tell you that they would rather be freed for 1 day than live in the confines of a master (captivity). Please do the right thing and help stop captivity of wild captured orcas. I for one, as well as my children will never step foot in a marine park again, evolve please the rest of the public is awake! Thank you

  115. Pam Bartholomew says:

    Please allow Lolita to retire after her 42 years in captivity working as a circus act and let her return to her own kind for her remaining years.

  116. Natalie Fink says:

    They belong in the wild
    Natalie Fink Netherlands

  117. Leslie Rodriguez says:

    It is only right to give her the freedom and space she deserves.

  118. Larissa says:

    Libertem Lolita!!

  119. Zuzie says:

    FREE this beautiful creature NOW !!!!!!!!!

  120. Susan says:

    Do the moral thing. Do the right thing. Lead the way…

  121. P says:

    Stop the slavery and cruelty. Release this living, sentient being NOW! Too much time has already gone by for another minute to be wasted!!!

  122. Valerie Bollini says:

    One must know , deep inside, THIS is wrong!!!

  123. Dawn says:

    She is alone & you must understand she deserves to be with others!! Her tank is WAY to small & she has done everything you’ve asked her to do!! Would you like it if you weren’t allowed to retire?? Help her get ready for the Ocean as you did for Keiko, help her & watch her like the rest of us while she being trained & set free!! You love her & she needs your help so help her!! enough is enough!! Change to become what you say you do!!!

  124. iris says:

    Too much cruelty for too long a time.

  125. Cindel says:

    Let her have a break and just be her self to relax and retire free!

  126. Kim Fuhrmann says:

    It is cruel and unusual punishment to do this to any of God’s creatures! All animals, land, sea, or air, belong in their natural habitats! LEAVE THEM ALONE! Now, take Lolita to a very large sanctuary with other whales like her to live out her days!

  127. Esie says:

    Please release Lolita.

  128. Birgit says:

    Please do the right thing, the moral thing, let Lolita go home.

  129. This beautiful animal belongs in the wild NOT in a small tank making you assholes money!!!!.. Money that really has no value anyway!!

  130. Laurie Austin says:

    Free Lolita.

  131. Dania says:

    Exercise the LAW
    Let her free
    Stop captivity it’s cruel

  132. Meeri says:

    She deserves to be free.

  133. cathy reynolds says:

    why dont they free her and see what type of wonderful publicity they receive for “doing the right thing” then maybe seaworld would follow?

  134. Elizabeth Reilly says:

    Lolita should be free these beautiful animals should be in the wild with their families not in tiny pools for our entertainment.

  135. Jazmine says:

    Free Lolita! She doesn’t deserve another second in that tank of slavery! She deserves to be free, to eat well, to hear her family, she belongs in the wild along with every other captive orca!!

  136. Lee says:

    Lolita has been imprisoned for so long in a tank that’s illegally too small, its high time that she was released to where she belongs.

  137. Erica says:

    Please set her free. She’s done enough. She needs her family NOW!!

  138. Natasha says:

    Lolita has worked so hard over the past forty years, the least we could do is to let her retire with her family and live out the rest of her life in freedom and away from the public eye. Who are we to take a wild animal that holds so much grace, beauty and intelligence from her home and place her in a tank to use for our own entertainment. We need to do what is best for her and stop being such selfish beings. Free Lolita!

  139. erin russell says:

    Her being endangered should be reason enough to release her. Haven’t humans done enough harm already. Its time to right the wrong over many years. She deserves that at the least. RELEASE HER NOW!

  140. Elin says:

    SET LOLITA FREE! After all these years in that tiny pool with no company of other orcas, think about how happy she would be in a big sea pen, and later back in the ocean with her family!

  141. Karen says:

    Please set LOLITA FREE. Allow her to know what freedom feels like..Let her explore her natural domain and if she were to die the following day, at least she had the chance to die in her natural environment, and she would have had the chance to hear the songs, and feel the waves of the seas…Only a criminal lives a life imprisoned and restricted for life until they die…She has done no wrong, so please release her…

  142. REBECCA HICKS says:


  143. Dave Wiggins says:

    Let this animal live her life free. We have no right to keep her imprisoned.

  144. Lise-Lotte says:

    PLEASE SET LOLITA FREE!!! No wild animal deserves to be in captivity. The wild is her home. None of God’s creatures deserves to be in captivity! i love Orcas and they deserve to be happy! Let her see her family again. We have no right to keep her. Set her free, Relaese her now, I was a member of the Free Willy Foundation for a year to help Keiko be free and release him back to the wild. I absolutely LOVE Orcas and i have drawn an Orca and got a tattoo of the drawing which i did. I am an artist.. LOVE YOU LOLITA

  145. Carolina Restrepo says:

    Free Lolita, she deserves her freedom, how greedy can these people be? How much money is enough? After all these years of slavery, give her what she deserves. Born free, live free! PLEASE FREE LOLITA!

  146. Why would you all post GREAT News..That Lolita would be protected under the endanger act and it NOT be true.

  147. Why would you all post that you won and that she is on the endanger list.

  148. Lynn Ryder says:

    Free Lolita!!!! Free tilicum!!!! Now

  149. Kim Rockwell says:

    Please, FREE LOLITA! My husband and I saw her in person many, many years ago and her life is, well, anything but a life. She should be free w her family in the ocean LIVING! Not at the Miami Aquarium “entertaining” us. And certainly not under those conditions. Have you seen them? She’s in THE smallest, most filthy tank w no other Orcas around. It’s like solitary confinement. And she’s “lived” like that for 43 years. Can you imagine? It’s heart wrenching to even think about let alone live it. Well, you have the opportunity to right a wrong here. And now is the time to get it done while her family is still alive. Please, do the right thing! Free Lolita! I promise, you’ll sleep better at night. And so will she…

  150. Kim Norris says:

    Hello sweet Lolita, It’s your time to be released, to go home .The fight has been a long, tough one but, you have the Lord with you. You are going home, you will find your family. When you do sweetie, give yourself a jump of victory and know we all love you.
    Love you sweetie.

  151. lucia says:

    from Italy…. make this poor animal be free !!!

  152. Jon says:

    Free this animal now.

    So many animals are held in captivity, abused, neglected, harmed, or just plain down right abandoned and it a horrible situation to anyone. Harm a child and everyone breaks your balls about it but an animal and surprisingly not a lot of people would care. But there also a lot of people that do care. And more people should care because it’s the right thing to do. Animals being mistreated are like children being mistreated but they can’t speak for themselves because they can’t speak any Language other than the sounds they make. They understand each other but we cannot understand them–we can only through movement and demeanor but we really can’t talk to an animal and have it respond unless it’s trained to do so.

    Please free this animal. It is a magnificent creature and needs to be saved. It needs to have freedom. FREEDOM god damn it.

  153. Ruth Isabel Ambríz Díaz says:

    Has a right to retire!!!!

  154. jane says:

    Lolita you deserve to go home after all these years, this long time is disgraceful you should have gone home sooner to be with your family

  155. Craig Miller says:

    Great news ! Albeit she is not there yet, but with real hope, she may soon be ! Let’s continue to get the word out so maybe Lolita can retire in peace & around her mind, maybe even her family !
    Thanks so much to you all !

  156. Kerry bowman says:

    She needs to be free set them alk free

  157. Christina Tregoning says:

    Please let her go home I’m sure she remebers crying all night when she was young. I’m 34 and I still want my mommy every once in a while. And she does too she’s made them enough money it’s time now to take her home they owe her that!

  158. Elizabeth says:

    I just returned from San Juan Island where I had the priviledge of seeing Lolita’s relatives swimming in the wild. I SAW HER FAMILY. In person. They were magnificent. J and L pods. I saw them breaching and swimming and living the lives they were mean to live. A tour on a whale watching boat cost me less than a ticket to a marine park, and the power of seeing the real deal was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!

    These animals are intelligent and second only to humans in terms of social complexity. The ONLY reason Lolita is being held in captivity is for the monetary benefit of the humans holding her. What wonderful PR it would be for the Miami Seaquarium to participate in this intelligent animal’s release! Plenty of opportunity for an ongoing killer whale exhibit, which could center on CONSERVATION instead of circus tricks.

    I’m a conservative stay-at-home mom, not your average activist. I have been to Seaworld (regrettably).. I now see and understand why these animals need to be free! They are HUGE! Powerful! Majestic. I was humbled to see them in their world. So much better than seeing them in mine. Please, please send that beautiful creature home.

    1. ALDF says:

      Wow, that sounds amazing! How did you know it was her pod?

  159. Lisa Lammon says:

    Please free her this is evil.. this is abuse free her please… she is not a money machine.. please free her … Now.. abusers should do jail time…

  160. Sang Ng says:

    PLEASE FREE Lolita NOW. She deserves to be FREE after 40 years of captivity. Wild animals are designated to be raised by Mother Nature, not by any human. FREE HER

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