Help Shut Down Idaho Killing Derby


ALDF needs your help to shut down a killing spree that threatens native wildlife and habitats in Salmon, Idaho. A group called “Idaho for Wildlife” is planning on hosting a killing contest against native predators, including coyotes, foxes, and wolves. Last winter the group held this “derby” and killed numerous wild animals for blood sport. Now they want to repeat this contest over the next five winters, over 3 million acres of public lands. Native wildlife need your help—a public comment period is open until August 18 with the Bureau of Land Management.

Take action for animals now! Urge the Bureau of Land Management to deny this group’s request for a special permit for killing contests, and to instead protect wildlife habitat on public lands in Idaho from the threat of extermination.

Killing contests have proven to be inhumane, dangerous, and terrible wildlife management policy. Not only are hunts like this a disgrace to proper ecological protection of public lands, but killing native wildlife recklessly as a “contest” is simply ethically indefensible. And animals deserve better.

Coyotes and other predators are essential to their ecosystems—their presence is crucial to the survival of every other animal, plant, and river that makes up their habitat. Shooting as many of them as possible for cash prizes is irresponsible and will have devastating and lasting consequences for the area. ALDF works hard to ensure that we coexist with wildlife to ensure the humane survival of species in the natural world. Killing contests threaten that fragile ecosystem and animals are more valuable than a cash prize.

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Write today! Email your comments to Liz Townley, Outdoor Recreation Planner.

This action has now concluded. See our victory update.

You can also mail comments to:

Liz Townley, Outdoor Recreation Planner
Bureau of Land Management
Salmon Field Office
1405 Hollipark Drive
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83467

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