Hold Tyson Accountable!

This action is no longer active.

This week, ALDF filed a consumer protection complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) against Tyson Food Inc. for misleading consumers with deceptive advertising. As the largest U.S. producer of chicken products, and the second largest producer of pork and beef products, Tyson’s presence in the animal product industry extends across the nation. For these reasons, we urge the FTC to prioritize it above and beyond the average FTC petition.

Saving consumers from unwittingly harming society’s interests in protecting animal welfare and the environment is at the heart of this complaint. By regulating markets, the government has placed animal and environmental protection in the hands of the consumer. But without truth-in-advertising, we cannot act as informed protectors through our purchases. Tyson’s pattern of deceptive advertising skews the economic and moral marketplaces, and impedes serious governmental interests in animal welfare and a healthy environment. These issues must be given a higher priority, for the good of consumers and a free marketplace.

The FTC can, and should, do more. The agency can act to restore consumer trust by prosecuting misleading advertising by industrial animal producers. For example, President Obama recently proclaimed society’s interest in addressing climate change. But when companies like Tyson obscure the size of emissions from their animal waste and slaughterhouses, conscientious consumers cannot help in the climate change fight. People rely on consumer protection laws and the enforcement of agencies like the FTC.

We call upon the FTC to prioritize the prosecution of companies like Tyson. We ask everyone to let the FTC know how important this case is to animal welfare and to consumer choice.

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